Happy Happy Clover 1-20: Wonders if anyone else is watching this children’s show!

I know it’s about bunnies, and it’s aimed at children, but my inner child can’t resist something that promises fluffy wuffy cuteness it really can’t. Anyway, if it’s aimed at children that means I can justify watching it RAW to practice my Japanese listening skills! Yay! *Looks frustrated as has to get Realplayer to play the files*. Happy Happy Clover Website.

Favourite screenshots: (mainly of the squirrel and not the bunnies!)

Don’t tell a bunny her ears look strange, this made me laugh out loud.

Hirari – is she a flying squirrel, sugar glider or something else?!

Sooooooo cute!

1. Eee a flying squirrel. Based on a bunny called Chima and her little adventures. Going to school and meeting a new friend. I possibly shouldn’t be enjoying this as much as I am and grinning like a loon. lalala. KAWAIIII. Poor Meru, lost at night time! Bunnies with flower lanterns, I know that if this was about humans I would be bored…but somehow the presence of cute makes everything seem fantastic. Why is that? 2. Lesson to kids…never open a friend’s wardrobe you never know what will happen! Beware owls bearing gifts?

3. It’s sad seeing a bunny surrounded by chopped down tree stumps. Is that a sugar glider not a flying squirrel? I hope so, I want one! 4. It’s not so much the bunnies but the other animals they meet in the forest which I find so cute. I am reassuring myself it’s the stress of the break up leading me to watch this..and not the fact that I like to fantasize I am still about, erm, 8 years old, innocent and happy! This is just tooooo cute, bunnies trying to defeat a giant wolf…just as well this isn’t a horror, *has funny mental images*.

It’s not right to want a sweet girl-girl love moment between bunnies is it? Moving swiftly on…

5. Scary monster scaring the bunnies. How cute! Aaw, bunnies aren’t allowed to drown! 6. I love the faces of the bunnies when they are stressed. Meru is the main reason for me to watch this, cute ears.

7. I must have a flying squirrel! I MUST have a sugar glider. I want to ride a leaf down a hill. 8. Laughing out loud at RAPPING PIGEONS…this is just too much! Where is their bling? Pigeon bling! HAHAHA. Ho-Ho sensei – also finding this name funny. I’m a hoho you’re a hoho. Mole mining, looks more like an underground rollercoaster. The rapping pigeons sound like Rip Slyme to me?! HAHAHA.
9. Postbunnies in cute postal uniforms, aaaw and a giant bunny post box! 10. I really want bunny postboxes and not red ones now. :) The rapping pigeons are never going to fail to amuse me *hey brother yo*. I’m never going to look at pigeons the same again…or are they crows?

11. Animals shouldn’t be given school tests. 12. A bunny has a whinnie the pooh moment stuck in a tree!

13. Bunnies in thorns haha. A little bored with postbunnies now. Aaw, poor bandaged bunny! 14. It’s not easy to scare a squirrel! They think Hirari has run away! The squirrel looks so cute…

15. More scary monsters in the woods. Moles have hair cuts?! 16. It’s like Postman Pat, but with bunnies! Wet bunny and wet squirrel = so cute.

17. Apple pie, it has magical healing properties? I need some I feel a bit under the weather. 18. Yay a story about the squirrel! I wish it was a series about lots of squirrels and not bunnies *grr*.

19. Violent bunnies *tut tut*. 20. Bunnies covered in snow. Angry moles! OK, enough is enough I’ve hit saturation point and gone beyond that…please…no more bunnies. *Back to the adult world it is*.

I don’t know how many more episodes of this there is but I won’t be watching anymore. It was fun to have on in the background for the adorable level, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else unless they were a huge bunny fan or starting to learn Japanese! I do love it when the bunnies look shocked or confused though, so funny! There’s a lot better out there if you love cute, try Damekko Doubutsu, or Ebichu if you have a dirty sense of humour. :)

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  1. anime is sooooooo awsome my friends think its stupid but 1 girl who i call anime fan, likes it too and her friends say that its stupid too. shes in grade 8 im in grade 5. me and her always talk about anime when we see eachether in the hallway. anyways anime can be soo cute like this lol its so awsome my other friends love anime too.

  2. I am trying to get that anime, but it stopped to download in 97,2% …. ANNOYING!!!! I wanna watch this anime now!!! If someone already have this anime, I would like to get it too.
    Details can send to here: [email protected]

  3. Just bought the first manga yesterday, and already I’m addicted the diabetes-inducing sweetness<3 Thanks alot for posting the screenshots! I concur with Jusushi in that I would appreciate a link to somewhere where I could watch or download it. ^^;

  4. I want all of the anime and the manga!!!!!! mallow and clover are my favorite so far!^_^! Thanks for letting me post and sharing this article with us! Bye~Bye!^^!

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