Tokimeki Memorial ~Only love~ 1-3 – saved by the…chick?

Seriously, the only thing I find distinctive and memorable about this anime is this little chick (Hiyoko). I want to like this series I really do, but I find nothing memorable about the character design or plot. There’s something about this kind of face/eye design I find really ugly and lazy. i can’t perve over characters in a harem anime if they have silly eyes and that defeats the main enjoyment of watching a harem anime surely?

Perhaps sadly this show does encourage me to cook some nice food for my bf…although not present myself on a platter like in Sumomomo I just watched! There are limits! There was something about a girl bombarding him with text which was quite funny, and trying to be a good gf that was amusing…maybe it’ll get better! I’ll might eventually drop it in favour of Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~ which I’m loving!
This was quite funny!

Quick call the RSPB! (It would be much funnier if it was a furry animal like a squirrel rather than a chick IMHO!)