Orbital Manga (London) will sell your manga!

Orbital Manga has a doujinshi (self-published) manga section. They say you set the price of your manga and if it sells you get all the money. Take in a copy of your manga for them to approve, once approved you bring 3-5 copies for them to sell on their shelves. Then you can tell everyone where to buy your manga in a shop :)

Sounds like a great opportunity for manga artists to get their artwork seen, great idea!

Orbital Manga on MYSPACE.

5 thoughts on “Orbital Manga (London) will sell your manga!

  1. No worries just send Orbital Manga a copy and once we’ve seen it we’ll let you know via email whether it’s a yay or nay!! If its okay we’ll then ask you to send down some copies of your manga.

    Remember to state the price, and your name, address, email addy and mobile number.

    Send to:
    Orbital Manga
    4c Orion House
    Upper St Martins Lane
    London WC2H 9NY

  2. i know this page is old but im finally glad i managaed to find somewhere that can give my comic a real chance >.<
    i`ll be snding some copies your way…in fact im gonna grab some money and come on down ^.^

  3. i have a good manga (i think!)

    but if i am going to py for the publishing! then, what benefit will i have fom working with u! O_o

    artists seek publishers and allow them to rob most of the profits for a good reason, “they have the money & sales network” that we artists dont have!! :(

    so, why should i come to u?! whats in it for me!!

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