Favourite New Manga Scanlations: 8-14.10.07 Hatsukoi Limited, Flower Flower, Hanjuku Orange, The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese, Nemunoki no Geshukusou, Persona 3

I don’t read doujinshi, or where the ‘storyline’ is how much little sister wants older brother to ‘put it in her’, and I haven’t mastered using IRC…so I probably miss out on a few gems. This week I enjoyed reading…
Hatsukoi Limited

I love the female character art. What would you do if you’d never been confessed to, and the guy who says he loves you is huge and scary? Do you turn him down with visions of him being really angry? What do you do when it turns out he has a cute younger brother? There’s a little bit of fighting action and comedy, enough to make this first chapter a joy to read… 9/10.

Yuri Hime ‘Flower Flower’

Being betrothed is one thing, but what if your fiance is also a girl like you?! If you’ve fallen for a picture of her in a book but the reality is a little different? This is the kind of sweet girl-girl love I adore *sigh*… 10/10.

Hanjuku Orange (entire volume)

This is cute, funny, yaoi. Having to share a room with a cousin he’s not seen since childhood, with totally different model/dojo lifestyles, will they confess their feelings …well this IS yaoi! Enjoyable to read because I care enough about the characters to want them both to be happy. I’ve only read 2 yaoi but I’m beginning to see the attraction, the deep routed passionate unspoken feelings for someone of the same sex, not so sure about the near rape aspect – but since the character actually seems to want it, it isn’t actually ‘forced’… 7/10

The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

(Possibly the most interesting title I’ve seen in a while?!) Well this time the way to get your yaoi guy into bed is via blackmail, because you know he cheated on his wife. *Evil laughing followed by heavy male-male steamy petting*. I love this because of the examination of how and why a person loves, the selfish love someone craves who will never initiate love and always craves a person who will show they ‘love them more’. Then to *spoiler* confess to a person while your actual bf is in the same room! That takes guts!…10/10

Nemunoki no Geshukusou

(Shoujo) How do you learn to like men when you see them as utterly useless? Have a ‘robotic’ male to help you realize a man can be good! Only *spoiler* this guy isn’t a robot, he’s a guy who has a crush on her…trying to get into her heart? Wouldn’t it be nice if the robot she admires really was human? Pretty art…8/10

Persona 3

I like the layout of this manga, dark speech bubbles with white text, depressing mood, makes a change from the love stories to get some violent creepy action! Pretty eye art, leaves me wondering if this is going to be anything more than see monster/kill monster though, especially as it’s based on a game?…7/10

3 thoughts on “Favourite New Manga Scanlations: 8-14.10.07 Hatsukoi Limited, Flower Flower, Hanjuku Orange, The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese, Nemunoki no Geshukusou, Persona 3

  1. When I think of yaoi nowadays, I always have to think of the respective episode of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (anal bleeding etc…) Are you actually watching the series?

    I am really, really glad that you like Corned Mouse etc. (what a weird english title, however, it’s been translated to something like “Cat and Mouse” in french) – it’s one of the few yaoi that I actually enjoyed! (Even though you have all your typical yaoi stereotypes in it.) I agree with you that the perception of ‘love’ and relationships is what makes the manga interesting. I also was quite impressed by the statement “You are not a perfect person. Love is not about wanting somebody perfect.”

    Persona 3 is very popular (and I too like the graphics of it), so I’m wondering how I will like the manga – at least I am interested.

    I haven’t read Hatsukoi Limited yet, but since I liked Ichigo 100% *hides* I might like this series too. Then again, I liked Love Hina *hidesevendeeper* but disliked Negima. (And here, we seem to have a similar case – the new series has a much bigger harem than the older one XD)

  2. “The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese”! Ha ha ha! It’s great to see someone reviewing this creepy import title, because it disturbed me so much that I wanted to talk to someone about it…but no one had read it.

    Supposedly Setona Mizushiro used to do a lot of BL, but I (and most people Stateside) know her for her shoujo (X-Day and After School Nightmare on bookshelves, Allegro Agitato and a number of short stories on scan sites). Seeing her do a super graphic, dark, creepy one-volume BL in this day and age was shocking and somewhat enjoyable. It’s always nice for a mangaka to surprise you.

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