Manga I’m not sure exists…

Amazon has these manga listed as being published in January 2007, however, they have no covers and I’m not sure what the official word is on Central Park Media. Does anyone know? These are the titles of the possibly ‘imaginary’ books, which is a shame because a I’d really love to read a few of them!

Sweet Cream and Red Strawberries – Kiriki Nananan

Four short stories about four different women, an artist, an office worker, a prostitute and a girl looking for a lover. Depressing art aimed at older girls/young women. (That would be me then ^^;)
ISBN: 1578007135

Otogi Matsuri: Dark Offerings – Junya Inoue

A girl who can see supernatural beings and a boy who fights demons, the cover of the Japanese manga looks extremely pretty.

ISBN: 1578007275

Princess – Seung Won Han

Romance and politics. Not sure what this one’s about!

ISBN: 1578007151

Knock Your Heart Out – George Asakura


ISBN: 1578007062

So if anyone finds out if/when these books are really going to be published please let me know. I don’t want to go ordering imaginary books! ^^;

3 thoughts on “Manga I’m not sure exists…

  1. I think Princess is scanlated, and if I’m not mistaken, it has more than 20 volumes…

    Knock your heart out and Red Strawberries look absolutely gorgeous – the US are so lucky with all those George Asakura and Kiriko Nananan titles!

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