Trigun Badlands Rumble, Girls’ Generation, AKB48

Trigun Badlands Rumble, is mostly about bounty hunters, robbery, barfights, revenge, donuts, *spoiler* thinking Vash is dead!, a giant light bulb defying physics, Wolfwood looking super hot (<3), and cute girls with attitude. I prefered watching Wolfwood to Vash in the end, Vash is too much of a joker. Enjoyment 4.5/5

Also, I listened to some of the music in the charts in Japan. I recognised and enjoyed AKB48 (Beginner), but also discovered Girls’ Generation (SNSD). I really loved their music video Gee. I found myself click on the suggested links and seeing more of their videos and some cute Korean Boy bands too. I officially <3 K-pop now! Had these 2 songs on repeat all day…I might go a bit crazy with pop-joy-brain-explosion!