.hack//legend of the twilight 1: Rei Izumi/Tatsuya Hamazaki

A fairly enjoyable first manga. i can see how this appeals to teenagers, especially young biys around the globe, there’s enough cute girls, weapons, and game world to keep them turning the pages. I liked: Aura (kawai!) the valentines rare items *^_^*, the ‘doggie’s a babe?!’ quote, and indeed she is a babe, and ‘get moving panty boy’, surely a world full of 20 million game players is just for teenage biys to stare at panties, boobs and experience their first online kiss? Loved the grunty pets, little pigs that grow up to be mounts, I hope this turns into more of a quest series and not a series of special events manipulated by the administrator!

One thought on “.hack//legend of the twilight 1: Rei Izumi/Tatsuya Hamazaki

  1. As soon as i read the first few pages, i swear i was hooked on it. Weapons, gaming and hoties. It has all that i need in a manga book and grunty is so damn cute! not to mention rena is hot. teenages would definately suite this book well. so far i read up to book 2 and i sure do hope the story continues to develope. its a great manga

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