Afro Samurai #1 Rant + kill the pointless sidekick now

I watched the dub, and on reflection, I would have enjoyed it more with the sound turned off. I thought, with a famous cast they might bother to match the voice with the words to sound right but clearly not. They thought, I know let’s make it all art and no substance, just add a load of ‘cool’ things together that usually work and people will love it.

You have a back-story right at the beginning, before you’ve been given a chance to get to know and sympathise with the characters. So his father dies in front of him. Great. He grows up to be a character with magic hair (that never gets ripped off his head with all those weapons flying around), wearing a magic bandana, the ribbons of which must be magical (or have wire in them) as they fail to obey the laws of gravity and flail in the air all the time. If that isn’t bad enough he hardly talks and all we get is gratuitious violence, it’s very pretty, but why should I care? He leaves battle with a lame line. “It’s not personal it’s revenge”. Your revenge IS personal! Dumbass.

Having an amazingly cool hip hop background music only works if you use it to generate emotion in the audience in a cool way, this just made me laugh. Don’t get me wrong, this does have fantastic fight scenes and gore to die for (literally), but a guy who can cut bullets in half with his sword (?!), and yet he DOESN’T KILL THE MOST ANNOYING SIDEKICK KNOWN TO MAN. There is no possibility that Afro can be cool if this weed (he’s even got a stupid name ‘ninja ninja’) keeps following him around and talking incessant crap. I was happy when Afro told him to shut up.

I’m annoyed and disappointed. I was really hoping this was going to be cool, but it’s all style and no substance, even the women aren’t pretty, we’re given a really wiggly bottom and all I could think of is lol that’s soooo shiny! So this is going to be guy who can obviously kick ass, kicking the ass of baddies 6-1 of the evil cult? If he wants to hate anyone he should hate his father for being involved and trying to become number one in the first place…and he should stop smoking (eugh).

The first thing I’d do (which proves how stupid the evil guys are) is get him by the hair and cut off his wrists, because seriously, he’s goona get it trapped in a door and meet his end…you know what they said about capes in ‘The Incredibles’? Well I recon it’s the same with the Afro… no wait, the first thing I’d do, is shoot the sidekick, Afro might be so happy he’d spare my life.
Just because this has flashes of cyberpunk elements such as weird creatures using technology and a robotic hand, doesn’t mean it makes it good, if it’s not relevant to the story it just looks like they’re trying to please the matrix fans. This is utterly predictable. I might have liked it more if Afro had some cool lines, if Okiku was actually pretty and helped him, and if he didn’t drink lemonade out of a straw that he carries in his pocket?!?!? That’s not cool man, that’s so shallow.

I’d rather see what happens with Tokyo Tribes which looks like it has far superior potential, and the art in that isn’t half bad either so it’s a win-win for me.

Here are the arty pictures that made me happy, completely wasted on this. Beautiful.

Damn. It’s gonna take me ages to brush those knots out.


Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny *_*


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Oh NOW you’re really taking the piss.

He’ll be fine…his Afro is INVINCIBLE. Maybe it inflates into an airbag…

Overall Enjoyment Level: 8/10

4 thoughts on “Afro Samurai #1 Rant + kill the pointless sidekick now

  1. I just watched this “Afro Samurai” for the first time tonight… You hit the nail on the head when you made the comment, `they put together a popular cast and some good art’.
    That’s it though!! There is no real content! Mindless dribble and an excuse for Jackson to sound cool swearing! They launched this excuse for entertainment off of the back of UFC to gain some momentum! Really??? Who wants to watch a crappy cartoon after the real thing! I’m calling this Mr. Jackson’s desperate grasp for a career! He has clearly proven he cannot pick a movie script, ie: Snakes on a Plane. My overall rating of the show…. 7/10 just for the art work… 4/10 for content , story line and voice over.
    Your thoughts?

  2. Crayotic – Yes, I thought people would think the rating was high for a rant, but I did find the stylish fighting/artwork incredibly pretty, so I really enjoyed watching it, but at the back of my mind there were all these little issues driving me crazy. If this had average artwork it would probably have got 4/10, and a slap for the Ninja Ninja character!

    Shazam – I guess people will want to see Afro after the ‘real thing’ if they secretly wish human beings could survive bazooka attacks, and cut bullets in half! I wonder how much of the anime Jackson had seen when he joined as a voice actor. I mean, I would have been really impressed with the fight scenes, but maybe they didn’t tell him the gist of the rest of the ‘plot’. I never saw Snakes on a Plane, I;m not afraid of them, and I didn’t want to see a film that might generate a phobia ^^; I’m just wondering how he’s going to act like afro samurai in a film, dark and moody, he’s going to look pretty silly with those ribbons flying in the air (they look good in a cartoon, not so sure about the character transition onto the big screen), and I loved the artwork so much I gave it a high rating, but without that it would have been a 4/10 for me too! I hope episode 2 is better!

  3. I hope all these comments are reposted after the final eps. I enjoyed this alot, the art the music everything. ya the story is the same old revenge storyline but some times i just want to see some good ol high quality ass kicking action and yes alot of stuff he does is not possable to do in real life but for me thats what i want to see in anime, stuff that you aint gonna see in a real life film. After watching samurai champloo (Another good anime) i realy enjoyed a right to the point anime like this no filler eps to be seen and on a side note ya ninja is anoying but could you imagine how quiet it would be without him.Allmost forgot the backround music in the Geno,Afrodroid (Man the names could have used some work) and closing scene of final eps fits perfect to me.I would hate to see people not give this anime a try they would be missing out

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