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Anime Head Trip: Original Rare Afro Samurai Figurine on Ebay ($$Kaching!), American Anime Awards = weird, Disgaea Competition, Origami Totoro, Manga Art Calendar = Ugly, Magazines about Anime/Manga, Pucca Converse, and more…

Original Rare Afro Samurai Figurine ($$Kaching!) (link to Ebay item so it will only work for 2 days)

After reading in Anime Insider that Afro Samurai had a rare figurine release previous to the anime, I wondered what it looked like…and someone’s selling one on Ebay at Buyout of $500 or best offer!

It looks quite cool, but needs someone who takes awesome figurine pictures to take loving pictures of it *^_^*. I’m wondering how much this figurine is actually ‘worth’. Or, more importantly, is Afro Samurai going to be a huge success or with it flop? With Samuel L. Jackson voice acting and starring in the future Afro Samurai film, and the promise of Afro Samurai games, and 1,666,000 people tuning in to watch it, you can guarantee this is going to be desirable in some way in the future.

I wonder exactly how many of these figurines were made/sold and where in the world they are floating around – figurines should have little satellite locaters in them (then some anime bloggers would have a very bright blip on the globe map of figurines I bet!) I wonder in the future the highest price I will pay for anime/manga/merchandise. Accepting that I will not be a millionairre, I think spending more than £200 on something small would feel weird, but kind of exciting! At the moment I think paying over £30 for a figurine would be kind of excessive. In Forbidden Planet they have a lovely Wendy (GunXSword) figurine but I’m not paying £50 for it!
American Anime Awards = weird. @[email protected]
What do people think of the options within the categories you can vote for? I’d like to know how they came up with the lists! Especially the manga one…which seems a bit…strange and limited somehow. I only recognised Kurosagi and Monster as being really awesome mangas, but I bet they aren’t well known enough in overall American consciousness to win. :'(

Disgaea Competition

Still a few days to enter the competition and maybe win a DVD! Open to anime bloggers and readers in 2 separate competitions.
Origami Totoro Instructions

Just TOO cute. I wonder, if someone makes a 1000 Totoro origami figures, will their wish come true? I used to love Origami when i was 9-11, I should have a go (and realise I have forgotten all the fold names).
Manga Art Calendar = Ugly

In a recent look in London’s Forbidden Planet, I noticed they were selling the UGLIEST Manga Art Calendar ever. Really random, and seemingly dated kinds of images. I couldn’t find a picture of the 2007 calendar, but here’s a picture of the 2006 (also pretty bad) one:

Who buys this rubbish, when they could have a calender of pretty series art?! Mad.
Magazines about Anime/Manga

Which are the best/worst? As far as i can make out in England I can buy:

1. Neo c. £3.70
2. Newtype c. £8.50
3. Anime Insider c. £3.99

I’m not including SFX, it has only a tiny anime coverage, and the SFX Anime special…well…I had issues with it i’ll probably blog in future. Think I’ll have a look at all of them and see what the +/- points are. I’m just wondnering if there are any anime/manga magazines written in English which exist that I don’t know about? ^^;;

I’d like to subscribe to the American magazines, not sure what is the cheapest way to do this, maybe using subscriptions? Especially since FPs £3.99 for Anime Insider is clearly a complete rip-off. GRR, and £8.50 for Newtype seems a bit much, even if it does have lovely pictures and a free dvd.
Local Library Manga

I was excited to find volumes 1-2 of FLCL in my local Harrow Borough library. Woot! Review to follow.

Winter anime

Um…when do the anime season dates start and end? Is winter Dec1st-end of March? *Looks confused*.

Everything Yaoi Dot Com

Ok-ok-ok…but now we need…*please*?

Pucca Converse! FANTASTIC!

I think these are just adorable, I wonder which anime characters would make the cutest customsing additions to converse/ doc martins etc. I’d wear Ebichu converse, or if they had that little girl from Yotsuba! on them. Kawaiiii. A dark pair with the girl from Jigoku Shoujo could be gothy and cool. *Overwhelming desire to customise shoes*.
Using IRC…and failing miserably

Just as I figure out codes such as ctcp, !list, dir etc….I read you can type @find the look for files = “You are banned for 3 hours”. Hmm, never going to do that again. Ever. *_*

Finally: Funniest thing I’ve seen in IRC

Hehe. Well, that’s it for now. I invariably forget stuff I was going to include, I’ll just add them in the next Anime Head Trip ^_^

Anime on TV! Rockworld (368) Gilgamesh and Cromartie High School. Rapture (193) Excel Saga. Thoughts on watching dubs.

Rockworld channel 368


From Friday 5th January – 8:30pm

(repeated Monday – 7:30pm)

Cromartie High School

From Sunday 7th January – 6pm

(repeated Wednesday – 3pm)

Rapture TV (193)

Excel Saga

Started Tuesday 2nd January 8:30pm and 11pm
and Thursday 4th January 8:30 and 11pm

(repeated Sunday 8-9pm)

Advantages of watching anime dubbed on TV

– laziness, I can curl up on the sofa instead of watching things on my laptop
– I don’t even have to concentrate that much

– It’ll spawn new, shiny, anime fans, yay!

– Encourages denser viewers who can’t handle the idea of subtitles and would therefore switch channels at the sight of them to be introduced to anime.

Disadvantages of watching dubbed anime on TV

– the overwhelming desire and inability to take screenshots (sorry, blogging has meant I don’t like watching anime without a hand on the instant screenshot button). I want my favourite images to collect and sketch and look back over at the end of a series.

– Adverts: although I could record it, but that takes all the fun out of seeing it as soon as it’s out.
The fact that it’s dubbed. I’ve only seen Gilgamesh so far, but that was enough to make me cringe several times. It’s partly why I find the ‘american anime awards’ so hilarious. They are going to give American voice actors awards?! Give the original Japanese voice cast the awards! There’s a slight problem here, when watching anime in Japanese I don’t know if the tone of voice fits what it happenening, maybe to a Japanese person it’s as bad as me hearing an anime character speak in a strong American accent…but I doubt that somehow. The tone of voice and emphasis has to be right – it’s not enough that they say the same words if they ruin the atmosphere of an anime ESPECIALLY a dark moody anime such as Gilgamesh. Are these voice actors not anime fans themselves, whanting to uphold high standards? Hmmph.
– Whole time watching anime spent wishing for a button on the remote which can switch on Japanese language and subtitles.

– they seem to miss out the end theme and ‘next time on xxxx’ :(

I will start watching these three anime, Excel Saga is a favourite of mine as it was one of the first anime I ever saw. Hilarious, mad zany girls, incomprehensible plot (?) and I still think that’s a cat not a dog, and when it sings at the end of the show…CUTE! Cromartie High School from what I’ve seen is just as funny, with a robot…who doesn’t seem to know he’s a robot…the usual high school boy madness and unique character design. I want to see the live action CHS film! Gilgamesh is dark and gothy, people saying Rockworld is catering for the Emo viewers? Whatever. It’s still an intriguing sci-fi children with powers story that I want to see.

I want to see how I feel after watching an entire series dubbed and compare it to how different I feel about the plot/characters by watching it subtitled afterwards. Something I’ve not done before. Ultimately I’ll use the TV to see how much I like the series and then buy it from ADV when they bring out a box set…no more buying dvds for 15-20 pounds each, only to find the box set for 30-40 pounds online a short while later. :'(

I’m just wondering who will be watching anime on UK TV, and whether it will give people the wrong impression of a series through bad dubbing. It’s all very well saying, yay, exposure of anime to UK fans, but the combination of dubs and those terrible Manga Magazine adverts it’s not painting a very attractive or up to date picture. At least the choice of series is good, but I want to see cute, philosophical, cultural and slice of life anime as well.
I wish I could help run a UK TV channel showing the most up to date series of anime possible in Japanese with subtitles. The ones aimed at teens to older teens+ (not more Shounen for 7-12 year old popularised for 14-18 year old Westerners). I want to see retro series aired like Galaxy Express 999 and hilarious anime like Oruchuban Ebichu. I want to see historical anime with shows explaining the cultural historical significance. I hate viewers being limited to whatever the dvd companies feel will make the most £££ as the dvds are out already, about to be released. If they wanted to make money maybe they should have made a Hentai Climax XXX channel on SKY, I bet plenty of guys would pay for that at least once out of interest!

Blog Rename, Rethink, Revamp, Re-‘everything’

I never liked the name Hazel:Animenut, it was only meant to be temporary but it kinda just stuck. So it’s now ‘Anime Infatuation’ for the foreseeable future.

I’m finally on my Christmas break, after handing in an essay on Japanese Art a tad late this morning…woo! *^_^*
So I shall be trying to catch up with my backlog, which is looking rather huge *eek*. Over the next couple of weeks I shall be reading and reviewing some academic books on anime/manga, as it’s time for me to think about my University 3rd year Independent Study Project and Extended Essay – both of which I’m writing on anime/manga art. Still undecided what to write about, hesitantly said one will be on science fiction the other on historical anime. Although I’d quite like to write about something fun/closer to my heart like yuri/horror or a favourite artist such as Tsutomu Nihei. It depends on finding academic literature to justify writing about ‘stuff’. Literatures in English that is, damn my lame grasp of Japanese.

Meanwhile I shall be writing about:

Anime 2006: the anime that got away, anime that was not subbed/ torrented raw, and in other cases not torrented at all…not the ‘adult’ anime though…are there adult anime fansubs?! I’m not aware of any! *LOL*
Pick of Anime 2006:10 faves

Manga Most Wanted Jan 07

SFX Anime Special review

Maybe a look ahead at winter anime season if I feel inclined, but previously I’ve wanted anime series to be a pleasant surprise (or horrid, aaargh what is this?! for anime such as lovedol). If I approach all episode ones with ‘I expect nothing, or I expect the worst’ I’m happier :)

I should sort out a picture for the top of my blog, it’s my new years resolution to sketch more so it might end up being a row of Mokkun pictures (kawai!). :P

…and the usual anime, manga reviews.

I’m seriously considering watching anime raw instead of subtitled if it’s ‘easy watching’ like la corda d’oro, not anime like bakumatsu…that would be totally confusing?

For ongoing manga/anime reviews, news and articles from the UK see:

IMAF Now till Nov 14th International Anime & Manga Festival

Just went and had a quick look at the IMAF Festival at County Hall (home of Manga Cafe and London Aquarium) – it’s dead easy to get to, although there were so many tourists crossing the bridge from Westminster tube station towards London Eye…and what’s with the roasted nuts and icky hot dogs on sale, why can’t we have tasty pancakes and waffles instead like in Paris, things I might actually buy or eat!
This is a compettion that allows non Japanese people to submit thier artwork and win lots of money – some people actually wont go as it’s not ‘Japanese’ enough for them…which makes me sad, as some of the artwork was simply wonderful (see below)!

I didn’t see that many cosplayers but these girls looked cute so i asked them to pose :)

Highlights include – 4 rooms screening anime. They are screening different anime in all the rooms, and it’s FREE entry – so, if you live in london, and don’t have fansub download ability this is your opportunity to see lots of free manga HOWEVER, some of it is dubbed. Anime being screened tomorrow-tuesday includes…Cromartie High School, Noein, Gilgamesh, Naruto, Otogi Zoshi, Serial Experiments Lain, GITS, Elfen Leid, Paranoia Agent, Requiem From The Darkness, Chobits and Get Backers.

There was a trading area, Tokyotoys are there with all their lovely figurines, there’s another stall with the typical naruto/fma/fruits basket/death note stuff on sale, with some huge wall scrolls and posters of various things. I almost bought a death note bag, but to be honest I use these events to browse so i can buy things cheaper online, at reasonable prices.

There were lots of Tokyopop/Tanoshimi manga – but again, even at 10% off (£6.30) it’s still a lot when you can get it from the net at about £4.30-£5.30 per book (and that’s including P&P). They were selling a book with manga from International artists, but it didn’t look very pretty. It’s a shame they weren’t selling souvenir leaflets with shiny colour photos of some of the most beautiful entries.

Manga tour of Japan holiday was being advertised (well yes, great, LOL if i had a spare £1250 or whatever it is I’d love to go, but my spending consists of the odd manga book to read on the tube at the moment!)

The events seem the moet interesting, it was a shame i couldn’t stay for the cosplay catwalk (I have a 2500 word essay to write for monday and another for friday – aargh). I also missed a talk about Mangaka in the UK by Paul Gravett (of ’60 Years of Japanese Comics’ fame) but he’s giving a few more talks, one on Monday on ‘Manga Storytelling’, and one on Tuesday about ‘How to draw Global manga’, there is also a kimono and sushi making demonstation in the main hall tomorrow.

There were 3 main issues I had with the event:

1. the hideously ugly design on the orange/green poster everywhere – yes it’s eyecatching but for all the wrong reasons!

2. It’s not well sign posted, once you get in on the aquarium side there’s no sign pointing that you have to go up the stairs to see the exhibition, and you have to wander through various halls and corridors (it’s got that boarding school maze feel) to find anything! i would like big idiotic orange arrows on the floor!

3. The space is too big for what they are doing, there weren’t enough chairs or comfy sofas around for people to feel they could stop for a length of time and chill out, it felt like you walked through the maze and then left – i wonder if anyone stuck around for any significant amount of time.

That said, I felt it was worth going for the pretty pictures…here are my favourites, I wonder if any are the same as the one’s you noticed as you looked round…

Anime Head Trip – Taking screenshots, Manga most wanted, Manga I wish they’d hurry up and translate, Manga I wish existed(!), and the IMAF (International Manga and Anime Festival) Nov 10-14 London.

Taking Screenshots, some thoughts:
Over the past 3 weeks or so I’ve watched lots of anime but not blogged individual episodes as I haven’t had time. I thought I’d just take screenshots and then write some summaries about how I feel about the series so far. There are a few problems I realised with this.

1. I can’t remember the plots of the 40+ anime series I am following! I hope anyone reading my blog is just interested in snippets of info in what other people think about a series, and have already watched some of it themselves.
2. I can’t remember the names of all the characters…eeek. Thanks to other bloggers for recording this info! :)
3. I take screenshots for bizarre personal reasons.

I’m not interested in having screenshots of all the important characters/plot elements. I take screenshots when I think something is incredibly cute, sexy, funny or the artwork is simply stunning and worth keeping.

So what I’m getting at is my series summaries will sometimes look a bit odd…eg. the only screenshots I’ve kept of ‘Night Head Genesis’ so far are of a squirrel! However, for me personally, a few cool pictures of a squirrel are one of the most memorable parts of the anime but probably not worth blogging about?

I originally intended on just blogging about the artwork I liked and why, but seem to have been a bit side tracked with blogging every episode I watch…ever…which is both impossible and self defeating! Was toying with a post just about the hot female characters which prompt me to hit pause and ‘screencap’ or maybe all the stand out characters, but it would take too long. Maybe 3 posts, one about cute images, one funny, one sexy and one arty?! Something for me to think about anyway…maybe I’ll do that at the end of the anime series…

Manga Most Wanted:

Out of all the series I’m watching, the anime which has manga versions being published IN ENGLISH I would like to read in order of preference:

1. Nhk ni Youkoso

2. The Wallflower (Yamato Nadesico Shichihenge)

3. D Gray Man

4. Death Note

5. Buso Renkin

…and manga published I don’t think I want to read!

1. La Corda D’Oro ~primo passo~ (don’t think a musical anime works as well in manga form?)

2. Ghost Hunt (seems very average)

Manga I wish they’d hurry up and translate!

(If they already have, blame animenewsnetwork or bookbutler or me being blind!)

1. Pumpkin Scissors (I’ve had a look at the japanese manga and it’s awesome!)
2. Sumomomo Momomo (I’m sure this’d be a huge seller, it’s so funny!)

3. Asatte no Houkou (Think this would be cute to read!)

4. Bartender (loving the anime wonder what the manga’s like?)
5. Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (wonder how good the animal art is in the manga?)
6. Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na ~Crescent Love~ (want to see the comedy bits in manga form)

7. Ge Ge Ge no Kitarou (just intrigued what it looks like)

8. Witchblade manga (interested in artwork when the girls are transformed and fighting!)

9. Kanon (Uguuuu)

Manga I probably wouldn’t touch with a bargepole if they did translate it!:

1. Ring ni kakero (it’s ugly AND about boxing, it’s just not my thing really!)

Manga I wish existed(!):

I would love to see the artwork in manga form for the following in order of preference:

1. Flag

2. Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto
3. Red Garden

4. Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi

5. Otome wa Boku ni Koi Shiteru (oh the pseudo-yuri potential!!)

6. Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~

7. Kemonozume (weird art would be cool?)

8. Le Chevalier D’Eon (so I could flick through some of the oh so dull dialogue!)

9. Code Geass -Lelouch of the Rebellion

10. Shounen Onmyouji

11. Yomigaeru Sora – Rescue Wings –

12. Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ (but i’d reallyt just flick through to the bits with the chick and giggle)

Anime I’m glad doesn’t have a manga equivalent/version!

1. Black Blood Brothers (I’ve had enough of this mediocre vampire nonsense)

2. Happiness (not really memorable as an anime sooo…)

3. Lamune

4. Night Head Genesis

5. Kujibiki Unbalance

6. Mamoro-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! (I can’t really remember what the first ep of the anime was about, so it can’t be that special)

7. Trapp ikka Monogatari (there’s only so much good little girl anime i can take >< ) 8. Hanoka (really not liking the weird neck movement or character design in anime so wouldn't want a manga) IMAF (International Manga and Anime Festival):

If you’re in London at any point between Nov 10-14th you might want to check this out! I’ll be going to have a look and take some photos.
IMAF Homepage.