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Shutterbox 1 – Rikki Simons and Tavisha. Tokyopop

This is a fairly average fantasy manga about a girl who can go to the afterlife world of the Merridiah when she dreams. The facial design is poor, and the only creatures I find innovative and fun are the little ‘beebo’ rabbit type creatures with wings. Kawai!

I got to read this from my local library, I joined yesterday and found 3 shelves of comics and manga :) They may not have the titles I want to buy, but at least i can review some, discover some I might want to purchase, and get some ideas for artwork.

Karin かりん OST

Fairly average soundtrack with music in the main part by Nishida Masara, I’m sure the ‘original dramas’ would be great if I understood more Japanese. Not very inspiring artwork in the cd booklet. The saxaphones, synth, and nu-metal type things seem a bit dated :S I loved the piano in 20:Choppiri sentimental and quite liked 2:Scarlet – by BRACE;d. Overall disappointing.

Yume Tsukai 夢使い 1/12 The Dream Starts, Rainy Classroom

Yume Tsukai literally means: Dream User

Notes for this episode:
Ikai: another world
The 7 Tsukai: are named after 7 stars of the Pleiades Cluster named after the seven days of the week.
Teruteru Bouze: Paper charm hung under the window which is supposed to keep rain away, quite childish.
Tensou: change dress
Asobitatematsuru: play offering, here a toy is put in the broom God.
Ochazuke: rice and green tea
Darjeeling First Flush: during mid march, after the spring rains, the tea harvested make a light yellow/ copper colour.

(see this really is turning into cooking lessons!)

OP – Yume Meikyuu – Yoko – thought this was above average/magical

ED – Kodou – Ayako Kawasumi – enjoyable

Ok so maybe I’ll give this a better review because the theme was a lesbian love that a girl couldn’t confess *kawai*. The emotions she felt in her dreams were expressed in reality and snatched the girl she fancied away from this realm. Thought the monster was terrible though, a ping pong ball and a blanket? highly imaginative. The Yume Tsukai are quite doll like but I’m not overlykeen on their faces. Chiming eerie magical background music, hopefully a good OST to come then :)

Requiem From The Darkness 京極夏彦 巷説百物語3/13: White Fox

I love how this shows the trusting and simple chracter of Momosuke. the story of the foxes being hunted to extinction and then one turning into a monk was so imaginative. Yet again you want the punishment of the evil hunter, exaccerbated by his reliving how he murdered his fiancee. Ogin had suitable fun with that one :)

Where are all these mist filled lakes with beautiful women then eh? *^_^*

Requiem From The Darkness 京極夏彦 巷説百物語2/13: Willow Woman

*Spoilers* Loved the twist in this tale, was half expecting the willow woman to be a woman he’d murdered and buried in the centre of the tree… the multiple personality to justify his actions was great. loving the graphics as always. Especially the movement of the willow branches, eerie as always! Liking the Ogin chracter even more to, she’s so cool, she’s evil but she cares.