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London Expo 28/10/06

Well the highlight was the giant soft toy Totoro…which I wanted to take home with me and cuddle!

There were some pretty cosplayers as always…

I had to stand next to a stall for a loooong time trying to justify buying a soft toy…it took a lot of will power to put it down…kawai…I think i’ll buy one after Christmas :)

This was very cool!

I came home with:

-a ‘Samurai Champloo’ bag, so now i can feel super swank wandering round Uni.

-a Blame Sanakan figurine (so hot-sorry pictures are a bit fuzzy)

– random free posters, Noein, Gilgamesh and Yugo The Negotiator are now on my bedroom wall.

Things I almost bought:

Paranoia Agent box set

– other 2 Blame figurines!

-Justice N Mercy artbook (by the guy who created the Priest manga soon to be a Trilogy set of live action films)

XXXHolic plastic folder.

– Momo the squirrel soft toy.

– Random T-shirts, thought the designs were better this time.

On the down side there was such a huge queue to see Simon Pegg talking about the film Hot Fuzz that we didn’t bother to try and get in, and I managed to walk past Christopher Lee without realising who it was or getting a photo! I got so dizzy because there were so many people, so many things to look at and I hadn’t eaten much. I got quite stressed and faint and ended up having to sit down for a while, so if you saw me looking completely disorientated and out of it, it’s because I was! Think I’ll have a cooked breakfast before the next one in May!
I hope everyone had a great time this weekend, and came home with lots of new stuff! :o)

Confessions of a reclusive geek -or- “OMFG I’m watching HOW much anime?!”

I just made a list of anime I’m watching so I can tally up the number of episodes of each series I have watched so i don’t accidentally d/l the same episode twice (I delete episodes after watching)…and then i looked my list and realised why I’m having trouble distinguishing between anime storylines in my head. I don’t have enough time to blog eveyr episode I watch as I am supposedly studying hard in my 3rd year before the world of work *gulp*. (~sorry for typos and spelling I am tired and ill!)

In no particular order I am watching:

Pumpkin Scissors – post war rescue with lovely likeable characters.

Red Garden – 4 girls are told they died last night and now they can be summoned around midnight to fight or die, i am OBSESSED with the artwork of the girls in this it’s beautiful, but they have weird noses, it’s bizarre!

D Gray Man -  About exorcising Akuma (demons) v v cool!

Death Note – write their name in a book, viisualise thier face and they will die! Not sure how they can keep the momentum up in the story, only so long killing off people can be amusing…

Sumomomo Momomo – girl is told she must marry hot strong dude from another family and have a strong baby. Enter very scared guy and mad girl laying out blankets on the ground begging to be F**ked VERY AMUSING.

Kanon – remake, quite funny, not sure if i like this yet though…

Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi – a historical horror in 19th century Edo, really excited about this one, cultural referenced for me to keep me happy and an exciting storyline!

Asatte no Houkou – young girl who hates being treated like a child and woman in her late twenties swap ages one summer…wft, the girl now has boobs and looks hot and i feel every so slightly confused…and pervy…

Black Blood Brothers – very very silly adventure about vampires…that hasn’t stopped me watching 5 episodes of it though. not exactly deep makes enjoyable light entertainment.

Busou Renkin – boy fights big monster with the power of alchemy, i don’t really remember this one, perhaps it’s a series aimed at 14 yr old boys then…

Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion – oh oh! this has the potential to be extremely cool. japan is ruled over by the Britannic Empire 9this made me giggle somewhat) anyway, first episode sees some girl weapon give her powers to a boy. Hope this turns out to be an awesome sci-fi…

Flag – I had issues with the directions of this, filming as if from inside the camera lense is novel but this borderlines on the pretentious, slipped over the edge and left me feeling annoyed, but there’s some cool mecha. might drop if it doesn’t get better.

Gegege no Kitaro (1968) YOU MUST WATCH THIS NOW! Pure gold from the 60s. kitaro is a youkai (spirit/demon) and with a bunch of demons he has to try and get a magic baseball bat back from the humans. The music in this was delightful, the artwork black and white and refreshing, I love this!

Ghost Hunt – a not very inspiring look and a ghost in a building, and the various people involved in trying to find it, some school girls get roped in, i might drop this.

Happiness – um, a magical girl thingy *cringe* might drop this, not very memorable.

La Corda D’Oro ~primo passo~ – only one girl in the entire girl can see this little fairy who gives her a magic violin that anyone can play. she gets entered into a music competition even though she’s never played before, at the end of the episode she is about to play the instrument to get a bunch of female bullies to leave another musician alone, i was on edge waiting to hear how good this magic violin was…and the episode ended…NO evil storyboard makers, i feel deprived…sits and waits for next episode. ALSO, i know it is very sad to be excited about this anime BUT i was in every music club at secondary school and this kind of anime has a special nostalgic place in my heart.

Lamune – i tried watching this romancy thing without subtitles and was surpirsed how much Japanese I could remember. i shall wtach it in english at some point! Cute relationship anime.

Otome wa Boku ni Koi Shiteru – OH oh OOOOOH, this is so cute. A boy must dress up as a girl to attend an all girl’s high school on a will request. Enter lots of girls in pyjamas bouncing over his gorgeous girly body and rubbing his/her boobs…oh yes…pervy moments all round I LOVE this <3

Yamato Nadesico Shichihenge – 4 boys living ina  mansion must transform a creepy girl into a lovely lady or their rent will tripple. I also LOVE this anime :) The girl hides behind her fringe for the first few episodes, has violent noseblees when she see dazzling attractive things, and the boys are all so girly and beautiful. It makes me laugh, and most of all it has the goth loli girls, you have to watch episode 2 purely for them chanting ‘goth, goth, loli, loli!’ HILARIOUS.

Night Head Genesis – two boys with telekinetic powers have been trapped in a medical facility since a young age and now escaped, this looks potentially  exciting…

Yoake Mae Yori Iro Na ~Cresent Love~ – I starte doff thinking ooooh no, a harem romance thing, until a pervy photographer popped up from under the princess/ or queen (fuck knows i was only half watching) of the moon, it turned out to be quite funny, so will stick with this for the moment.

Bartender – this is *GENIUS*. An anime about a the bartending experience, the types of spirits, beautiful, well thought out and I cant WAIT for episode 2! Loved watching the drink preparation in the end credits.

Kujibiki Unbalance – not seen yet.

Shounen Onmyouji – I loved the character *Mokkun*, this little dog type creature who guides the grandson of the powerful Onmyouji (mystical person/ protects capital from monsters). Can’t wait to see how these two characters face future foe.

Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ – I was certain this was rubbish to be dropped, until a little duckling/chick thing jumped up and kicked the shit out of a mad guy. “Pepepepepepe!!!!”. pretty fucking funny, i’ll watch some more…not sure about the kids in the school wearing ears though…weeeeird.

Le Chevalier D’Eon – musketeers meet zombies in this french period drama. Shame about the character design and the way the story draaags at points but “WOOO zoooombiiiiiiiies”, and a boy who transforms into his sister when her soul enters his body, oh yes, cooooolios.

NHK ni Youkoso – I enjoy watching this so much,  I’m not letting myself watch more until I’ve had a really reeeeally bad week and want a reward :) I hope I’m not disappointed!

Kemonozume – this really does have strange artwork, and people than turn into huuuuges monsters and eat people. Not sure how I feel about the artwork yet!

Witchblade – oh it’s pretty silly, but the girl with the blue witchblade fighting was hot, and i’m finding all the characters quite likeable and wandering how it will all end.

There’s a few more i’ve forgotten, and i have a pile of manga books to review for which i realy muct get on with when i’m not in bed ill on fire!

Oh and the new American series Jericho isn’t bad either. loads of bombs go off in america, and the isolated town of jericho survives and the inhabitants wonder what the fuck is happening in the outside world. I have a feeling it’s not nuclear and all my morbid hopes of seeing them cope with radiotion sickness/nuclear fall out, mass panic and starvation in the face of the end of the world, will be disappointed…ah well…maybe next time, i should maybe go read ‘The Stand’ instead of watching this shit.

Also, i was eating this sweet and it has E number which are banned in lots of countries for their allergenic potential…which can’t be good, but who can resist the lure of a sweet named ‘Toxic Waste’?

Not me…clearly.