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Muteki Kanban Musume 無敵看板娘 3: The strong enemy you can’t defeat/Want to wipe the tear for that kid

Loved this episode, best so far! We finally meet the doggy character and see Akihiko’s hilarious delusions about being a Star Ranger.

Miki is given instructions to take her delivery outside the gate and shout towards the house. However, she sees a doorbell and walks through the front garden and encounters…a great monster!

The ramen is ruined, and Megumi overhears Miki explaining what happened to her mother. Megumi forms a plan, she must befriend this person!

She follows Miki to the house and discovers it is not a man but a dog that makes Miki fight so seriously!

Every time Miki tries to defeat him the ramen gets ruined, the more the ramen gets ruined, the angrier her mother becomes!

Can Miki ever defeat him?

Meanwhile Akihiko is watching Star Rangers; it’s pretty funny seeing him 30cm away from the TV, he’s clearly obsessed! He really wants to be a Power Ranger Star Ranger! His opportunity arises the next day when a distressed little girl says she has lost Toshiyuki, it reminds him of a scene in Star Rangers and he cannot resist!

All the characters get labeled as a Star Ranger colour…whether they like it or not!

Poor Akihiko (Red!) doesn’t realize Toshiyuki is none other than the fearsome dog!

Yes Muteki Kanban Musume is pretty silly, but I loved the Star Ranger obsession, it made me giggle, and the little dig at Kankuro for not remembering his name was a good continuation of the joke! The music at the start of the episode introducing the purple cloud of the ‘evil thing’ was great too. I’m still enjoying the manic toothy faces of Megumi and Miki as well, even her mother seems funnier now.

Chokotto Sister Manga, why I prefer it to the anime so far.

I was hoping being able to read this at a faster pace, and that a manga style would appeal to me more. I was rewarded, not only with beautiful character design, but a change in the storyline which made it much more palatable and realistic to me.
Firstly there was no hint of the Ayano character, so you don’t get the pointless character intro at her shop, or Haruma choosing a present for her.

You don’t get to see how much Haruma is paying out for Choko so you don’t feel she is leeching off his compute/air con money, but you also don’t get that cute moment where he’s selfless and enjoys seeing her happy. Well not spoken:

The change that made me happy was the separation plot. Instead of Choko wandering after a balloon and teddies like a ditzy little girl she wanders off with two thugs. It seemed more reasonable and forgivable that she’d get targetted by bad guys rather than wander off on her own.

When Haruma realises what is happening and yells at her to run away, she doesn’t start crying. As Haruma is getting beaten up for her (!) she pretends she is ushering over a policeman to scare away the thugs. I like the fact that she comes across as more intelligent.

Even better he doesn’t give her a gift to stop her crying, so I don’t feel annoyed, and the kiss is no longer for a gift – it’s to make his wounds feel better, and it’s much sweeter. I prefer this kiss picture.

I guess the main advantage of the anime is that you see her enjoy the snow and see a wider range of facial expressions but she is much cuter in the manga.

So yes, this is an enjoyable read, so I’ll go and read some more. :)

Tonagura となグラ! 1: A 30 cm Unrequited Love

Kazuki has been separated from Youji for 10 years. They met when they were really young on the balcony outside her room. Now she eagerly anticipates his return, fantasizing about a fate of love, and Youji on horse back. It’s the reason everything is going so well for her at school; in maths, at lunchtime, in the swimming pool, she seems extra brainy and lucky.

Her friend Chihaya follows her round knowing something must be happening, and manages to grab Youji’s picture out of Kazuki’s pocket.

The reality is that Youji is really pervy, it doesn’t help that he comes barging into her room while she’s just wearing her bra and pants! Eek! She has to hit him to get him off her, aided by Marie with her gun hidden in her teddy!

This was mildy entertaining, the thing I laughed at were the pervy noises Youji made when he was sitting on the sofa. Lol.

I didn’t find the art very attractive, or the character design anything special, and the fanservice was a bit lame. Oh look some massive tits on characters that aren’t that cute. Although the bit where Chihaya grabs the picture out of Kazuki’s pocket made me giggle. I also liked how Youji flies across the room and ends up in a crumpled heap multiple times, gotta give it to him for persistence, and the gun hidden in the teddy is great, I want one! I’d quite like to see how the broken friendship between them develops into something new. Even though the fan service is predictable Youji is funny enough is his reactions for me to enjoy it!

I prefer the manga style.

Tonagura website.

Initial Rating: C+

Chokotto (ちょこッと) Sister 1: Present is a Little Sister

Haruma gets a present from the most unusual Santa Claus I have ever seen…on a Motorbike!

When he was a little boy he had wished for a little sister and now his wish has come true!

She doesn’t come wearing many clothes though!

Haruma is embarrassed and asks her to put on some of his clothes. She is very cute, and tries to set fire to his kitchen make him breakfast, then he realizes, she doesn’t have a name! He names her Choko because she is always looking in her notebook for guidance.

She is very pleased with her cute name!

They set out to buy her some clothes and meet Ayano in her shop. Then they go to the shopping centre and buy Choko some clothes, they are so expensive! It’s so sweet how Haruma is willing to give up his money he was saving for a computer and spend it happily on her. When he starts fantasizing about Ayuna and buys her a present, Choko gets distracted by a balloon and they get separated!

After he finds her in the information area she cries all the way home saying he was the one who left…instead of pointing out it was her who ran off when she shouldn’t, he gives her the present that was meant for Ayuna to cheer her up. This bothered me – I mean she’ll just walk all over him and want to get her way all the time if he always gives in.

That is not the kind of kiss a girl gives his brother…she’s ever so grateful.

The ending was a little dodgy too.

I wasn’t amazed by the artwork and none of the characters really appealed to me. The scenes involving the miscarriage issue were well done though and it was sooo cute when Choko became excited by the snow. I just find her slightly annoying because she cried so much. The design of Ashirai Makoto, the girl with the orange hair looks cute though, so I’ll watch more to see if it gets better. I’ll try reading the manga too, I’ll probably prefer this in manga form.
Chokotto Sister website.
Initial Rating: C