CODE-E: An Electrifying Let Down.

I LOVE the intro music it’s fun, bouncy and I feel like I’m going to watch a 70s spy adventure! Not very keen on the artwork or character design. Chinami might not be very cute but her ability to screw up anything electrical makes up for it. Set in 2017 so I wonder if they will include futuristic technology. It’s cute to see her dash past anything electrical. Keiko has a cute character design. Kan’nagi couldn’t look more generic if he tried. I love the eerie music as she walks past the computer lab. Maybe she can use her power to save/power the world, or is this going to turn into a comedy-romance instead. WOW I love her reaction to his confession! Dull ending art and music. I really want the soundtrack though if just for the opening song.

2. Chinami needs to be home schooled. Piro-piro-kun is silly. “I want to find out what your body can do”, haha, I like the innocent pervert style. This is a great antidote to all the violence in Shigurui I feel more relaxed watching this. It’s enjoyable enough for me not to care about the poor artwork. Some guys just don’t know when to quit. Glowing squid!

3. Sono-sono is there for the love triangle…hopefully this one won’t involve knives like a certain other anime! I wondered what the woks were for, that’s not very scientific…mmm PIZZA BREAK! I like Saihashi she’s mysterious.

4. Destruction is a key word, she lives in fear! I think Sonomi is thinking about knives again! I’m becoming bored by the love triangle element.

5. Heating pot noodles with your hands is a great skill. I’m disappointed this didn’t turn into a spy adventure where she uses her power to take out the power of buildings and explode things.

6. Aaw, stores never have my name either, there aren’t enough Hazels in the world!

7. This would be better with shoujo-ai between Chinami and Saihashi…but then, I think everything would be better with shoujo-ai! I love that her dad wears fluffy bear slippers. Adol and Mils are a bit dull as enemies, too harmless and not evil enough for me!

8. Adol is…the prince of gay tennis? This hasn’t turned into the anime I thought it would be at all! I wish for spy action! Please? :'(

9. Don’t anger a girl with electrical powers; it might cause the end of the WORLD.

I don’t want her anywhere near my laptop when she’s angry *hugs hunk of metal protectively*.
10. It must be wonderful to be able to go into an electrical store after being afraid of them all your life! I hope the world doesn’t explode once they finally kiss!

11. Pretty fireflies, I like the fact they have little monitor tags, creepy.

12. I love that Saihashi is losing control of her power, she seems like the most interesting character to me, it’s a real shame Keiko hasn’t been in it more as well. She could have had the magic electrical power of cute pigtails…or not.

So love will conquer all? Aaw it’s all shiny and greeeen.

I presume this ending is supposed to leave you waiting for a second series – I just wonder if it has been popular enough to warrant a second series. If a relationship is going to develop between Saihashi and Chinami I’d like to watch. Maybe they could be kidnapped by the organisation that recognizes their power and forced to work for them as evil slaves! I don’t think I’d recommend this series to anyone and I certainly feel let down by the exciting opening music that ultimately culminates in nada, zip. Meh! I also feel let down by the lack of imagination considering this is set in the future, I was hoping for some wicked gadgets not wristbands and electrical buses. This would have been so much better as an action spy comedy. They could have done so many jokes with electrical things reacting to yuri spy kissing *hot*! For me this lacked oomph and has landed splat bang on my pile of forgettable anime series never to be watched again. If you want to see something seriously cool about a girl interacting with electrical things then go and watch Serial Experiments Lain. It’s a million miles better.