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Zero no Tsukaima ゼロの使い魔 3: The Ardent Temptation

Guide to being a slave:

1. Don’t perve in the classroom

2. Don’t ridicule your Master.

3. Never EVER insult a girl’s breasts – even if they are non-existent tiny.

4. Make friends with the staff…but don’t kiss them.

5. Find hot maid who fancies you.

6. Beware of predators…

…and suggestive saxophone music.

7. Beware the jealous girl with a whip.

8. Beware of women who bare their flesh to buy you gifts.

This was a highly enjoyable episode, Saito doesn’t seem to do anything right which is the source of many giggles. Nothing like a cute girl chasing after a guy with a whip! I love the talking sword too, I was expecting him to choose that one but Derflinger was an added bonus! although Kirche and Louise should really have a fight involving much ripping off clothes and whips.

Binbou Shimai Monogatari 貧乏姉妹物語 2: A day with the owner, his sickness and the watermelon

Aaaah this is soooo cute, but will they blush a little less? Their cheeks will surely explode.

Kyo and Asu are really scared of the owner, they see him as a demon that comes to collect the rent, and huddle in fear when it’s ‘that time’. Aaw it’s so cute. On top of this the poor things have a leaky roof and have to scatter bowls across their room to catch the drips.

One month the Owner fails to collect the rent – so Kyo rejoices thinking they don’t have to pay rent that month, the Owner must have won the lottery. Um…Kyo is 15 right…who is that stupid?! It is quite cute when Asu shows more intelligence than Kyo.

Oh you know what’d make everything better…a blushie hug!

The girls find out the Owner is in hospital so go to see him…will the demon shout and scream at them in a scary way? Love the faces.

Let’s keep rubbing in the fact that they are soooo poor.

The Owner isn’t angry but he certainly doesn’t want the girls to be there. He refuses to eat the fruit they bring until they have gone and eventually tells them to stop visiting. I liked how the girls were rewarded with some meat from the greengrocer. So sweet.

The next time it rains there are no drips from the ceiling, they realize the Owner ended up in hospital after he fell off the roof fixing the leaks for them. Aaaah.

I’d enjoy this a lot more if there were more characters or the artwork was more varied, it is very very cute though, I shall think ‘aaaaah cuuuute’ over 100 times while watching this! I do feel the urge to grab people and give them blushie hugs and make them feel happy…or mildly freaked out.

Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 出ましたっ!パワパフガールズZ 3: Girls Assembled Part 1+2

This episode is cool because Kaoru (Buttercup) is angry, and Bubble’s blushie admiration for her is kawaiii (Bubbles 4 Buttercup 4eva). Poor Kaoru surrounding by girly chatter. At least they’re not fighting Mojo all the time and we get to see them acting silly and Kaoru trying to kill the puppy! ^_^

Miss Bellum is ultra sneaky getting the girls in the same class…

I’m not sure what to make of Mojo in this costume!

The Powerpuff Girls have to fight him on an empty stomach, which makes them so angry that they fight together. I love the cute boxes of food, especially the baby octobus, kawaiii. Super Girls fuel!

Next episode Mojo is baaaaack, and the girls decide Ken needs a mother…or three!

Hoshizora Kiseki 星空キセキ

Kozue hears the voice of a boy talking to her, it seems linked to her bracelet. She sets out looking for a falling star and hoping for a summer romance. However, there are others on a more alien quest waiting for the star…

I love the character design, both Kozue and Ginga the boy in the space suit are beautiful. The romantic element between then was really sweet, I liked how they glimpsed each other as he rushes past her on the road side, looking out of the window in the van. However, this was ruined by her tactlessness in the abandoned planetarium. If you meet a guy who can never step out of his space suit, you don’t list all the wonderful things he can never have felt. I know this is supposed to be rectified when she cries for him in the rain, but their meeting was a little too jarring for a sweet girl who thinks love will come to her.

The music also became repetitive, I thought it was really sweet at first but then it became annoying. What did impress me was the scene of Kozue crying in the rain and the sequence where Ginga floats up into the sky in ‘harmony’ with the object in the stars. I also liked the idea that Ginga had to stay within his space suit so the outside world didn’t change him, but the ending was a little too predictable! The characters of Maki and Mizuno seemed a bit pointless, I would rather Kozue hadn’t been removed from the mountains but we’d seen more about her feelings about the stars, or the dreams she had.

This is however, sweet and enjoyable to watch, a predictable romance saved by the lovely artwork – just a shame something a little more spectacular didn’t happen at the end! I guess I wanted Kozue to be put in harmony too and for them to float into space happy forever etc. rather than them staying on Earth!
Hoshizora Kiseki website.

Overall Rating: B

Honey x Honey/Mitsu x Mitsu Drops 蜜×蜜ドロップス 1

This is the first episode of an OAV based on the Manga (there is also a PS2 game).

A honey is the term given to the girl who must serve her male student partner at school. The advantage of being a Honey is that your tuition fees are paid. Hagino Yuruzu is chosen as one of these honeys by a guy named Renge Kai. However this anime just seems to be an excuse to see women being walked all over by guys who can’t decide whether to be jerks or heros. One minute you think Kai is really nice because he doesn’t make Yuruzu strip naked for a painting, the next thing he’s groping her on a basketball court, calling her a useless toy and making her cry. Aside from that you’ve got the Honeyless Master Yurioka Chihaya who’s taken a liking to Yuruzu – but he’s equally useless as he fails to save her when she falls over on the basketball court. Nice.

The idea is quite fun, Master/Honey pairs must play basketball and the Honey of the overall losing pair will be fired. Yuruzu doesn’t want this because her parents will lose money, but should she stay with Kai or abandon him for the equally bad Chihaya.

Highlights include an armadillo disguised as a basketball. No wait, that is the highlight! Overall, this annoyed me because I can’t feel happy about Kai turning out to have feelings for her after he treats her like crap, and she doesn’t know what she wants anyway. Are these supposed to be perfectly formed male characters you just love to hate but secretly love them? Ugh, I have no idea!

Kai looking…hot?

The intro credits, have lots of characters and are quite pretty.

I shall look at you naked in the shower if I want to!

I can do cute and vacant at the same time…


Admittedly the Love me Kiss me ‘French Kiss’ end tune by Misaki Fuji+ was quite cute and catchy!

Honey x Honey Drops website.
Initial Rating: C-

Next episode…she ends up kissing Chihaya *shock*.