KIBA Original Soundtrack (Jun Miyake)

The first two tracks on Disc 1 are fantastic!

1. zed-fate (Jun Miyake)

I love ornamented female harmonies (+orchestra), makes my chest tight and gives me goosebumps. This kind of thing reminds me of the tracks I love in GITS: Innocence ~’ The Ballade Of Puppets’. It’s just a shame all the tracks I love on this album are under 2 minutes long.
2. zed-run (Jun Miyake)

Ornamented strings, this just bounces along beautifully. One of those tracks that makes you sway (It’s so difficult to describe music ^^;)

I found the rest of the tracks mostly listenable but ultimately forgettable apart from:

24. zed-journey (Jun Miyake)

Another ornamented female harmony (+ orchestra).

You can listen to these 3 tracks here.

If you are a Jun Miyake fan there is an (official?) site under construction, and a fan site.

Overall Enjoyment Level: 6/10

One thought on “KIBA Original Soundtrack (Jun Miyake)

  1. Yeah, the soundtrack is great! I like it too.
    About Zed-fate and Zed-journey, they are traditional Bulgarian songs (little modernized) and they are sang in Bulgarian. It sound really good mostly if you don’t know what it’s about.
    It’s funny that in the song is sang about how Rada (a girl) must get married. Her mother is telling her “Rada, go merry”.

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