‘Missing 06’ the anime that wasn’t fansubbed in english from worst to best #17-10, Kinnikuman, Jinzo Konchu Kabuto Bora VxV, Yu-Gi-Oh, Ryusei no Rockman, Bakkyuu HIT!, Bakegyamon, Gin-iro no Olynssis and Spider Riders.

~EDIT: these are the unsubbed TV series, not including films or OVAs~

If any of this is wrong and some of these series were subtitled (in English) then let me know! It’s only a rough estimation of quite how wonderful/diabolical I feel these series were from what I can gather from anime websites, bloggers who blog about raws (or chinese subs) and the odd tit bits on youtube. This spans beginning of January to the end of October 2006, as Nov/Dec is too soon to tell if things haven’t been subbed! :)

There are 17 series unsubbed by my reconing (blame Animenewsnetwork if i’ve missed any series!), so starting at the bottom…
17. Kinnikuman Nisei – Ultimate Muscle 2 (EDIT: being subbed)

Hopefully the fact that I placed this even below Yu-Gi-Argh displays my distaste towards the artwork/plot. Wrestlers in outer space? A main character with a face closely resembling the backside of a small furry animal…um, no thanks!

16. Jinzo Konchu Kabuto Borg VxV

When faced with a bunch of anime which look like the classic, young-boy-develops-character-by-kicking-ass,-with-dire-artwork, I resort to looking at character art work. There were no girls on the character page, and no mentions in any blog so this got shunted to the bottom of the pile! One to avoid like the plague perhaps…moving swiftly on…

15. Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters (EDIT: being subbed)
Words cannot describe…just imagine the facial expression as I say, “Aaaaaaaaaargh”.

14. Ryusei no Rockman

The character design looks more attractive on this one, but still…it looks baaaaad.

13. Bakkyuu HIT! Crash Bedaman

The character design looks a little better here! There’s lots of guns… it might be mildy entertaining, but silly:

12. Bakegyamon

Here’s a review of episode 1 of Bakegyamon by Cinnamon Ass. The demented clown/sunflower ‘thing’ is rather bizarre, but I quite liked the female character design, cute!

The Bakegyamon opening theme is here.

11. Gin-iro no Olynssis (update 24/1/07 – subbed by Shinsen-Subs.)

I watched a random raw episode of Gin-iro no Olynssis and it seemed a fairly average sci-fi/fantasy romance drama. The artwork wasn’t very inspiring, a bit clumsy, and the people shooting weapons at a hologram in the sky, well…it didn’t exactly make me rush and watch more of the series raw. however, if you are interested in finding out more about this series, TL-Chan has blogged about it here. There opening theme is here.

10. Spider Riders

We’re now entering the anime where I quite like the artwork, Spider Riders has a simple and clear character design, and some of the screenshots I saw were quite pretty. TL-Chan has blogged about this series here. It’s also fun to watch the transformation video on youtube, giggle, and shout ‘Arachnopoweeeeer!’ to make your family stare at you and look concerned… lalalaaaaa.

More of the unsubbed anime countdown tomorrow! (It does get better I promise!) Any guesses for the top 2 unsubbed animes (bearing in mind I’m a sucker for weird comedy and attractive historical anime)? I can’t offer a prize other than your ability to feel very chuffed with yourself for getting it right and treating yourself to an extra mince pie! ;)

Oh, and…”Happy Christmas Everyone!”

8 thoughts on “‘Missing 06’ the anime that wasn’t fansubbed in english from worst to best #17-10, Kinnikuman, Jinzo Konchu Kabuto Bora VxV, Yu-Gi-Oh, Ryusei no Rockman, Bakkyuu HIT!, Bakegyamon, Gin-iro no Olynssis and Spider Riders.

  1. You really don’t like typical shounen series, do you? I guess Koisuru Tenshi Angelique isn’t in the top two, but I can’t think of what else didn’t get subbed this year. My brain has flown out the window.

  2. Kinnukuman Nisei actually came out subbed a couple of days ago. I only lasted five minutes before the pain made me quit watching. God… that was bad.

    Anyway, nice list. I like. Looking forward to the second part. :)

  3. Gin-iro no Olynssis and Spider Riders need more love! Either that or I have really screwed-up taste. It’s probably a little of both. I didn’t even watch the rest of those weird ones.

  4. Oh, what an interesting post! I tend to forget about not subbed shows very easily – I have the impression (or prejudice) that most good shows are also subbed. I’d be glad to see the second part anytime soon ^^

    If I’m not mistaken, Kinnikuman is an endless and popular Jump manga. I wonder what’s so good about it.

    The character design of the girl at the left from Bakegyamon looks cute!

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