Monthly Archives: September 2006

Sci-Fi Harry:1

No I’m not dead, I worry about anime taking up too much of my life, so I took a break to explore other things.
Sci-Fi Harry intrigued me, oh ok, I saw the words horror and psychological on the animenewsnetwork summary, and felt compelled to take a look.

I liked the sketchiness of the intro artwork, but the blood squirting out of the eyes and the ugly faces were a bit much. Also liked the fuzzy television narration, felt mildly like Serial Experiments Lain. Love the sound effects…this could be cool…although Harry is slightly eel-like.

Oh no, they’re playing basketball, gets sidetracked while waiting for the plot to get on with it. So, Harry gets the ball, panics, is cheered on by the Catherine, but ends up smashing the window above her head with the ball covering her in glass – turns out the other basketball players aren’t too happy with this…

So there’s all this stuff to show us how the popular Catherine cares for Harry. Her artwork is already bugging me, sometimes she looks lovely, others a bit gormless. It’s not exactly delivering the kind of dark brooding psychological atmosphere I hoped for.

Aargh, Harry runs the conversation over in his mind so we get to see it all twice…get…a…move…on. Ooo, ok. It gets better when he sees a flash of her screaming and getting her dress ripped, and I physically jumped during the next scenes.Eek!

The action picks up but the music is just terrible >< . Hmm, *spoiler* I was kinda hoping that the bad guys were going to explode, not something in the distance, *looks all disappointed*. Ooo, a mutilated body ^_^ that's more like it...and we don't get to see it :'( So...there was this episode of MADE on TheMusicFactory a few weeks back. It was on in the background, (channel-hopping a sure sign I have too much spare time +/or am procrastinating over Uni reading in advance), a piss take of this boy who wanted to be turned into a ladys' man. The commentator kept calling him eelboy because at some point during his sorry existence he'd thought it wise to gel his hair down to his head. I can't help thinking of him when I look at Harry. My main problem is I just don't care if he has these psychokinetic powers. He's far too boring and puny to maintain my interest.

…and if it was me, I wouldn’t be saying, ‘Yay you’ve got uncontrollable psychic powers!’, I’d be thinking, ‘Fuck, you just exploded the head off that spoon, what’s to stop you doing that to my head?!’

Well the ending looked promising, perhaps if Harry picks up his psychic abilities, and if we get to see the mutilated bodies, this could turn into a fun series to watch.

Overall B-. Although I was impressed with the cutlery psychokinesis, and ability to make me jump, the poor romance interest, dull main character, slow pace and lack of horror art disappointed me.