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Anime Insider: 64 January

I hope they don’t waste a page writing about Stitch when there are so many better series out at the moment to write about, and I don’t want to read articles about Japanese recipes, that’s what cook books are for!

Yes. Gegege no Kitaro should get aired on TV, maybe it’s too expensive or just too weird for them?

I hope something does happen in Moribito, because I’m looking forward to it!!

Sekerei just reminds my why I lean away from anime with gravity defying lemon boobs.

Yay! Tytania gets a mention, in a tiny little box in the corner…

Afro Samurai seems more suited to a videogame release than an anime or manga. Stylish violence and revenge although I’d rather be playing Kung Fu Panda, cuteness wins over blood if something doesn’t display much depth!

The Vocaloid Figures I’ve seen are very cute, but after hearing the Engrish version of a Little Mermaid song it’s just not hot!

Anime to watch:

I loved the chaotic madness of Excel Saga so perhaps I will also enjoy Baccano.

So it has taken over 2 years, but looks like D.Gray-Man will be the next BIG THING for everyone in America to get obsessed over. I’m more interested in the hopefuls Monster and Nana.

Tweeny Witches seems to have slipped under my radar, but mention Studio 4C and suddenly I want to watch it.

One weekend I’m going to marathon lots of Aria, and end up feeling very chilled with an insuppressible desire to sail away in a little boat somewhere beautiful.

An Armored Trooper Votoms Film?! SQUEEEE! LaMB seems potentially exciting too.

More DVD releases to look forward to:


Hell Girl S1

Aria: The Natural


The Togainu No Chi preview appeals because of the setting in a broken city, however, the art could be better and I wasn’t left feeling very excited about the story.

Yay, the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service is almost up to 8 volumes, something to catch up on I know I’ll love, this had some of the best editing notes in the back I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.

How bad could a Tokyopop manga version of CSI be? I’m going to regret saying that aren’t I?

OOOOO I really want to read the Casshern SINS manga adaptation!!

Anime Insider: 63 December

Hamtaro is not the best big-eyed hamster! EBICHU IS! Clearly the Assistant Editor knows nothing. “Shaaaaa.

Evangelion the best figure? Pah! My Blame! Sana Kan is the best figure this year!

The T-Virus Antidote Resident Evil energy drink is red and shiny, I want one!

Anime to catch up on:

Black Lagoon – explodee action female shooting awesomeness = must see it all!

Galaxy Express 999 – need to see this classic space anime.

Ghost Slayers Ayashi – that Limited Edition DVD, manga, guidebook and artbox is really tempting. Also, really expensive!

Linebarrels of Iron – can’t remember what I didn’t like about the first episode apart from the scratchy blush marks which annoy me, maybe I’ll give this another look.

Moribito Guardian of the Spirit – about to watch this series, so I hope she really is the best heroine of 2008!

Mushishi – will the live action film have the same impact as the stand alone episodes?

Red Garden – I can forgive the singing moments for the bit when the girls see their real bodies lying in coffins. MARVELOUS. I have to know their fate. The big noses really didn’t bother me.

Simoun – must see this for the sci-fi action…not the fan service, clearly not the fan service…

The Wallflower – it made me giggle, I kept missing out episodes, wasn’t there a mad aunt who arrived in a helicopter or something, and lots of nosebleeds and goth-loli girls? *Gets bumped up the list of anime to buy*.

Welcome to the NHK – it made me aware of Hikikomori and I can still hear the purupurupurin song in my head!

Manga that must be read:

Blade of the Immortal – I bought the first 2 volumes, can’t believe it’s up to volume 20 now! I really want to read this, especially now I’ve seen a little of the anime and been disappointed with that adaptation.

Monster – I have about 35 episodes of anime to get through, and then no doubt I will be hungry for the manga.

Moyashimon – Thank you Del Rey, I need cute microbes in my life.