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Happy Happy Clover 1-20: Wonders if anyone else is watching this children’s show!

I know it’s about bunnies, and it’s aimed at children, but my inner child can’t resist something that promises fluffy wuffy cuteness it really can’t. Anyway, if it’s aimed at children that means I can justify watching it RAW to practice my Japanese listening skills! Yay! *Looks frustrated as has to get Realplayer to play the files*. Happy Happy Clover Website.

Favourite screenshots: (mainly of the squirrel and not the bunnies!)

Don’t tell a bunny her ears look strange, this made me laugh out loud.

Hirari – is she a flying squirrel, sugar glider or something else?!

Sooooooo cute!

1. Eee a flying squirrel. Based on a bunny called Chima and her little adventures. Going to school and meeting a new friend. I possibly shouldn’t be enjoying this as much as I am and grinning like a loon. lalala. KAWAIIII. Poor Meru, lost at night time! Bunnies with flower lanterns, I know that if this was about humans I would be bored…but somehow the presence of cute makes everything seem fantastic. Why is that? 2. Lesson to kids…never open a friend’s wardrobe you never know what will happen! Beware owls bearing gifts?

3. It’s sad seeing a bunny surrounded by chopped down tree stumps. Is that a sugar glider not a flying squirrel? I hope so, I want one! 4. It’s not so much the bunnies but the other animals they meet in the forest which I find so cute. I am reassuring myself it’s the stress of the break up leading me to watch this..and not the fact that I like to fantasize I am still about, erm, 8 years old, innocent and happy! This is just tooooo cute, bunnies trying to defeat a giant wolf…just as well this isn’t a horror, *has funny mental images*.

It’s not right to want a sweet girl-girl love moment between bunnies is it? Moving swiftly on…

5. Scary monster scaring the bunnies. How cute! Aaw, bunnies aren’t allowed to drown! 6. I love the faces of the bunnies when they are stressed. Meru is the main reason for me to watch this, cute ears.

7. I must have a flying squirrel! I MUST have a sugar glider. I want to ride a leaf down a hill. 8. Laughing out loud at RAPPING PIGEONS…this is just too much! Where is their bling? Pigeon bling! HAHAHA. Ho-Ho sensei – also finding this name funny. I’m a hoho you’re a hoho. Mole mining, looks more like an underground rollercoaster. The rapping pigeons sound like Rip Slyme to me?! HAHAHA.
9. Postbunnies in cute postal uniforms, aaaw and a giant bunny post box! 10. I really want bunny postboxes and not red ones now. :) The rapping pigeons are never going to fail to amuse me *hey brother yo*. I’m never going to look at pigeons the same again…or are they crows?

11. Animals shouldn’t be given school tests. 12. A bunny has a whinnie the pooh moment stuck in a tree!

13. Bunnies in thorns haha. A little bored with postbunnies now. Aaw, poor bandaged bunny! 14. It’s not easy to scare a squirrel! They think Hirari has run away! The squirrel looks so cute…

15. More scary monsters in the woods. Moles have hair cuts?! 16. It’s like Postman Pat, but with bunnies! Wet bunny and wet squirrel = so cute.

17. Apple pie, it has magical healing properties? I need some I feel a bit under the weather. 18. Yay a story about the squirrel! I wish it was a series about lots of squirrels and not bunnies *grr*.

19. Violent bunnies *tut tut*. 20. Bunnies covered in snow. Angry moles! OK, enough is enough I’ve hit saturation point and gone beyond that…please…no more bunnies. *Back to the adult world it is*.

I don’t know how many more episodes of this there is but I won’t be watching anymore. It was fun to have on in the background for the adorable level, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else unless they were a huge bunny fan or starting to learn Japanese! I do love it when the bunnies look shocked or confused though, so funny! There’s a lot better out there if you love cute, try Damekko Doubutsu, or Ebichu if you have a dirty sense of humour. :)

Favourite New Manga Scanlations: 22-28.10.07 Letter Bee, Itoshii no Maid-Sama, Mysterious Girlfriend X.

Note: I’ve stopped reading any yaoi, just not my thing, I only flick through to see if there’s any stunning artwork!

Letter Bee

I was impressed imediately by the fantasy artwork and poetic feel of a world where humans have entrusted their hearts. Aria link is rather cute! I felt caught up in their fantasy journey, found the racoon adorable and the armoured insects scary! Darwin is so cute waiting for a girl who will never return, brought tears to my eyes …9/10

Itoshii no maid-sama

(I have no idea what was wrong with this picture, there was a girl lying on top of another girl, there’s no nudity, shes just kissing the maid’s neck with one hand on her bra! Not exactly raunchy!)

Very cute short yuri one-shot about a girl who fancies a girl who works in a maid cafe. I’m not keen on the artwork of the smaller girl who fancies the maid. There’s no depth here, I think it rates higher than it should with me because of the girl-girl lust!…8/10

**Pick of the Week** Mysterious Girlfriend X

Firstly I love the art detail in some of this! The mystery about the girl is her hair covering her eyes and how she sleeps at her desk at breaktime…you HAVE to read this for the bit where he dips his finger on her drool on the table and tastes it. It’s just too bizarre and funny. Withdrawal symptoms from not getting enough female drool is so grosse it’s genius. I like a girl who keeps a pair of scissors in her pantsu! A thoroughly enjoyable, if a little crazy, read…10/10

Favourite New Manga Scanlations: 15-21.10.07 Yamato no Hane, Sketch, Gokujou Danshi to Kurashi Temasu, Plus Ultra (Artbook), Momogumi Plus Senki, Hanna of the Z.

Belated post, as adapter died on my laptop *sniffle* and i was plunged into ye olde stone age of reality.


-mildy annoyed at joining forums to get a password for one chapter of manga that subsequently fails to download completely, and when I type in the password in for a second download it fails to accept it. Meh. 25 posts? The manga better be AMAZING.
– rather childishly finding the sound effect *SQUISH* in yaoi that leap straight into the sex scenes rather 1. unnecessary 2. grosse *squish squish squish* …eugh.
-reaching the conclusion that yaoi is really not my thing at all, and wishing yuri was as abundant :'(

Yamato no Hane

When it comes to sports anime/manga I’ll try anything once, I’ve seen racing, cricket, basketball, pachinko and mahjong ‘sports’…but I’ll admit to being hesitant to try badminton manga. However, seeing as it’s one of the few sports I thoroughly enjoy I hoped for the best. It managed to capture the spirit and challenges of the game in a comical awe-inspiring fashion. Leaving me wondering just how do you keep a manga about badminton exciting? The answer seems to be hitting a shuttlecock into its container from 20m away! 8/10


Fans of yuri manga will instantly recognise the gorgeous artwork of Akihito Yoshitomi (of Blue Drop fame). Desiring the object you stare at, this is touching, and quite erotic considering the repeated references to eating objects *blush*…10/10

Gokujou Danshi to Kurashi Temasu

If you’re a girl so in love with a male character in your manga and you’re in danger of becoming an otaku with no real bf ever, wouldn’t it be good if your rich mother rents out a room to a guy who looks just like your favourite manga character? I loved the humour in this, about her body just moving so she has to kiss the sexy guy because he looks like Shun-sama. I like what he does to try and win her over with the flowers…9/10

Plus Ultra (Artbook)

I didn’t realize this was an artbook, I find something deeply disturbing and confusing about the men who often look like very masculine women, that almost, but not quite, ok to find them sexy feeling. Worth a look though out of curiosity or if you loved manga like From Eroika With Love…6/10

Momogumi Plus Senki

If you attract disaster like me you’ll identify with a character who has Disaster Attraction Physique…can’t say I fall out of windows and get rescued by pretty women though! Love the artwork for this fantasy adventure. I love masks so that was a bonus for me! Will he be able to defeat all the reincarnated demons?…10/10

Hanna of the Z

Well I found this amusing from the onset for the use of the insult ‘cowtits’, that and a girl having her head lopped off harmlessly because she has self healing powers. “Save the cheerleader save the world” anyone? Nothing like a comical superpower manga to make my day :) …9/10

Favourite New Manga Scanlations: 8-14.10.07 Hatsukoi Limited, Flower Flower, Hanjuku Orange, The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese, Nemunoki no Geshukusou, Persona 3

I don’t read doujinshi, or where the ‘storyline’ is how much little sister wants older brother to ‘put it in her’, and I haven’t mastered using IRC…so I probably miss out on a few gems. This week I enjoyed reading…
Hatsukoi Limited

I love the female character art. What would you do if you’d never been confessed to, and the guy who says he loves you is huge and scary? Do you turn him down with visions of him being really angry? What do you do when it turns out he has a cute younger brother? There’s a little bit of fighting action and comedy, enough to make this first chapter a joy to read… 9/10.

Yuri Hime ‘Flower Flower’

Being betrothed is one thing, but what if your fiance is also a girl like you?! If you’ve fallen for a picture of her in a book but the reality is a little different? This is the kind of sweet girl-girl love I adore *sigh*… 10/10.

Hanjuku Orange (entire volume)

This is cute, funny, yaoi. Having to share a room with a cousin he’s not seen since childhood, with totally different model/dojo lifestyles, will they confess their feelings …well this IS yaoi! Enjoyable to read because I care enough about the characters to want them both to be happy. I’ve only read 2 yaoi but I’m beginning to see the attraction, the deep routed passionate unspoken feelings for someone of the same sex, not so sure about the near rape aspect – but since the character actually seems to want it, it isn’t actually ‘forced’… 7/10

The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

(Possibly the most interesting title I’ve seen in a while?!) Well this time the way to get your yaoi guy into bed is via blackmail, because you know he cheated on his wife. *Evil laughing followed by heavy male-male steamy petting*. I love this because of the examination of how and why a person loves, the selfish love someone craves who will never initiate love and always craves a person who will show they ‘love them more’. Then to *spoiler* confess to a person while your actual bf is in the same room! That takes guts!…10/10

Nemunoki no Geshukusou

(Shoujo) How do you learn to like men when you see them as utterly useless? Have a ‘robotic’ male to help you realize a man can be good! Only *spoiler* this guy isn’t a robot, he’s a guy who has a crush on her…trying to get into her heart? Wouldn’t it be nice if the robot she admires really was human? Pretty art…8/10

Persona 3

I like the layout of this manga, dark speech bubbles with white text, depressing mood, makes a change from the love stories to get some violent creepy action! Pretty eye art, leaves me wondering if this is going to be anything more than see monster/kill monster though, especially as it’s based on a game?…7/10

CODE-E: An Electrifying Let Down.

I LOVE the intro music it’s fun, bouncy and I feel like I’m going to watch a 70s spy adventure! Not very keen on the artwork or character design. Chinami might not be very cute but her ability to screw up anything electrical makes up for it. Set in 2017 so I wonder if they will include futuristic technology. It’s cute to see her dash past anything electrical. Keiko has a cute character design. Kan’nagi couldn’t look more generic if he tried. I love the eerie music as she walks past the computer lab. Maybe she can use her power to save/power the world, or is this going to turn into a comedy-romance instead. WOW I love her reaction to his confession! Dull ending art and music. I really want the soundtrack though if just for the opening song.

2. Chinami needs to be home schooled. Piro-piro-kun is silly. “I want to find out what your body can do”, haha, I like the innocent pervert style. This is a great antidote to all the violence in Shigurui I feel more relaxed watching this. It’s enjoyable enough for me not to care about the poor artwork. Some guys just don’t know when to quit. Glowing squid!

3. Sono-sono is there for the love triangle…hopefully this one won’t involve knives like a certain other anime! I wondered what the woks were for, that’s not very scientific…mmm PIZZA BREAK! I like Saihashi she’s mysterious.

4. Destruction is a key word, she lives in fear! I think Sonomi is thinking about knives again! I’m becoming bored by the love triangle element.

5. Heating pot noodles with your hands is a great skill. I’m disappointed this didn’t turn into a spy adventure where she uses her power to take out the power of buildings and explode things.

6. Aaw, stores never have my name either, there aren’t enough Hazels in the world!

7. This would be better with shoujo-ai between Chinami and Saihashi…but then, I think everything would be better with shoujo-ai! I love that her dad wears fluffy bear slippers. Adol and Mils are a bit dull as enemies, too harmless and not evil enough for me!

8. Adol is…the prince of gay tennis? This hasn’t turned into the anime I thought it would be at all! I wish for spy action! Please? :'(

9. Don’t anger a girl with electrical powers; it might cause the end of the WORLD.

I don’t want her anywhere near my laptop when she’s angry *hugs hunk of metal protectively*.
10. It must be wonderful to be able to go into an electrical store after being afraid of them all your life! I hope the world doesn’t explode once they finally kiss!

11. Pretty fireflies, I like the fact they have little monitor tags, creepy.

12. I love that Saihashi is losing control of her power, she seems like the most interesting character to me, it’s a real shame Keiko hasn’t been in it more as well. She could have had the magic electrical power of cute pigtails…or not.

So love will conquer all? Aaw it’s all shiny and greeeen.

I presume this ending is supposed to leave you waiting for a second series – I just wonder if it has been popular enough to warrant a second series. If a relationship is going to develop between Saihashi and Chinami I’d like to watch. Maybe they could be kidnapped by the organisation that recognizes their power and forced to work for them as evil slaves! I don’t think I’d recommend this series to anyone and I certainly feel let down by the exciting opening music that ultimately culminates in nada, zip. Meh! I also feel let down by the lack of imagination considering this is set in the future, I was hoping for some wicked gadgets not wristbands and electrical buses. This would have been so much better as an action spy comedy. They could have done so many jokes with electrical things reacting to yuri spy kissing *hot*! For me this lacked oomph and has landed splat bang on my pile of forgettable anime series never to be watched again. If you want to see something seriously cool about a girl interacting with electrical things then go and watch Serial Experiments Lain. It’s a million miles better.