Blog Rename, Rethink, Revamp, Re-‘everything’

I never liked the name Hazel:Animenut, it was only meant to be temporary but it kinda just stuck. So it’s now ‘Anime Infatuation’ for the foreseeable future.

I’m finally on my Christmas break, after handing in an essay on Japanese Art a tad late this morning…woo! *^_^*
So I shall be trying to catch up with my backlog, which is looking rather huge *eek*. Over the next couple of weeks I shall be reading and reviewing some academic books on anime/manga, as it’s time for me to think about my University 3rd year Independent Study Project and Extended Essay – both of which I’m writing on anime/manga art. Still undecided what to write about, hesitantly said one will be on science fiction the other on historical anime. Although I’d quite like to write about something fun/closer to my heart like yuri/horror or a favourite artist such as Tsutomu Nihei. It depends on finding academic literature to justify writing about ‘stuff’. Literatures in English that is, damn my lame grasp of Japanese.

Meanwhile I shall be writing about:

Anime 2006: the anime that got away, anime that was not subbed/ torrented raw, and in other cases not torrented at all…not the ‘adult’ anime though…are there adult anime fansubs?! I’m not aware of any! *LOL*
Pick of Anime 2006:10 faves

Manga Most Wanted Jan 07

SFX Anime Special review

Maybe a look ahead at winter anime season if I feel inclined, but previously I’ve wanted anime series to be a pleasant surprise (or horrid, aaargh what is this?! for anime such as lovedol). If I approach all episode ones with ‘I expect nothing, or I expect the worst’ I’m happier :)

I should sort out a picture for the top of my blog, it’s my new years resolution to sketch more so it might end up being a row of Mokkun pictures (kawai!). :P

…and the usual anime, manga reviews.

I’m seriously considering watching anime raw instead of subtitled if it’s ‘easy watching’ like la corda d’oro, not anime like bakumatsu…that would be totally confusing?

For ongoing manga/anime reviews, news and articles from the UK see:

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