Himawari! #1 (I love series one!)

Series 2 of Himawari! (called Himawari!!) recently started airing in Japan, so I decided to check out some of the first series to get to know the characters. I found the characters so loveable and the story so delightful that I ended up watching the whole thing! It filled me with happiness and had me laughing out loud many times! I’d recommend it to anyone, as a comedy adventure with a cute romantic side. Great for anyone who likes teenage girls who kick ass! (However, this show is low on the fan service, which is refreshing, so if you are after that kind of show, look elsewhere.)
Himawari was a test-tube baby born to be a ninja, she goes to a ninja girls school where all the teachers possess ninja techniques…apart from the poor Hayato, a normal guy who came to the school to teach the girls about ‘normal’ things, as they have spent their entire life isolated at the school. There is a strong adventure element to this series, as the girls must learn how to master the techniques and philosophy to become a successful ninja. Himawari is the least knowledgeable and most clumsy, she watches her Ninja black and white TV show to obtain most of her ninja skills! Fortunately the story does not just focus on her (since her character design appeals to me the least!), we get to know the personality of the other 4 girls individually as well as episodes where they must work together. Stuck in the middle is ordinary Hayato, (he has a strange birthmark, something left unexplained) and after saving Himewari’s life, she wants him as her master! Hence the romantic element of the story, but the great thing is, their relationship is kept as a minor theme (and is cute and endearing rather than soppy and nauseating) and there are enough cute/comedy elements, and likeable minor characters to engage your interest.

I was going to summarize what happens in the 13 episodes, (only 6 have been subtitled in English, the others I had to translate French subtitles ^^;). However, I ended up taking so many screenshots of my favourite moments and cute characters. So I shall summarize it in individual episode posts, needless to say, I am very excited about the new series and where the plot is headed, and I’ll summarise those thoughts and hopes for the new series right at the end. I’m not going to summarixe every single little detail of what happened each episode ^^; just the main points and cute/funny things that made me smile.

#1 I’ll Protect My Master

Himawari is a test-tube baby on a plane that is crashing to the ground (kawai!).

She is rescued from the plane by an unnamed ninja with a strange birthmark on his neck.

That’s all we get of the back-story then it onto the present day, where Himawari is strungling to fly on her kite, the strings snap and she is at the mercy of the wind! Oh no! it’s very funny though *^_^*

Meanwhile the new teacher Hayato is dropped off quite a long way from the school in a taxi. The taxi driver won’t drive close to the school because he is scared of the place, this made me more interested! Hayato sees the girl falling in the sky and goes to help. She crashes high up in the gate of the school and Hayato climbs up to help her (cue panty shot, mainly a first episode thing to attract viewers ^^;;)

Himawari is lucky to be rescued.

Although it turns out there was a wheel mechanism to lower the gate into the ground and Hayato needn’t have bothered. Himawari is very grateful and obviously fancies him. She wants him to become her master! There are many girls at the Ninja school but these 4 are the ones who will be friends with Hamiwari from left to right: Shikimi, Yusura, Himeji and Azami:

At first you think they are nasty girls but they are really just wary and testing of strangers to the school. I love Yusura for being SO CUTE and reasons you will see later in the series. I also love Himeji because her answer to everything is violence, and she has a silly voice! it’s weird she reminds me a little of miss piggy from the muppets (maybe I’m just going mad?!).
This is the headmistress of the school Yotsugashira, she is a tiny woman carried on a plate by a weird robot.

Himawari is so excited it is SOOOO CUTE.

Hayato did not know he was going to teach at a ninja school he thought it was normal. He’s not encouraged either since the 4 girls tie him to a train track in the path of an oncoming train…it is up to Himawari to save him!

Hayato has had enough, and packs his bags and leaves! We have the first (of many) random appearances of Tsukiyo-hime, who can let people see visions in her miso soup (she must drink that stuff all day long! She’s always doing the same thing when she appears!)

Shouldn’t Hayato be helping Himawari, who is now being used as target practice by the over enthusiastic Himeji?

Hayato discovers that however he tries to leave the place, he can’t escape. We now meet the cute Kappa Yonesawa, who appears more in later episodes (he’s sooo adorable with his little cucumbers!).

One of the things I like about this series is the way Yusura compares the way people do things to random animals, she is lovely! Eeeeeeeyaaaaaaaa! (blogs don’t work so well without hearing the cute excited noises I am making in my head)

The 4 girls end up in a competition with Hayato to throw darts at Himawari (and miss ^^;) while she is attached to a board, however, Hayato aims dead straight out of habit, so Himawai must use one of her memorised techniques from her favourite ninja TV show to escape. It’s so funny when she leaves a log wearing her school uniform, and makes the 4 girls realize she has potential!

Poor Himawari in her underwear up a tree!

I guess my main issue with this series is the character design, I’m not keen on Himawari’s huge eyes and short hair, and the faces of the other girls could be…softer looking? It’s difficult to decribe. However, the storyline is so enjoyable that it makes up for it, and the OP ED music is excellent as well! Eee, I’m so glad I watched this show!

On a side note, I am really excited because new chapters of Freesia (manga) have been scanlated recently, and the check discs for She the Ultimate Weapon Vols 1-3 and the Another love Song OVA have arrived for me to review for Eyeonanime. Cool stuff to read and watch (makes more ‘Eee!’ noises and goes for breakfast). I might possibly morph into the happiest squirrel on the planet, and bounce around a lot. *^_^*

3 thoughts on “Himawari! #1 (I love series one!)

  1. I am so glad someone said something about this series! It was one of the good shows that got lost in the glut of excellent shows that came out in the Spring 2006 anime season. If Himawari! was released in a lesser quality season —like uhm right now?– it would have been a hit.

    Actually I take that back. Since we are going to have a second season of this wonderful show, it seems a lot of other people were watching it too.

    At first I counted Himawari! as one of my guilty pleasures from last year, along with Inukami and Demonbane, but it soon rose above those two just because of the cute factor. Except for Tenko, from another criminally neglected Spring 2006 anime called Kamisama Kazuko, Himawari was one of the cutest characters to come down the pike in a long time.

    Thanks for the post and the heads up on the next season of Himawari-chan and friends.

    In closing, I’d also make a suggestion about another Spring 2006 series that was seriously overlooked – The Gargoyle of the Yoshinaga’s. It too was only fansubbed in English up to its sixth episode, but it is just as good and silly as Himawari! in its own way.


  2. Psgels ~ I enjoyed the first episode of the second season, but I think I need to watch it again now I have seen the frist season to appreciate it more!

    RedMaigo ~ I liked the Gargoyle episode I saw, something about having a mad statue with the mentality of an evil guard dog appealed to me! I’ll check more of it out sometime.

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