Anime Megablog backlog: Aria, Bamboo Blade, Bamboo Blade, Genshiken, Gundam 00, Kaiji, Koharu Biyori, Minami-ke, Mokke, Moyashimon, Prism Ark, Shugo Chara, Sketchbook ~full Color’S~…and lots more!

I came across the Mukoh Hadan – Sword of the Stranger Trailer recently. I’ve read some positive reviews (Star Crossed Anime Blog/Atarashii Prelude) and since I love historical violence, I think I’ll check it out.

Yaoi manga has come to life? Yaoi fan girls can get excited about seeing their manga coming to life in the movie Ai no Kotodama (trailer). Bishies…touching each other *cringe – I can hear fangirl squeaking*. Now all they need is a yuri version and I’m happy. :)

Aria the OVA ~Arietta~ 1: There has always been something about Aria which induces high pitched squeaky noises of happiness in my brain. I don’t just want to watch this anime, I want to be there! 8/10

Bamboo Blade 1-10: As it’s a sport about 5 girls I’m more likely to enjoy this than some of the macho sports anime I’ve come across. I love Tamaki’s piercing purple eyes.

It’s funny with a good range of characters, the little touches make this seem more human, like the greed for a years worth of free sushi, and poor Dan desperate to wave a stick around. The next episode preview is like a scary hurricane! 10/10 I want to be an ally of justice and see a girl beat a mature man, made me laugh out loud! I love how easily the Sensei is beaten! Poor thing, he needs some sushi! This is quickly overtaking my enjoyment of Mokke and Sketchbook because Tama is such a likeable mysterious character and hey, girls hitting things with sticks = win win! 3. It’s so funny when he smashes the trophy trying to hit a bug, and Miya Miya’s two sided personality is great. I want to see a girl beat a guy again! Ok, I’m actually a bit scared of Miya Miya now!

4. I like Saya’s impatience, she’s unpredictable! “Hitting people is so much fun!” Haha. I thought Tama would be the only character to get me excited about watching this show, but because all the girls have depth I’m enjoying it more! I love Miya Miya’s wildness. 5. I feel sorry for the other team, and I wonder who the secret 5th member will be? Pity any girl who goes up against Tama! 6. Eeeeyaaaaa that was so cool! I love seeing Tama in action! I hope she thrashes the leader of the other school, hehe. I’m enjoying this as much as Kaiji now for the adrenaline rush, YAY. 7. So glad this is a 26 episode series! I love how Tama has fangirls, kawaiiiii. I was gutted they stopped fighting after the Jodan, that was such a rush, I want to know about Tama’s mother now! 8. “Your feet are too short to reach the pedals.” KAWAII! I love that Tama thinks she will go to jail for not using a till properly. Bless.

I want one of the cute things…and to hit things with sticks, I feel the URGE. 9. didn’t enjoy this as much the supermarket episode was a bit OTT. 10. Arrrgh I want to know why Reimi is mad, I want a glowing black aura…can they pleeease hurry up and introduce number FIVE! 11/10 (I wrote this blog a while ago…so now I have loads of Bamboo Blade to watch I’m so excited!)

Blue Drop 1-5: I adore the magical moment the girls set eyes on each other for the first time. I was finding this quite slow to start off with but it picks up once she meets new characters in the girls school. I Love the glowing blue eyes. 9/10 This was my most anticipated series and I feel disappointed because it doesn’t provide the adrenaline rush or girl love I was half expecting. It moves too slowly, nevertheless I’m still really excited to see what happens next, bigger battles I hope. I find the ease of acceptance that a classmate is an alien a little unbelievable, for a 13 episode series I’m not sure where this is going? I wish Bamboo Blade was mixed with battleships under the sea; I’d like to see girls in spacesuits hitting people with sticks! 9/10

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Second OAV 1: Watching this raw because the sub torrents didn’t load. I loved an episode I saw from the original series screen at London Anime Club. It’s nice to see mindless violence. ?/10

Clannad (7): watched one episode with a friend, so I’m not entirely sure what was going on, but Dangos and Starfish rule? 5/10

Da Capa II, 1: A dull school romance about flirting. Girls are quite cute, especially Suginami. It’s a cruel guy that accepts a girl’s love when he doesn’t even know if he likes her! 2/10

Dragonaut – The Resonance 1-10:

Toa (reason enough to watch this show):

Has the potential to be an enjoyable sci-fi. Enjoyable back-story and I love the character design of Toa, very cute. 8/10 Wow, this is providing the adrenaline violence rush I hoped for in Blue Drop! I’m officially in love with Tao, I’d love to cosplay her cute clothes *starry eyes* I want to transform into a dragon. 3. I feel so involved in this, it’s up there on the Kaiji enjoyment level now = GODLY. Why was Gio born to protect Tao, what will happen to Jin next? It’s the early hours of the morning and I’m upset I have to sleep before I watch more! 4. It’s so romantic he can hear her singing from the moon, enjoyable action! 5. I want to know what’s so special about not having to use resonance; Jin and Gio are such great characters. The soundtrack is enjoyable, I am looking forward to hearing it when it is released. 6. SO exciting! Characters reuniting is so good *sigh*. 7. Suddenly bikinis, and the feeling goes all heart-warming…next episode big fighting I presume?! I love Widow. 8. Poor Toa, I wasn’t expecting that revelation but hey, I’m sure love will overcome, you can’t bring back the dead. 9. Flying around saving Toa again…well there’s a surprise. The teeth on the enemy are scary @[email protected]; . 10. I don’t want them to hurt Toa, I don’t want Gio to die, they should all fly away somewhere and live happily ever after. If you’re wondering why it makes you think of Kurau Phantom Memory they have the same Art Director. 11/10 (I watched a lot more of this, up to about episode 20 or so, unfortunately found it dragged its heels in as far as the storyline was concerned and it just didn’t grip me enough - which is a real shame because I was so excited about this series.)

Ef – a tale of memories 1: WOW, pretentious…and seriously Emo. 1/10

Genshiken 2, 1-9: FINALLY, I have waited 3 years for this, woo! Making a doujinshi, maybe they’ve been watching Doujin Work too. Love the soundtrack. 9/10 I’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes after the manga arc. I did giggle at the guys getting turned on by a guy in a girl’s school uniform crawling under a table in front of them!4. HAHA, I love a girl making a guy play an ero game in front of her, he goes bright red, hehe. So that episode turned out a little dodgy!! 5. Um, ok, I wonder how many guys found that episode uncomfortable to watch? Very funny though, the yaoi fangirl imagination, it’s a scary place. 7. Oono is scary with red eyes, I want to be in her cosplay club! 8. Aaw it’s nice to see the ultimate geek saving the day and catching a thief…another guy in girl cosplay? I sense a theme. 9. “I Prefer 2D”…three little words I NEVER want to hear @[email protected] ! This is so much more enjoyable after the manga beginning. YAY! 10/10

Ghost Hound 1-7: I’m intrigued by the narcolepsy and the dreams that are like an out of body experience. 8/10 I don’t really feel excited about it, feels like reading a mystery book rather than watching something which unravels visually? They’re dragging out the abandoned hospital too much for my liking. More impressed by the group out of body experience in episode 4. I can’t take the see through baby things seriously though; it doesn’t have a sense of direction? I like it artistically but I’d rather watch Mokke for my spirit anime fix. the guitar playing seems pointless and annoying. 7. By now I feel like I’m in a random neuroscience lecture, I’m not impressed. 5/10

Goshusho-sama Ninomiya-kun 1: my solution to her fear is for her to date women instead and turn this hetero fanservice comedy into a shoujo ai *pouts*. 5/10

Gundam 00, 1-9: *Drools*. I never thought I’d be this excited about mecha. Love the end music Wana by ‘The Back Horn’ (the single has 4 great tracks on!). 11/10 It is the presence of the character Ensign that intrigues me the most, I wonder what threat she will pose to the Gundams if at all. I like stories about war, and I wonder how long until Gundam start to feel threatened. How do huge robots combat terrorism, I mean they can’t destroy every weapon/bomb on the Earth can they, their role seems a bit flawed but I guess that’s the point…still I find this immensely enjoyable overall, although I don’t get the same adrenaline rush as I do from Kaiji. The OP L’arc~en~Ciel single has 2 fantastic tracks on. I’m more excited by episode 9, because I was waiting for an attack on their space transport, I like it when anime ends on a cliff-hanger, can’t wait to see how the Gundams cope in episode 10. 9/10 (this is another series I can now catch up on, another thing to get excited about, giant mecha YAY)

Jyushin Enbu – Hero Tales 1: This is a bit too much little boys with swords for me, don’t like the art. I would like a tattoo that glows! 2/10

Kaiji 1-9: I loved Akagi, especially the unusual artwork, so it’s great to see it again in another suspenseful adventure about gambling…but rock paper scissors to pay of millions of yen of debt, seriously?!! This oozes tense atmosphere, you can’t help hoping that he clears his debts and wondering what creepy things will happen to the losers. 11/10 Yes, this is just as much of an exploration of psychological gambling as Akagi! I love the combination of stars, cards and money. The sharks picking off the weak first, the weak having psychological breakdowns and teaming up to find a way to get their own back…what will happen to the losers?! What strategy will they use? It leaves you on tenterhooks. I love the visual metaphors and the satisfying feeling of revenge. Manipulating the system is great – but what if someone else has the same idea and rains on your parade? By the fourth episode I am still gripped by this. I love it more than Akagi because the setting isn’t so claustrophobic. The ship gives it the space to feel like you are on the playing board, and the game becomes more personal. Trust, backstabbing, cheating, shuffling cards all driven by the tense soundtrack, this is one fansub I’ll be getting really excited about, thanks Triad! 9. I was over the moon when he saves the pitiful guy who was cheated. the expensive rings were a nice twist. 11/10 (Now the third series in my backlog to watch, I think I am most excited about seeing the rest of this, I know it’ll keep me on the edge of my seat!)

Kimikiss Pure Rouge 1: I’m finding this really dull, I guess school slice of life stories aren’t really my thing, the character designs are cute though especially Eriko. 4/10

Kodomo no Jikan 1: little girls shouldn’t suck their teacher’s finger…soooooo wrong. This is too Loli for me, eugh. 4/10

Koharu Biyori OAV 1: The opening is stupidly cute, if it involves maids as well I know I’ll love this. So pervy and cute this is a win win anime! So many costumes in one episode, WOW. Found the baby bit a little weird! 9/10 (I do hope more of this gets fansubbed!)

Kyou Kara Maou 1: get the feeling this is for girls who like imagining boy bishies getting it on…was rather disturbed by the bathing with sheep scene! 3/10

Lupin III: Elusiveness in the Fog (Special): You know it’s a cool adventure when the saxophones kick in, hahaha. It all goes downhill from there, time travel, mad scientists *yawns*. Couldn’t actually stand to watch all of this, had to drop and delete it. -1/10

Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro 1:Drugs and death in a kitchen, if the artwork wasn’t so ugly to me I might enjoy this. Disappointing mystery. 3/10

Maple Story 1: Random fantasy with cute animal type creatures in a forest that floats in the sky. It doesn’t work for me, but it’s not bad. 5/10

Minami-ke 1-9: I love Kana and the way she is animated, she reminds me of myself! Funny when she tries to kiss her sister and spins on the table. Kawai. 10/10 I like the bubblegum godly technique in episode 8, but for the most part I find this easy to watch, forgettable stuff, it doesn’t have the charm of Mokke or Sketchbook. Aaw, I want someone to paint all the crows white for me! It has suddenly picked up on episode 8 so I will stick with it. 8/10

Miyori no Mori (TV Special): Really slow girl/forest/magical creatures family film. Personally I feel you’re better off watching Yobi The Five-Tailed Fox/Pom Pokko. Didn’t enjoy it, fast forwarded to have a look at some pretty animation sequences. I don’t have the patience for this I’d rather read the manga! 0/10

Mokke 1-8: This has a warm, soft charming feel to it, from the lovely soundtrack to countryside setting. Magical with a Ghibli crossed with Mushishi feel. Enjoying the warm feeling in my heart. :) 10/10 I’d like to have an Izuna if it looks like the sketch in the drawing.

This is still giving me a feel good feeling and the soundtrack really makes it magical. Feels a bit like Kamichu mixed with Mushishi. I love Mizuki and the variety of things that happen to her! This works for me because beneath the innocence there is something dark magical and foreboding.

The xylophone music in episode 6 is so beautiful and creepy! I was worried this would be a ghost/demon of the week thing, but touches like the mother being angry at the grandfather that her children are learning about luck and ghosts gives it more depth. 10/10

Moonlight Mile 2nd: Hasn’t been subbed, because it’s licensed? **Makes whimpering noises**. I downloaded episode 5 raw and the fantastic soundtrack and violent visuals intrigued me. ?/10 (Since I wrote this the first couple of episodes have been subbed, time to take a look!)

Moyashimon 1-6: Kawai things in the opening, I hope they have plushy versions, the music isn’t bad either! No poo can stand up to me! This is delightful and fun to watch, how mad the agricultural school seems to be. Sucking things through the anus of a bird…don’t watch this if you feel sick easily! Wow, I want to be able to see microbes too! They are so adorable. the end music and video are fun. YAY Polysics. 11/10 A few more episodes in and I’m still enjoying it. How will the ability to see bacteria/fungi be used in the story? I love the bit where the girl sprays the anti-bacterial spray and the bacteria fall down and get little cross eyes! It feels a little bit like being in pharmacology lectures again, only with cute things instead of chemical chains!

Happiness is a green microbe plushy, I shall give it a name and make it sing like chipmunks at people…because I’m special. I hope someone scanlates the manga. Wish this was longer than a mere 11 episodes. Loving the microbe monster in episode 5! 10/10

Myself Yourself 1: I guess I don’t empathise with nostalgia trip anime because I moved around a lot and don’t see one place in this world as my home. Or at least I’m originally from the countryside so there weren’t many other children around for me to see grow up when I went back. Anyway, I feel fairly indifferent about this. 5/10

Night Wizard The Animation 1: If wizard translates as cute girls with weapons I’m interested. The school aspect is a bit dull but Elis makes a cute wizard. I was kind of hoping for a naked transformation scene though! Love the end music by Betta Flash. 7/10

Prism Ark 1: Female knights with various weapons in cute costumes plus fan service? That’s a win win for me. Shame the storyline hasn’t grabbed me as well. A bit too much fantasy relying on cool battle scenes I hope it improves. 8/10 *sigh* I was hoping for this to be a fantasy adventure like Those Who Hunt Elves, but it regresses into a school for warrior kids type thing, but the fan service will keep me watching, I LOVE Kagura:

Precia is cute too:

Rental Magica 1: I was initially unimpressed by the collection of characters with magical abilities, however, this turned into a touching story that brought tears to my eyes with the aid of the background music, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops. Shinsen Subs has lengthy and praiseworthy notes at the end. Fascinating. LOL – fetish doesn’t mean the grandfather had an unhealthy sexual obsession with pots. Well I should hope not! 7/10

Ryusei no Rockman Tribe 1: Shounen adventure, nothing exciting. Giggled at the policeman with a siren attached to his head! 2/10

Shakugan no Shana II 1: I didn’t get the appeal of this the first time round, perhaps it will grow on me, but I do find it forgettable even though there are cute girls. 4/10

Shion no Ou 1: I do enjoy anime with board games, but no anime could surpass my love for Akagi in that respect. 7/10

Shugo Chara! 1-7: I think I’m in love with Amu, SO CUTE!

Made me smile and laugh out loud, and there was me thinking this was just another average magical schoolgirl anime! “Cool and Spicy!” OK, those capes are seriously ridiculous, but I’ll let that slip. I think it’s Amu’s cool exterior personality mixed with her cuter/romantic side that makes me love her most. She’s a character that is easy to identify with and love. A Neko bishie was well *Kawaiiiiiii*. (11/10) However, after watching up to episode 7 I am bored with it, it’s a bit too predictable and repetitive for me. Find person with X egg and make them all better. I don’t feel the same excitement except when the weirdo kitty cosplay boy appears, He’s mysterious and hot! The bit where he bites her ear is so cool. 52 episodes? I’m tempted to drop this for now and won’t be rushing to read the manga. I am however, going to say everything is “COOl and SPICY”, and be tempted to cheer up depressed friends by making wild heart hand gestures and screeching, “Heart Unlock”, at them…oh dear! 4/10 (I was having a look at the Japanese bookshop in Acton, and they had Shugo Chara pencils in there and cute stationary, I find it so bizarre walking into a shop in London and recognising series, I wonder if they sell many, and if people who buy them watch the series or just think they are cute items.)

Sketchbook ~full color’S~ 1-7: (what’s this American spelling nonsense!) Did you see the Aria reference in this? I love Sora so much, she has a sense of wonder at the world, loves cats and is shy of people, like me. I love the bit when she is drawing the cat and it keeps moving, I remember that happening to me when I was younger. Yay for cute warm anime. next episode even more cats? WOOHOO! 10/10 I’m still enjoying watching this even though it is a bit slow, the cute imagination of the girls makes me smile. I love the moment in episode 4 where they get into a car full of chicken plushies. Chickens. Many Chickens!

Just when I thought I might get a little bored, episode 5 with the cats talking to each other made me so happy! I love when they debate what to right on the box to try and get a human to take the homeless cat home “Rare Beast” HAHA.

6. are they cockroaches?! 7. “I can only understand cat-Japanese”, I really love this show sometimes. 10/10

Suteki Tantei Labyrinth 1: I like the setting of a city after a huge earthquake, and the mixture of adult detectives and high school students looking for a ghost. However, the direction seems vague and I was really only excited by the hot fighting girls…who I hope to see more of! 6/10

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho: Tou 2nd Act 1: I love the character design in this, I’ve not finished watching the first series but this is making me excited about watching it all! Excellent soundtrack, loving the rock music as the 12 masked enemies appear contrasted with the strings later on. Cool end music by ACID! 10/10

Yattokame Tanteidan (2): the first episode is taking forever to download so checked out the second RAW. Worth a look for the funky music at the beginning, but if this is about grannies and mysteries I see why it’s not schoolgirl mainstream or adrenaline pumping enough to get subbed! ?/10

You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle 1: Despite the animation quality being quite low, I enjoyed the action sequences and look forward to seeing them hopefully in uniform next episode! 8/10

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