Favourite New Manga Scanlations: 29.10-4.11.07: Bio Meat, Let’s Bible, Girl’s Bravo Art Book, Lovesick Dead, A Revolutionist in the Afternoon.

This week was *amazing* for manga scanlations, three completed volumes which will either horrify, shock, or scare you or maybe all three! Perhaps this should be expected for the week that included Halloween? You’re in for a treat!
*3rd Pick of the Week* Bio Meat (whole volume)

As I started to read this horror adventure I thought it was going to turn into a Soylent Green type world mixed with Aliens – to be honest if you liked either of those films you should check this out. I know now this is a fantastic manga because over a week later I’m still trying not to think about the hideous creatures, I even had a nightmare that giant, black, leech-type creatures were multiplying all over London and eating people! So not recommended for the faint of heart! An interesting spin on how an over populated country deals with food shortage and the inevitable disaster around the corner. I love the fact that it doesn’t pull the punches as these boys *spoiler* watch their friends eaten and face up to the reality of their mothers have been eaten too. They’re all alone, what will happen in volume two, I have to find out!…10/10

Let’s Bible

Ok, in the space of a few pages we’ve covered kidnap with intent to rape, extreme vanity and kicking grandmas – a little shocked here! He really does want to rape her, but this seems like a comedy fantasy adventure not porn so I’m confused as to how to feel about it. Just because they’re making a joke about it doesn’t mean it’s ok to make light of rape in a manga. Yet despite disapproving of the rape theme I can’t help liking this, the characters are all quite fun. I’m happy to read about Jesus’ second coming if it’s a cute girl who talks like a wannabe Shakespearean play character (not sure how they’re going to work in an intended rape scene into a nativity play though)…6/10

Girl’s Bravo (Art Book)

20 pretty pictures of pretty girls. My favourites are the cheerleader outfits and cute matching underwear. I think the pictures speak for themselves!…8/10

* 2nd Pick of the Week* Lovesick Dead (whole volume!)

Wow – the artwork speaks for itself really! In true Halloween fashion I am reading a horror manga to get in the spooky mood, and what better horror than Junji Ito?! I adored Uzumaki and Gyo and now I love this too! I know I’ve found something special when I’d be just as happy to read the story without pictures. I really felt sucked into the horror and felt fear for the characters. I never want to meet anyone at an intersection in the fog now ever O_O so scared! I liked the idea of being in love with love and not in love with a person, and the power people allow strangers in giving advice and how disastrous the consequences can be if you blindly follow their words… 10/10

*Top Pick of the Week* A Revolutionist in the Afternoon (whole volume)

I get overly excited whenever I see anything translated by Jiro Matsumoto after my encounter with Freesia. An artist who loves to explore messed up characters, I find all the short stories engrossing, he’s not afraid to shock or to try new ways of drawing in his sketchy yet disturbingly realistic style. I found the self criticism at the end of the volume fascinating. This is one of those rare manga I read and never want to end! I can’t recommend this enough to mature readers, unless you are against the odd sex scene, and again they are complimentary to the story and not what this manga is about. It was really hard picking my favourite images because I generally love the art on every page. So I picked my favourite two pages where the 1/4 vampire guy goes on a date with a girl who assumes he is really into gore…when he’s actually a soppy romantic, and a detail from a 2 page spread to imitate the battles you might see on Japanese folding screens. Suicide, self sacrifice, madness, love, loss, war… the naked witch girl who lives in the desert with the power to heal if you drink her pee; the sensitive vampire who can only get a job sucking people’s blood to relieve their pain; read this it’s amazing!…11/10

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