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Shigurui: 1-11 violent, sexual and shocking.

1. Stylish, tense and extra violent. I love the contrast between light and dark, the traditional feel. The background music is superb. Pulling out your own intestines in a protest is surely a great opening to a story? I love the seriousness after the light-hearted anime I have been watching. The architecture is ominous, the music threatening, the facial close-ups are beautiful. I love historical anime, yay! I love anime when it feels like a moving work of art. Two wounded men fighting makes for fascinating watching. The anticipation and high pitched ringing of the swords is wonderful, unbearable! The historic flash back heightens the tension. A history of deforming members of another dojo just to send out a message of strength is so horrible! Ending on a cliff hanger, this already feels miles better than the other summer series I’ve watched so far. The end music is disappointing, too dull.

2. The cicadas are ear-splitting. I love how visual this is. The inner flashes of muscles beneath the clothes like ink brush strokes are pretty. The sound of splintering wood – the sound effects in this still impress me. Even the sexual images are pretty, and everything seems subtle and poetic. Slicing the bean on his forehead is a little weird. I’m not sure what to make of this, is every episode going to be a series of fight poses and blurred snap shots? I feel compelled to watch more though…

3. In a way I would like less arty bits and more inner dialogue from the minds of the characters, I want to know more about how they feel. The straining of the muscles and the sounds make it almost painful to watch, as if it’s hurting your muscles as well. What a lovely father, I don’t care if one of them is going to hurt my daughter I just want a strong grandson. I am so glad I am not Mie right now. The sexual scenes are becoming quite uncomfortable to watch, seeing blood isn’t exactly nice. Says a lot about the bond between the twin brothers though when they like to take a man each at the same time.

I love the image of the twins standing back to back, facing each of the warriors.

The flow grip is so hideous, the blood oozing out of his broken skull. The sexual scenes are almost as tense as the fighting! I certainly enjoyed this episode more than the last. I was beginning to worry the fights would lack oomph but the scene in the woods proved me wrong.

4. The use of song in this makes it more like a horror than a drama. Watching a girl having her head sliced in two is surprising!

I’m a bit lost now. There’s no need for animal cruelty, I happen to like cats. :'( Noone is going to slice things on any part of my body, at least the females in this have nipples drawn on.

5. Now it’s all RAW. :( I am going to be totally lost, but the soundtrack and artwork make it worth watching. I’m sure there are more surprises. Poor Fujiki, Irako is a monster, I hope he kills him…when we finally move past the back story and see the final fight. I love the cinematography, it feels so well thought out. I’m a little freaked out by the spiders and that man really loves his daughter. Yuk. He ripped off the tip of her nipple!! So happy that Kotonoha has translated some of the manga, I can’t wait to see how it compares. Only four chapters translated out of nine volumes; what a lot to look forward to. I hope that this series is continued to be subbed or blogged properly by someone who knows Japanese! *Pleads*. Irako killed his own mother? A bleeding snowman (I’m so lost). I seriously need to learn Japanese soon!

6. Women seem to get tied up an awful lot in 17th century Japan. I feel the same kind of fascination with this as I did with Akagi, it doesn’t matter what happens, just the style in which it is done which drives it forward, yet this is moody and scary, and Akagi was adrenaline pumping and elating. You can feel that back twisting, it’s so painful to watch! Fujiki and Irako face each other yet again! Is that a didgeridoo noise in the background? I don’t know enough about musical instruments. The fighting it like dancing or a weird mating ritual of poses, I love it. Mie put a steaming hot iron on his…balls? Jesus. Blue fire, red moonlight and dead cicadas; is this some kind of dream/test? Swallow nests remind me of my childhood… mine weren’t cut up though. This music is beautiful and building up while she thinks of her past! Aaaaargh, I need to know what they’re saying! At least now I know how Irako was blinded.
7. Is that a girl with a boy’s haircut kicking ass? No, a feminine looking boy, many new characters *looks confused*.

I’m glad they’ve included the muscle detail like on the manga covers, but left out the huge amount of blood that made it look cluttered. Fujiki can destroy a human face with a few fingers?

8. Afro Samurai could only ever dream of being this cool. Suzunosuke didn’t live long! I liked his character :( Irako on the bridge, only this time not to seduce a little girl but to fight! Self pleasuring by mouth?! You get the feeling he was mad about the boy from his mental pictures.

9. I’m confused and I don’t like seeing women emaciated and abused. :( Mie looks like a frightened wild animal. Totally lost now, enjoying the visual experience ^^; I should wait for subs but I’m too impatient for the pretty pictures. Who takes a sword with them INTO a bath?! So we get to see how Fujiki lost his arm.

10. I’m guessing that’s an evil grandson? The little bald guy is totally creepy. OK I reeeeeally need subs. This is not something I can enjoy watching raw because I need to understand the motivation behind the violence. It has been a more memorable experience so far than the other summer series I watched, but it’s a bit too depressing for me to watch it again.

11. Completely and utterly lost now – but I can’t wait to see the last episode!

The manga scans are worth a look for the artwork!

School Days.

1. To think I found this boring when I first started watching it! Forgettable character design and yawn worthy romance , I thought ‘maybe it’ll perk up’. Bring back the bishies *sobs*. The artwork is ugly, horrible eyes, poor background art. That’s right, push the girl up against the fence…kinky. Why is it, whenever they eat lunch in school anime, I get this insatiable craving for those little 99p sushi packs from Tesco, the ones with the little omelette on top, mmm, *Drool*. Well the love triangle might be interesting, maybe the girls will fight to the death, but it doesn’t seem like that kind of story, shame. (I was so wrong about that!)
2. I like Sekai she’s a bit messed up and evil. The sexual noises in the cinema made the scene funnier.
3. I’ve been dating for 5 years now, so the awkwardness of kissing and ‘how’ to be someone’s gf isn’t something I’m that excited about watching. They’re just so over the top about everything it’s silly.

4. I’ve not tried this way of seduction…let’s pretend to be kissing and touching…erm…ok. Way to go Sekai stealing another girl’s boyfriend, perhaps this isn’t the best of animes for me to be watching at the moment *dies*. :(

5. The bit with the blow up breasts was funny.

I’d rather see a relationship between Sekai and Setsuna than all this heterosexual stuff. I can sympathize with girls having little breasts; I think I’d feel silly if mine were huge though. They’d get in the way. I quite like some of the background piano music. Just dump your girlfriend and go and molest Sekai…or go and sleep with her without dumping your girlfriend first. Nice. It’s really not healthy for me to watch this right now. :S
6. It’s just practice?! Sure, practice on how to cheat on your gf. ARGH. I’d so stab them to death with the knitting needles. (In retrospect I would have loved that ending a lot more, would have loved to have seen his corpse with knitting needles and red wool strewn all over mixed with blood)
7. Block her number?! I know men are mostly too scared to make confrontations, but they need to grow some balls at some point in their lives. An anime about characters without enough will power or self respect or respect for others. Lovely. Sekai and Katsura need to realize that their man is rubbish and they should become lesbians and bonk each other, preferably in a threesome with Setsuna. JUST DUMP THE WOMAN FFS.

8. They could push him in front of a train to dispose of the problem… At least this episode is more light hearted.

9. Setsuna wants him as well? This is all a little too weird for me. I want to wear a giant animal costume and wander round London now. Finally someone knees him where it hurts. EUGH, being with another girl in the room next to your gf, he takes disgusting up to a whole new level, it’s a shame some people think with their genitals and not their heart.
10. I hope Katsura goes on a homicidal murdering spree, will make it worth watching, I read something about a knife in the last episode, yaaaay. What a mess, Makoto should have gone to a boys’ school. Poor Setsuna has got the evil man bug bad. Well this is a little more exciting now, I’m glad I stuck with it. Now that it’s not just two girls in love with one guy and there’s four of them it feels less personal.
11. Another girl? The opening music is becoming too bouncy for the depressing theme! Uh Oh Katsura has lost it, talking to the phone that can’t get through as if they never broke up. Love is dangerous and cruel. I wasn’t expecting pregnancy it just gets more surprising. “I believe in you, because I’m your girlfriend”.

12. I like how the girls get a fleeting glance of him with another girl on a train. Kissing your ex gf in front of your pregnant gf…that’s not a good idea. Serves her right though! I hope she drugged the drink. It’s not worth going to jail for someone else’s mistakes…but I bet that felt good! I can see why that wasn’t aired the day after a murder, quite graphic really. Katsura’s turn to go mental. So let that be a lesson to all the cheating men out there?

I’m not sure what to make of all that madness. I was expecting a soppy romance, and usual school routine with plenty of fan service, not escalating levels of cheating and hysterical women! My major issue with this is that because I found the women so weak willed, and the character designs so unattractive I found it difficult to care about their fate. They were all willing to be his bit on the side in the end, yet the two who cared about him the most were the first to reach for the knife when things didn’t go their way, a bit, weird. At least he didn’t get away with it! I can’t find one thing to love about Makoto. An intriguing reflection of the emotional idiocy of humanity. Memorable ending yet forgettable characters. One likeable character would have been a bonus (or some disheartened girls turning to lesbianism?)!
I’m enjoying listening to a few piano songs off the soundtrack (notably 36. ‘Distance’ is beautiful). I could only recommend this anime to people who love to watch characters they hate. Me? I prefer to have a few characters to fall in love with, so I won’t be watching this ever again.

Zombie Loan

1. Cute guys, I’m loving the cold colour scheme. Clumsy girl falling over gives me someone to identify with ^^; I like the fact that she sees supernatural beings when she takes off her glasses. Pulling a detached hand out of your pocket is pretty cool! Spying on people in graveyards is just asking for trouble. I love the eeriness mixed with a nervous girl, I think I’m going to enjoy this. We kill her…cue funky music? Oh this music is really cool and strong! *wants soundtrack*. ‘Eyes of the reaper’ sounds so cool. I wish the girl had different hair; she just looks a bit…messy. The background art isn’t wonderful. I LOVE the contrasting colours, and the end music rocks.

2. I presume this is going to be about being able to make your own fate and decide whether to live or die even if you have the mark of death? Love the cute chibis. Like the music when she discovers her friend is missing. The comedy inserts will keep this enjoyable. Hahaha – “The flesh of men is disgusting the flesh of women is better”. Yay she cut off the silly pig tails.

3. Yay the girl is showing strength of character. Yuuta’s bear ears are nice.

Cool I want to live in a creepy monastery, well, maybe not that one…it looks cold and dangerous. Whaaaaaaat? Random girl-on-girl evil kissing…suddenly liking this anime a lot more now. Whoa there, “What are you touching?”. *__* “Seems like she really likes you”. The angry sleeping lesbian vision was creepy.

4. The new guy seems kind of slimy, I don’t trust him. Those don’t look like normal rats…no, well…the hint is the glowing red eyes!! Rats are scared of Mozart…wait, hang on, what?! I should just get the clarinet out to scare away our mice then? Noooo, he squished a rat with his hand HE MUST DIE. I like how this is turning into a murder investigation and not just a straight forward threesome find monster, kill monster, end. The boys are fighting – it’s so cute!

5. Talking with your hands will never catch on. Female characters dressing up in costumes, well it’s certainly better than zombies. Putting…dead…bodies…in…art…galleries? Murder as art, I don’t think I’ll get a job in an art gallery if I suggest that one! Never turn your back on a corpse. I love Yomi I hope they use her more in the series. I knew that guy was slimy he’s blatantly the butterfly.

6. Floating homing knife, I don’t think they should try and add floating knives to a zombie series, too unbelievable. I think Shiba wants to do bad manly things to Chika. I love how there were three episodes for the butterfly theme and not one zombie per episode. It’s a nice twist that the zombies’ hearts harden until all their emotions fade away; it’s good when the ‘monsters’ are portrayed sensitively. No lesbian groping? *Sniffle.*

7. A holiday in creepy woods is going to end badly. Poor Yomi, wasting all her body on a straight girl, shame, but it makes a cute hot springs scene. Who keeps a ping pong paddle in their jacket?!

8. Looks genuinely freaked out by Shito’s creepy stalker/trainer, that’s taking male love a bit too far. A mad scientists is a bit cliche, but there had to be one high up working with the evils somewhere, he looks like a child!

9. Has Shito been kidnapped or is this an excuse for a Bishie chained to a bed scene? Beware the man with glowing pink fingers, that’s creepier than a zombie. Michiru makes me giggle, it’s all my fault, even global warming. Bless. I didn’t think I’d grow to like all the characters this much; I’m beginning to wish it was a 26 episode series now. Shito is immortal, awesome! A living corpse.

10. Aaaaaaaaaw the grim reaper is tiny and KAWAI. I wasn’t expecting that. He even makes silly squeaky noises, Michiru has the same reaction to it I would, hehe. Maybe I can get a graduate job with the ‘wheel of fate’ organisation ^^;

11. Nooo, this can’t finish, I’m just getting into it. The relationship between Shito and the golem is touching; shame the great and evil baddie was basically a big green blob with lots of hands.

The character highlights of this show were Yomi (lesbian tendencies), Yuuta (mad with funky clothes) and Shito (hot, enigmatic, immortal bishie) for me, I wish the series had been longer to focus on their relationships with other characters, there were plenty of things hinted at in episodes to have been carried into more episodes. I particularly liked how the adventures to kill monsters were spread over several episodes or humorous in some way, after the first episode I was expecting it to be overly violent and spookily atmospheric but that was dropped in favour of petty rivalry and chibi comedy snaps. I felt most frustrated with one of the action music snippets which would hint at something exciting then fade away into the background that could have given it the adrenaline pumping feeling it lacked. I wouldn’t re-watch this first series…but here’s hoping for a second! If only to see Michiru waving a stick around in mid air and huggling DEATH again. If not I’ll just have to console myself with some Zombie Loan manga.

*Death must get his core back*, surely the balance of life and death is out of whack now? They must have more conversations about life and death.
I want a death plushie that waves a scythe around and squeaks, “I’ll cut off your tongue”. Cuuuuuute!

Karas 4

When you anticipate an anime episode for over two years, when you play the introduction to the first episode of an anime ten times, when the music and exceptional art quality blows you away – you know you have found something special. I knew I would find something visually delicious here, not quite the adrenaline pumping fighting I was expecting, but I’m still psyched about the next two episodes. There is no way I’m going to try and explain what’s happening because I’m far more interested in what this anime looks like that actual plot.
Favourite screenshots:

I’ll resist watching episode 5 raw, too confusing without subtitles this one!

Nanatsuiro Drops

Well this animeblog seems to have magically fixed itself a week ago (thanks Animeblogger!) and I feel like waffling about cute things so…

1. There’s something ridiculously cute and wonderful about an angry soft toy! I’d like to turn people I know into soft toys so they can get high pitch voices and squeak while they bounce up and down *kawai*. Not overly enamoured by the art in general, but this is cute and fun enough to make me happy at the moment, I need some fantasy in my life today. It’s a good sign when the first episode makes me giggle the second time I watch it. Last time I watched the first episode I had flu! I want a talking soft toy to come flying through my window *pouts*. Sumomo’s voice is beginning to grate in my head though…ooo pretty sparkly lights next to the fountain! Aaw this is making me feel all warm and fuzzy! Yay!

2. Meh, not interested in the romantic element, bring back the cute soft toy! Yaaaay. Want to cosplay cute magical girl uniform *uwaaaaa*. That hat is ridiculous! That’s animal molestation, stop rubbing that sheep! hahaha. I like the little chibi bits. Oh no…bored by nostalgic friendship bit, pull yourself together girl! *slaps*, and a song, oh god, I can’t take anymore, aaaargh. Losing interest now ^^; Letter should have read, “Sorry can’t come round tonight, gone to a special party for uber cute talking sheep”. OMG it’s a girl friendship love moment *so cute* eeeeee!

This is too slow for me I need some sheep ninja violence.

3. Noone notices a sheep floating around on top of a magic book…hmm. A magical doorway, that magical book ruins an excuse for a perfectly needed explosion! A magical spoon just doesn’t have the same appeal to it as, say, giant carrots…the arch enemy is amusing though, what a snob. Really don’t like the eye art, and I’m all about the eyes, oh well. I want stockings with little pink hearts on, so cute. I like wishing on shooting stars, but I haven’t seen one for 8 years. Why do they draw hair so it appears to be behind the eyes, it really annoys me! Oh no, now it’s turned nauseatingly cute, yet somehow… the warm fuzzy wuzzy happy music and sparkly stars make it ok. Ooo, another enemy, fantastic. Yuuki Nona is the first character design I’ve actually liked, maybe it’s the long blue hair, or the strong blue eyes.

4. I’m still enjoying the OP music and finding the ED music dull. All themed around water drops…so no surprises at a swimming pool episode, here’s waiting for the beach episode :) Ooo, Yuuki’s gonna steal your man (sheep?!), what will you do! Yay for love triangles. So, it’s Aspalas and not something quirky like Asparagus, stop talking and fight over the drop you silly girls I’m getting bored. *yawn*. Ooo pretty artwork, like, finally, something I LIKE!

Is rapidly confirming the conclusion that this isn’t a very impressive anime…oh just drown already! That’s right, swim towards my crotch *dies*. I think I preferred Yuki in the cow costume; maybe this would have been better if he’d been turned into a little chinchilla or a squirrel, squizzles rock! “Puruvu Radi!”

5. As predicted…beach episode, woo! So soon? Was toying with dropping this, but oh, ok, I’ll stick around a bit longer…and was it worth it? Yes, for the embarrassed sheep watching girls bathing talking about breast size.

Chibi! Poor scared Yuuki. Got bored and my mind wandered off…

6. It’s on in the background while I do other things now, the problem with this is that I don’t like any of the characters’ design or personality enough to care about their relationships, so it’s a big fail for me. If this had focused on the magical rivalry and taken advantage of the soft toy sheep jokes I would have been more engaged. I mean, seriously, they’re gardening again! To top it off the magical bits have never been warm and fuzzy enough to move me, so, a big fail for Nanatsuiro.

7. Why am I still watching this, well I guess I’m too tipsy to move onto and concentrate on Shigurui, and I need something brainless to take my mind off recent events, so, ok, let’s see where this is going, I have a few hours to waste until I fall asleep. Sometimes I love how clueless and innocent guys are in anime. *note to self* turning up the volume during anime doesn’t make it easier to follow the Japanese when you’ve only studied beginners level. Must buy some big speakers I think these headphones are melting my brain. Argh they’re blowing whistles. Oh great, some ‘shoujo-ai undertones’ don’t torture me! Great a secret history! Something to reel me in and keep me watching…yay, forbidden love!

8. There’s something very masochistic about still watching this…they’re using mobile phones but where is the product placement ‘NOKIA’, ergh, I’ve been watching too many American movies recently. Ha, I’m sure his hand is really big *dies*. Don’t teach little girls to kiss sheep that’s just…wrong.

Maybe she should just tie Aspalas up with ropes, it’d be much easier. oh YAY it was worth watching for the magical bit in this episode. She can fly! I’ve always wanted to fly. :)

9. Why do cat ears and over enthusiasm make a guy more appealing? Some great music clips, frustrating they weren’t longer or developed. Well at least noone I love has turned into a lifeless stuffed animal *sniffle*.

10. Can I have a cute male-neko-servant for Christmas please? TIME TRAVEL?!?! Well at least I can’t accuse this of being predictable anymore. I want to go back in time and change things :( Argh.

11. He can’t forget their love…noooooooo. “I had this premonition, because everything has been going all too well, that perhaps it’s all just a dream…and that everything will disappear when I open my eyes”. ARGH. This is supposed to be cheering me up!

12. Noone notices girls flying on magic spoons. Hmm. This episode did make me cry a little…and they all live happily ever after. I certainly didn’t need to know Japanese to understand what was going on.

Well I won’t be getting the soundtrack, none of the Sumomo figurines I’ve seen look particularly cute, and I don’t think I’ll be revisiting this anime in the future. I’m glad I didn’t drop it at episode 6 for the magical flying in episode 8 and the fight/music in episode 9. I really wish they’d developed the memory erasing thing when people saw Sumomo catching star drops, and I would have loved it if there were one or two more magical girl characters completing for them. I would only recommended this to die hard fans of magical girl and romance anime.