London Expo 28/10/06

Well the highlight was the giant soft toy Totoro…which I wanted to take home with me and cuddle!

There were some pretty cosplayers as always…

I had to stand next to a stall for a loooong time trying to justify buying a soft toy…it took a lot of will power to put it down…kawai…I think i’ll buy one after Christmas :)

This was very cool!

I came home with:

-a ‘Samurai Champloo’ bag, so now i can feel super swank wandering round Uni.

-a Blame Sanakan figurine (so hot-sorry pictures are a bit fuzzy)

– random free posters, Noein, Gilgamesh and Yugo The Negotiator are now on my bedroom wall.

Things I almost bought:

Paranoia Agent box set

– other 2 Blame figurines!

-Justice N Mercy artbook (by the guy who created the Priest manga soon to be a Trilogy set of live action films)

XXXHolic plastic folder.

– Momo the squirrel soft toy.

– Random T-shirts, thought the designs were better this time.

On the down side there was such a huge queue to see Simon Pegg talking about the film Hot Fuzz that we didn’t bother to try and get in, and I managed to walk past Christopher Lee without realising who it was or getting a photo! I got so dizzy because there were so many people, so many things to look at and I hadn’t eaten much. I got quite stressed and faint and ended up having to sit down for a while, so if you saw me looking completely disorientated and out of it, it’s because I was! Think I’ll have a cooked breakfast before the next one in May!
I hope everyone had a great time this weekend, and came home with lots of new stuff! :o)

One thought on “London Expo 28/10/06

  1. I went! Yay!

    I forgot you were UKish, I should have probably revised what you looked like before I went ^_^

    I bought nothing…but I did take a picture of the same girl dressed as Lulu as you! There was an awful lot of good cosplay, you are right.

    Made me want to cosplay next time I go in May! Now to think about what costume I want to wear…

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