New Manga: May 2008

(Image – Dance In The Vampire Bund)

The list only covers new series: (GREEN = most anticipated releases)

A Love Song For The Miserable – Digital Manga Publishing

A Promise Of Romance – Digital Manga Publishing

A Strange And Mystifying Story – Digital Manga Publishing

Amazing Agent Luna Omnibus – Gomanga

Better Than A Dream – Digital Manga Publishing

B.O.D.Y. – VIZ Media

Chronicles Of The Grim Peddler – Udon Korean Manhwa

Dance In The Vampire Bund – Gomanga

Dark Edge Set Vols 1-6 – DGN

Dororo – Vertical

Endless Rain – Digital Manga Publishing

Fairy Cube – VIZ Media

Foxy Lady – Tokyopop

Gorgeous Life Of Strawberry – Anime Works

Happiness Recommended – Digital Manga Publishing

Haridama Magic Cram School – Del Rey

Heavenshield – Tokyopop

Kannazuki No Miko: Destiny Of Shrine Maiden – Tokyopop

Kiichi And The Magic Books – CMX MANGA

Love For Dessert – Luv Luv Press

Loving Gaze – Digital Manga Publishing

Magic Lover’s Tower – DrMaster

Otogi Matsuri – Central Park Media

Red – Digital Manga Publishing

S – Digital Manga Publishing

Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro – Yen Press

Tea For Two – Blu

The Devil’s Secret – 801 Media

The Record Of A Fallen Vampire – VIZ Media

The Reformed – Del Rey

Toto! The Wonderful Adventure – Del Rey

White Night Melody – Tokyopop

You’re So Cool – Yen Press

Other manga/anime related books:

Creating CG Manga With Manga Studio: A Beginner’s Guide – DH Publishing

Krazy!: The Delirious World of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art – Douglas & Mcintyre Ltd

Thoughts on releases…

Feeling hopelessly romantic? Nostalgic for school day crushes? Try romance manga, B.O.D.Y. Can’t find out anything about Love For Dessert other than it’s a romance too! If, however, your lovers usually turn out to be disappointments then look at You’re So Cool. There’s some female secret agent action mixed with high school romance in Amazing Agent Luna Omnibus, and a fox-girl in Foxy-Lady dreams of becoming human once she is united to an heir to a shrine. It reminded me of the wolf-girl in Spice and Wolf.

One of the manga I am most excited about is Dance In The Vampire Bund, I love the idea of a special district were only vampires live, plus, I have a weak spot for anything vampire! It’s got to be better than Black Blood Brothers which I’m mildly embarrassed to say I watched right to the disappointing conclusion *goes into ‘excited about vampires’ mode*. We’re spoilt for vampire manga this month with the arrival of The Record Of A Fallen Vampire as well! Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro is also vampire themed, but seems more of a light-hearted fairy tale for teens than the kind of dark horror I love. I’m not sure if the Dark Edge Set release is real – I’m hoping it is, as you can’t go wrong with a good dose of zombie action/comedy. The Reformed seems promising, an immortal man wants to become mortal after he falls in love with a woman, sounds more rewarding than his “eternity of loneliness, filled with the blood of innocent victims“. Otogi Matsuri contains characters with guardian demons that destroy monsters…sounds potentially cool!

If spiritual, magical, fantasy worlds are more appealing than vampires, try Fairy Cube. More fantasy romance from DrMaster in Magic Lover’s Tower, will Roxanne win her true love’s kiss? Gorgeous Life of Strawberry is a comedy about a frog and its master, other than that I have no idea! Anime Works doesn’t appear to have a website? Does it even exist?! Haridama Magic Cram School is ‘supernatural’…and that’s all I could find out! Kiichi and The Magic Books is a fantasy about a demon traveling with a “Library Man”, trying to find out where he came from, with many fantasy adventures along the way.

I started to read the plot synopsis for Dororo… it seemed so familiar…then I got to the part about the child being rescued from a river and I remembered the powerful scene from the live action film of the same name (which is well worth watching) which makes this my most highly anticipated manga this month! I can’t wait to see how it compares! Prosthetic body parts with hidden weapons make this an exciting action fantasy on the big screen, I wonder how that action looks on the page? It’s a shame Tezuka never finished the story.

I was confused what Chronicles of The Grim Peddler was about, then discovered it was the same as the scanlation The Baby Merchant’s Story which I enthused about last month because the artwork seemed dark and unique – I can’t wait to read more!

Heavenshield certainly looks appealing with a girl holding a gun on the cover, boasting a ‘saucy racer girl’ in a post-meteor age, I’m hoping for lots of sexy sci-fi action! After looking at the online preview it seems to be less babes and sci-fi backgrounds and more of a range of characters – which is a shame considering my fetish for girls with guns. Kannazuki no Miko, what can I say… lesbians and giant robots!! It doesn’t get much better than that, although I was a little disappointed with the anime, so I imagine there are other manga which provide greater satisfaction story wise this month. Toto is supposed to be an adventure story, but I don’t know much beyond that.

If you love Yaoi, then you’ll want to check out, A Love Song For The Miserable, A Promise Of Romance, A Strange And Mystifying Story, Better Than A Dream, Endless Rain, Happiness Recommended, Loving Gaze, Red, S, Tea for Two, and The Devil’s Secret.

I’m attempting to learn how to use Manga Studio on my laptop at the moment, so the Creating CG Manga With Manga Studio: A Beginner’s Guide is perfect timing for me, and great motivation for anyone else who’s been procrastinating over drawing!

Krazy!: The Delirious World of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art boasts that it will highlight the greatest works of each genre…so I’m intrigued to see what’s in the anime and manga sections!