9 thoughts on “Anime Nano T-shirts are totally hot right now…you should buy one!

  1. I just like glowy blue, I was messing around with colorising things! I’ll wear it out, and to the next London Expo if I’m not cosplaying. :)

  2. So would you say the print quality’s pretty good? Seems okay from the pictures, but then again, it seems very blue.

    I knew I shoulda had those Anime Nano thongs made!

  3. The print quality is great!

    I was worried the green ‘anime’ wouldn’t show up but it’s yellowy so still stands out on the lime green top. :)

    I’m sure people can imagine the thong ;)

  4. Apparently I am a little bit late with this comment *cough cough* I have the impression that most of the animeblogging girls look good (like pr0b1ematic *g*)

    Anyways, these photographs are great! They make me want one of these shirts as well *hehe*

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