Favourite New Manga Scanlations: 15-21.10.07 Yamato no Hane, Sketch, Gokujou Danshi to Kurashi Temasu, Plus Ultra (Artbook), Momogumi Plus Senki, Hanna of the Z.

Belated post, as adapter died on my laptop *sniffle* and i was plunged into ye olde stone age of reality.


-mildy annoyed at joining forums to get a password for one chapter of manga that subsequently fails to download completely, and when I type in the password in for a second download it fails to accept it. Meh. 25 posts? The manga better be AMAZING.
– rather childishly finding the sound effect *SQUISH* in yaoi that leap straight into the sex scenes rather 1. unnecessary 2. grosse *squish squish squish* …eugh.
-reaching the conclusion that yaoi is really not my thing at all, and wishing yuri was as abundant :'(

Yamato no Hane

When it comes to sports anime/manga I’ll try anything once, I’ve seen racing, cricket, basketball, pachinko and mahjong ‘sports’…but I’ll admit to being hesitant to try badminton manga. However, seeing as it’s one of the few sports I thoroughly enjoy I hoped for the best. It managed to capture the spirit and challenges of the game in a comical awe-inspiring fashion. Leaving me wondering just how do you keep a manga about badminton exciting? The answer seems to be hitting a shuttlecock into its container from 20m away! 8/10


Fans of yuri manga will instantly recognise the gorgeous artwork of Akihito Yoshitomi (of Blue Drop fame). Desiring the object you stare at, this is touching, and quite erotic considering the repeated references to eating objects *blush*…10/10

Gokujou Danshi to Kurashi Temasu

If you’re a girl so in love with a male character in your manga and you’re in danger of becoming an otaku with no real bf ever, wouldn’t it be good if your rich mother rents out a room to a guy who looks just like your favourite manga character? I loved the humour in this, about her body just moving so she has to kiss the sexy guy because he looks like Shun-sama. I like what he does to try and win her over with the flowers…9/10

Plus Ultra (Artbook)

I didn’t realize this was an artbook, I find something deeply disturbing and confusing about the men who often look like very masculine women, that almost, but not quite, ok to find them sexy feeling. Worth a look though out of curiosity or if you loved manga like From Eroika With Love…6/10

Momogumi Plus Senki

If you attract disaster like me you’ll identify with a character who has Disaster Attraction Physique…can’t say I fall out of windows and get rescued by pretty women though! Love the artwork for this fantasy adventure. I love masks so that was a bonus for me! Will he be able to defeat all the reincarnated demons?…10/10

Hanna of the Z

Well I found this amusing from the onset for the use of the insult ‘cowtits’, that and a girl having her head lopped off harmlessly because she has self healing powers. “Save the cheerleader save the world” anyone? Nothing like a comical superpower manga to make my day :) …9/10

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