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The Tatami Galaxy, Uraboku, Five Leaves, Angel Beats

The Tatami Galaxy 1 – 5/5

I LOVE THIS! Black Cupids! Making happy couples miserable, so much to take in have to pause it sometimes.

Angel Beats 5 – 4/5

Maybe Angel will be friendly now?

Uraboku 4 – 3.5/5

Why send a medium powered bad guy to do a super powered bad guy’s job? Ok awakening of powers episode. Zess is now really named Luka.

Five Leaves 3 – 2.5/5

Not enjoying this as much as before, but I’m not dropping it yet.

Sci-Fi catch up…To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, Shangri-La, Casshern Sins, Kaiba, Bounen no Xamdou, Real Drive, Code Geass

I’m not following many current series so I have time for sci-fi backlog :)

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 1 – 4/5

Enjoying this for the character design/personalities and their superpowers rather than plot.

Shangri-La 1 – 3.5/5

I’m a little confused with all the carbon talk.

Cassern Sins 1 – 4.5/5

A little pretentious, love the setting. Kill Casshern. Devour Casshern! * I find it hard to give anything 5/5, i want to save that rating for the things that have blown me away such as the first episode of Karas, Ergo Proxy or Mushishi.

Kaiba 1 – 4/5

I don’t take drugs, but if I did, it might feel a bit like watching Kaiba. Weird!

I miss Kemonozume, I like this Kemonozume AMV.

Bounen no Xamdou 1 – 4.5/5

Airships, mutations and bunny type creatures…what’s not to like?

Real Drive 1 – 4.5/5

earth biorhythm, meta-real…and what is at the bottom of the ocean?

Code Geass 1 – 4/5

Everyone hates Britannia, oh wait, that’s us!

House of Five Leaves (2), Uraboku (2-3), Senko no Night Raid (2-4), Angel Beats (2-4)

House of Five Leaves 2 – 4.5/5

Still really enjoying this, it’s relaxing to watch, interesting characters, enjoyable background music.

Uraboku 2 – 3.5/5

Still enjoying emo bishieness.

Uraboku 3 – 5/5

Renewed excitement, Zess <3.

Senko no Night Raid 2 – 1.5/5

Rapidly losing interest, either this picks up or I drop it.

Senko no Night Raid 3 – 1/5

I want more back-stories to the characters than just the girl, the animation quality bugs me. Dropped.

Angel Beats 2 – 4.5/5

Surprised how much this improved, I loved all the traps and how they can die but come back to life.

Angel Beats 3 – 5/5

Really cute and sad!

Angel beats 4 – 3/5

Ok, I was bored by the sports bit but Yui is just too cute :3

So, yay, I can’t wait for more of these 3 series, I think perhaps I shall try and catch up on some sci-fi anime randoms too :)

Spring Anime Season 2010. First impressions and the 4 shows on my watch list

I’m looking for a few new anime series to watch in between World Of Warcraft raids and battlegrounds.

Angel Beats – at first I thought this was a terrible amnesia/school cliche thing, but then i got interested in the characters, and where this storyline is going, I mean they’re all dead, and where is God? Will someone really end up as a barnacle? I can also imagine this getting a bit samey if they keep fighting the one girl, but i’ll stick with it for now.

Arakawa Under the Bridge – very quirky and random art style but doesn’t really grab me.

B Gata H Kei – it’s funny school ecchi but not really what I’m looking for.

Giant Killing – Football anime. I facepalmed. The English voice is so monotonous!

Heroman – if my car just crashed and a giant robot ripped off my car roof, I would scream! Not going to watch.

Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri – super cute, but I’m a bit old for Fairyland.

House of Five Leaves – love the OP music <3 This is wonderful, nice art, background music, more please! Poor undependable ronin. Manglobe also did the animation production for Ergo Proxy.

Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Mao – A magical academy harem, I actually quite enjoyed this, have a future prediction of being a demon lord, poor guy!

Ikkitousen Xtreme Xecutor – girls fighting with uniforms getting ripped, must be more Ikkitousen. Still not really into this.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama – amusing school/maid romance but don’t think I’ll watch more.

Kiss x Sis – I got to the bit where the girls are smelling their step brother’s pants, um, no.

K-ON!! – I love the character design but it’s more schoolgirl stuff so I get bored.

Mayoi Neko Overrun – Most amusing OP theme, but school tsundere romance thing, meh.

Ookiku Furikabutte 2 – I’m not really into sports anime, but if i was to watch one this seems one of the better series.

Rainbow – Nisha Robuko no Schichinin – ok intro music, quite graphic! Checking for parasites O_O

SD Gundam Legend of the Three Kingdoms Brave Battle Warriors – hey these little parody robots look like lego, and after that novelty wore off I stopped watching.

Senkou No Night Raid – I like the 1930s action, and the superpowers, will give it another episode.

Shin Koihime Musou – Otome Tairan – Historical, cute, girls with big boobs and weapons, would prefer something more serious, and not a girl worrying about her fat.

Shinsengumi Kitan – I usually like this kind of thing but the art didn’t impress me and boring scenes in one room.

Uraboku – emo fantasy, how I love thee! I shall watch more.

The anime I shall continue to watch:


House of Five Leaves

Senkou No Night Raid

Angel Beats

Anime Insider: 64 January

I hope they don’t waste a page writing about Stitch when there are so many better series out at the moment to write about, and I don’t want to read articles about Japanese recipes, that’s what cook books are for!

Yes. Gegege no Kitaro should get aired on TV, maybe it’s too expensive or just too weird for them?

I hope something does happen in Moribito, because I’m looking forward to it!!

Sekerei just reminds my why I lean away from anime with gravity defying lemon boobs.

Yay! Tytania gets a mention, in a tiny little box in the corner…

Afro Samurai seems more suited to a videogame release than an anime or manga. Stylish violence and revenge although I’d rather be playing Kung Fu Panda, cuteness wins over blood if something doesn’t display much depth!

The Vocaloid Figures I’ve seen are very cute, but after hearing the Engrish version of a Little Mermaid song it’s just not hot!

Anime to watch:

I loved the chaotic madness of Excel Saga so perhaps I will also enjoy Baccano.

So it has taken over 2 years, but looks like D.Gray-Man will be the next BIG THING for everyone in America to get obsessed over. I’m more interested in the hopefuls Monster and Nana.

Tweeny Witches seems to have slipped under my radar, but mention Studio 4C and suddenly I want to watch it.

One weekend I’m going to marathon lots of Aria, and end up feeling very chilled with an insuppressible desire to sail away in a little boat somewhere beautiful.

An Armored Trooper Votoms Film?! SQUEEEE! LaMB seems potentially exciting too.

More DVD releases to look forward to:


Hell Girl S1

Aria: The Natural


The Togainu No Chi preview appeals because of the setting in a broken city, however, the art could be better and I wasn’t left feeling very excited about the story.

Yay, the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service is almost up to 8 volumes, something to catch up on I know I’ll love, this had some of the best editing notes in the back I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.

How bad could a Tokyopop manga version of CSI be? I’m going to regret saying that aren’t I?

OOOOO I really want to read the Casshern SINS manga adaptation!!