Himawari! Soundtrack

I love the cd cover art, and the picture of Boss, Wabisuke and Sabisuke – after they see their little robot being trodden on by Himawari’s huge robot! ^_^

This was an album I really wanted to love but this anime isn’t driven by its music but by adventure and fun characters. There are some nice tunes that don’t really develop, and some oboe, horn solos which I found too piercing, some of the tracks were just cheesy, it sounded like keyboard versions of the real instruments. I do like track 5. 7 Transformation. It is really spacey and weird; I don’t remember hearing it in the background though! The two orchestral tracks I enjoyed most were 4. Sato no Haru and 15. Sumire. I also love 23. Guru Guru because it is a cute girly feel good song.

My 3 favourite tracks can be heard here. I tried putting an mp3 player on this website, but I couldn’t get it to load without playing instantly, and the volume was too loud so it had to go! The tracks will only be there for a few weeks, or until I listen to more anime OSTs.