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Yume Tsukai 夢使い 4/12 The Doyousei Appeareth

poor Rinko. I’m loving her chracter more each episode, after the initial worry she was going to be irritating.

Another Yume Tsukai: Sagawa Satoka *^_^*.

Wow! A wax world full of the same couples, when a man cannot let go of his feelings for a woman who died a year ago. Creepy and so imaginative.

haha…”look into this ring donut”…i think that’s homer’s fantasy ^_^

Please verify virgin status, well, i think the machine might just laugh at me then >Taisho: 1912-1926, hmm I should really have memoried this by now but i forgot *blushes*

Yume Tsukai 夢使い 3/12 Swelling Love

Poor nervous Aomouri Yuuko!

Oh wow this gets hilarious, superconducting frisbee(?!), and ‘please verify virgin status’, out of context it sounds a lot dodgier than it is in reality, finally we see what the computers in the start credits are in aid of, and wow i loved the ending!! She totally ignores all the guys *^_^* haha!

furube, yurayura to furube: ancient Shinto ressurection spell

Yume Tsukai 夢使い 2/12 Kind Footsteps

Love the labyrinth effect, and i knew Tachibana Hajime was going to be iritating by the look of his character design, so I was so pleased to see him hit over the head by a chair ^_^. A giant teddy bear monster…not as cool as the one in those who hunt elves, possessed by the spirit of a cat.

I like the ‘Tensou’ sequence and the giant cyber bear! Aaaaaw, the bit when her mother is outside the door saying sorry brought tears to my eyes, but then i used to be the child overly attached to her teddies, I used to have nightmares bad things happened to them though, they never turned into monsters!

.hack//legend of the twilight 1: Rei Izumi/Tatsuya Hamazaki

A fairly enjoyable first manga. i can see how this appeals to teenagers, especially young biys around the globe, there’s enough cute girls, weapons, and game world to keep them turning the pages. I liked: Aura (kawai!) the valentines rare items *^_^*, the ‘doggie’s a babe?!’ quote, and indeed she is a babe, and ‘get moving panty boy’, surely a world full of 20 million game players is just for teenage biys to stare at panties, boobs and experience their first online kiss? Loved the grunty pets, little pigs that grow up to be mounts, I hope this turns into more of a quest series and not a series of special events manipulated by the administrator!