Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight #1 Manabi is out of control (and needs a good talking to)

Cute but disappointing. Compared to Kotono (of Saint October) Manabi is quite irritating and scary. She jumps off bridges, has a pushy personality, is looney on her hover scooter, can’t swim very well and barges into a school and sings at them! Argh, shiny inspired eyes!

If you are a huge fan of cute chubby school girls doing mundane things then you might love this. It’s just not my cup of tea. I do appreciate the cute moments, but I prefer quiet characters such as Mei and the nervous Maki. If Manabi was real she would be teased, taunted and laughed out of the school, perhaps that’s a large part of why I can’t identify with this.
Cute pictures of the mad Manabi:

Yeah, get on the scooter, at your peril.

What is this strange thing I am wearing? It feels weird.

Manabi has been a bad, bad girl.

Manabi Powaaaaar.

Maki is much cuter, like a scared little kitten.

Maki is surprised when Manabi asks her to get down there and start licking on her scooter (underage yuri fanart is inevitable, and strangely disturbing).

It’s a shame her speech making abilities send even the teachers to sleep.

Mutsuki is just a horrible bully and looks like a boy, eugh.

Momoha likes to film things, feeds pigeons and makes weird noises.

Mei ignores most girls and seems moody.

It’s not until the ED that she gets the right idea that these girls all need a good spanking.

Never again in the history of claymation songs should they ever make loli schoolgirls wink *shudder*.

Aaw, cute.

Overall Enjoyment Level: 5/10

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