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London Seminar: Japan’s Manga and Anime Industries: Creativity and the Global Marketplace

One of the papers being presented is on dystopian visions, at which point the imaginative hamster in my brain gets rather excited…think I shall go along and have a listen :)

Japan’s Manga and Anime Industries: Creativity and the Global MarketplaceFriday 16 May 2008, 1 – 6pm
Room K2.31, Strand Building, Strand Campus, King’s College London


This research seminar will investigate the Japanese comic book and animation industries, identifying and analysing the forces behind the increasing popularity of manga and amime in the English speaking world and beyond. Exploring specific texts and their broader cultural context, and examining both the audiences for and the business of manga and amine, the seminar will attempt to discover the complex cultural and commercial logic of these industries, at once manifestly country-specific and globally successful.

Five papers will be presented:

‘Anime: The Anti-Cartoon?’
Andrew Osmond, freelance journalist and author of the upcoming book BFI Film Classics: Spirited Away

‘Advertising anime: Global-local advertising and the Tokyo International Anime Fair’
Dr Rayna Denison, Lecturer, Film and Television Studies, University of East Anglia

‘”Such stuff as dreams are made on”: Dystopian vision of the future in Japanese manga and anime’
Yoko Ono, Senior Lecturer, School of Arts and Humanities, Oxford Brookes University

‘Manga in the UK: Can manga reinvent Shakespeare?’
Emma Hayley, Director, SelfMadeHero, Metro Media Ltd.

‘Between fan culture and copyright infringement: Manga scalation’
Dr Hye-Kyung Lee, Lecturer, Centre for Cultural, Media and Creative Industries Research, King’s College London

We would be grateful if you could confirm your attendance by email to [email protected]. The seminar venue is located on the first floor of the King’s Building, Strand Campus, King’s College London. For further details and a map please see here. Please ask at reception for directions. For further information please contact Dr Hye-Kyung Lee or Silvio Pezzana.

The seminar is organised in partnership with the Creative Industries Observatory.

Anime/Manga Related Books January 2007: Anime Fans: The Cult of Japanese Animation, Girl to Grrrl Manga, Cool Careers Without College, How To Draw Manga, The Naruto Saga, Chibi Vampire Novel

Anime Fans: The Cult of Japanese Animation in Global and Historical Perspective – Susan Napier (Palgrave Macmillan)

I can’t find much info on the content of this book, but if you’re poor like me, you might not want to pay £35.60 for the hardcover, wait untill August for the paperback at a more reasonable £7.76. At 304 pages that sounds like a good deal if it’s quality writing!

ISBN: 1403962138

Girl to Grrrl Manga, How to Draw the Hottest Shoujo Manga – Colleen Doran (Writers Digest Books)

Although this isn’t necessarily the most attractive cover for this book, after reading an interview with the author/artist it seems a great deal of thought has gone into showing the reader how to draw not just one type of shoujo manga, but the full whack. Classic, retro, modern, ladies’ contemporary, children’s…

There is another book in the works for how to draw your own manga comic, as this focuses on the facial art, so keep an eye out if you’re into art guidebooks. An appealing aspect of this book is that is shows you how to draw with everyday materials, no expensive computer technology here, and it sounds like she hasn’t fallen into the trap of excess irrelevant details such as background/ the ‘right’ way to draw fashion. This is something I’d like to look at because among all the host of shoujo styles there should be one style I find attractive enough to play around with. It’s 128 pages long with 210 b+w photos and 90 colour photos.
ISBN: 1581808097

Cool Careers Without College For people Who Love Manga, Comics, and Animation – Jim Wentzel + Sherri Glass (Rosen Publishing)

This boasts that: “Readers who want to be comics writers, pencillers, inkers, or colorists, manga letterers or translators, or animation artists, voice talent, directors, or producers will find that this timely book can set them on the path to professional fulfillment.” (So I needn’t have bothed with university and my huge debt then? *Eek!*)

ISBN: 1404207546

How To Draw Manga The Next Generation Superskillz Supersize – Ben Dunn (Antarctic Press)

No details of this on the Antarctic Press website, it seems to be part of a series of books? I hope this isn’t just a new cover for an old book!

ISBN: 0977642488

The Naruto Saga: The Unofficial Guide – Kauhisa Fujie and Walt Wyman (DH Publishing)

With a sequel to Naruto out in Japan next month and thousands (hundreds of thousands? – *hides*) of Naruto fans in the West I’m guessing this will sell well, but will it really reveal the mysteries and secrets of Naruto? Are there mysteries and secrets in Naruto? It’s one of those series I’ve never got round to watching, and have heard abundant criticisms over the childishness/ fillers/ fan mentality?! I should check it out for myself but I doubt I’ll watch all 220 episodes ^^; this is part of a series of unofficial guides to popular anime, others include Fruits Basket, Negima etc.

ISBN: 193289716X

Chibi Vampire: The Novel – Tohru Kai (writer) Yuna Kagesaki (art), 13+ (Tokyopop)

For hardcore fans of ‘Karin‘ the vampire anime and the manga. The weird ‘vampire’ who suffers from nose-bleeds and injects blood into victims! I only saw one episode of the anime and it was lighthearted and amusing. Even though there is art I think this is mainly text?
ISBN: 159816922X

Total Volume Number: 7

Second Life: Your World. Your Imagination…your anime eyes? Scrap that I want Anime Life!

I can fly (in my underwear)!

Your World. Your Imagination.

Doesn’t that strike anyone else as a bit of a problem? Sounds like, you do all the designing for the world so we don’t have to. I just wasted a few hours of my life playing Second Life, laughing at the novelty of having anime eyes which look, pretty freaky and un-anime-like to me. You can play around with the character design but whatever you do it looks fairly ugly. Removes Second Life from computer – I prefer my real one.
I found 3 main problems with this game:

1. When you’re introduced into the world it’s a dull little island (imagine entering the world of warcraft in the middle of a field with a random surprised sheep and not much excitement).

2. you can fly, which is the ultimate answer to anyone walking up to me to say ‘hello’ *flies away*. being able to fly stops anyone to bother socialising at the beginning of the game…

3. There’s hardly anything to do. You can walk/fly around and relax on chairs. Interact with the odd thing. Clearly I missing something here, and all the other players looked normal, like they were trying to look like themselves, how imaginative. The most exciting things I accidentally found were:


which looks great if you look like this,

and scary if you look like this!

What I really wanted to talk about was a fun online world that doesn’t exist, Anime Life.
If it existed I’d want to go into a virtual world with a headset, it’s only fun if it feels more real. I’d love a place which had rides/areas/rooms which would let users interact as an anime character in a fun way, a complimentary joke about each anime series. Using January’s new anime as an example you could have:

Master Of Epic: (easy as it’s already a game) usual going round killing monsters or teaming up with 4 other players to become Warage 5 and wreak havoc on the world (and sing badly).

Giant Robo: mecha area where you can design and customise your own mecha and fight and destroy cities (and squish Warage 5 players).

Saint October: flying game where you can fly around after bad guys and transform into kickass magical girl.

Afro Samurai: customise your anime character with a new haircut at the Afro Samurai hairdressers, and enjoy a virtual lap dance from women with very shiny bottoms. Fight against a robotic version of your personal anime character who learns and mirrors your moves…
Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora: bath house where your character becomes a naked woman who has absolute orgasms wth absolute angels. (keeps yuri fans happy)
Deltora Quest: maze with monsters round every corner, where you and 2 team players search for the 7 gems, and then have to find your way out again!
Himawari!: learn and use ninja skills to fight to protect your virtual online boyfriend Hayato who can be killed by other players.

Shuffle Memories: mass orgy harem hentai tent…and an arcade with those little machines to win your character a virtual neko plushie.

Les Miserables – Shoujo Cosette: there’s no way anyone would want to play these characters in an online world!

Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight: futuristic scooter race track where you become a chubby loli who makes silly noises/faces if you lose the race!

Venus Versus Virus: shooting demons then turning evil and attacking other players who must run awaaaaaaaay.

Nodame Cantabile: point and click adventure where the more you annoy your virtual bf Chiaki the more he secret wants you…and a Sims type area where you have to get your character to clean the house/ cook and practice piano in order to perform cute duets and fulifil needs.

Hidamari Sketch: cafe where you just…sit around really…and have a chat to other online players, watch some anime in a virtual world and get your character drunk on virtual whisky.

Koi suru Tenshi Angelique: dungeon where your player morphs into a hot bishie and gets chased by ‘evil’ bishies who want to do naughty things to you. Can you search through the dungeon to find your hot bishie lover and escape with out getting…pleasured? (gotta keep the yaoi fangirls occupied).

Getsumen To Heiki Mina: choose your…vegetable and battle alien bunnies to the death. Take a roller coaster ride with your vegetable weapon as it takes 3 hours for it to wizz round the moon before it actually reaches you…

Tokyo majin Gakeun Kenpucho: standard kill demons with your chosen speciality which you get better at so you can kill even bigger demons!

I think I should just get this whole gaming thing out of my system and play World of Warcraft again, I miss being a pretty elf warrior with my pet dragons. Or hunt down some good anime games…antoher hamtaro adventure for the game boy advance it is then…The main thing I wanted from the Second Life game was the modelling machine, to create virtual positions for anime figurines, then be able to order them custom designed, that’d be great!

KIBA Original Soundtrack (Jun Miyake)

The first two tracks on Disc 1 are fantastic!

1. zed-fate (Jun Miyake)

I love ornamented female harmonies (+orchestra), makes my chest tight and gives me goosebumps. This kind of thing reminds me of the tracks I love in GITS: Innocence ~’ The Ballade Of Puppets’. It’s just a shame all the tracks I love on this album are under 2 minutes long.
2. zed-run (Jun Miyake)

Ornamented strings, this just bounces along beautifully. One of those tracks that makes you sway (It’s so difficult to describe music ^^;)

I found the rest of the tracks mostly listenable but ultimately forgettable apart from:

24. zed-journey (Jun Miyake)

Another ornamented female harmony (+ orchestra).

You can listen to these 3 tracks here.

If you are a Jun Miyake fan there is an (official?) site under construction, and a fan site.

Overall Enjoyment Level: 6/10

Himawari! Soundtrack

I love the cd cover art, and the picture of Boss, Wabisuke and Sabisuke – after they see their little robot being trodden on by Himawari’s huge robot! ^_^

This was an album I really wanted to love but this anime isn’t driven by its music but by adventure and fun characters. There are some nice tunes that don’t really develop, and some oboe, horn solos which I found too piercing, some of the tracks were just cheesy, it sounded like keyboard versions of the real instruments. I do like track 5. 7 Transformation. It is really spacey and weird; I don’t remember hearing it in the background though! The two orchestral tracks I enjoyed most were 4. Sato no Haru and 15. Sumire. I also love 23. Guru Guru because it is a cute girly feel good song.

My 3 favourite tracks can be heard here. I tried putting an mp3 player on this website, but I couldn’t get it to load without playing instantly, and the volume was too loud so it had to go! The tracks will only be there for a few weeks, or until I listen to more anime OSTs.