Zombie Loan

1. Cute guys, I’m loving the cold colour scheme. Clumsy girl falling over gives me someone to identify with ^^; I like the fact that she sees supernatural beings when she takes off her glasses. Pulling a detached hand out of your pocket is pretty cool! Spying on people in graveyards is just asking for trouble. I love the eeriness mixed with a nervous girl, I think I’m going to enjoy this. We kill her…cue funky music? Oh this music is really cool and strong! *wants soundtrack*. ‘Eyes of the reaper’ sounds so cool. I wish the girl had different hair; she just looks a bit…messy. The background art isn’t wonderful. I LOVE the contrasting colours, and the end music rocks.

2. I presume this is going to be about being able to make your own fate and decide whether to live or die even if you have the mark of death? Love the cute chibis. Like the music when she discovers her friend is missing. The comedy inserts will keep this enjoyable. Hahaha – “The flesh of men is disgusting the flesh of women is better”. Yay she cut off the silly pig tails.

3. Yay the girl is showing strength of character. Yuuta’s bear ears are nice.

Cool I want to live in a creepy monastery, well, maybe not that one…it looks cold and dangerous. Whaaaaaaat? Random girl-on-girl evil kissing…suddenly liking this anime a lot more now. Whoa there, “What are you touching?”. *__* “Seems like she really likes you”. The angry sleeping lesbian vision was creepy.

4. The new guy seems kind of slimy, I don’t trust him. Those don’t look like normal rats…no, well…the hint is the glowing red eyes!! Rats are scared of Mozart…wait, hang on, what?! I should just get the clarinet out to scare away our mice then? Noooo, he squished a rat with his hand HE MUST DIE. I like how this is turning into a murder investigation and not just a straight forward threesome find monster, kill monster, end. The boys are fighting – it’s so cute!

5. Talking with your hands will never catch on. Female characters dressing up in costumes, well it’s certainly better than zombies. Putting…dead…bodies…in…art…galleries? Murder as art, I don’t think I’ll get a job in an art gallery if I suggest that one! Never turn your back on a corpse. I love Yomi I hope they use her more in the series. I knew that guy was slimy he’s blatantly the butterfly.

6. Floating homing knife, I don’t think they should try and add floating knives to a zombie series, too unbelievable. I think Shiba wants to do bad manly things to Chika. I love how there were three episodes for the butterfly theme and not one zombie per episode. It’s a nice twist that the zombies’ hearts harden until all their emotions fade away; it’s good when the ‘monsters’ are portrayed sensitively. No lesbian groping? *Sniffle.*

7. A holiday in creepy woods is going to end badly. Poor Yomi, wasting all her body on a straight girl, shame, but it makes a cute hot springs scene. Who keeps a ping pong paddle in their jacket?!

8. Looks genuinely freaked out by Shito’s creepy stalker/trainer, that’s taking male love a bit too far. A mad scientists is a bit cliche, but there had to be one high up working with the evils somewhere, he looks like a child!

9. Has Shito been kidnapped or is this an excuse for a Bishie chained to a bed scene? Beware the man with glowing pink fingers, that’s creepier than a zombie. Michiru makes me giggle, it’s all my fault, even global warming. Bless. I didn’t think I’d grow to like all the characters this much; I’m beginning to wish it was a 26 episode series now. Shito is immortal, awesome! A living corpse.

10. Aaaaaaaaaw the grim reaper is tiny and KAWAI. I wasn’t expecting that. He even makes silly squeaky noises, Michiru has the same reaction to it I would, hehe. Maybe I can get a graduate job with the ‘wheel of fate’ organisation ^^;

11. Nooo, this can’t finish, I’m just getting into it. The relationship between Shito and the golem is touching; shame the great and evil baddie was basically a big green blob with lots of hands.

The character highlights of this show were Yomi (lesbian tendencies), Yuuta (mad with funky clothes) and Shito (hot, enigmatic, immortal bishie) for me, I wish the series had been longer to focus on their relationships with other characters, there were plenty of things hinted at in episodes to have been carried into more episodes. I particularly liked how the adventures to kill monsters were spread over several episodes or humorous in some way, after the first episode I was expecting it to be overly violent and spookily atmospheric but that was dropped in favour of petty rivalry and chibi comedy snaps. I felt most frustrated with one of the action music snippets which would hint at something exciting then fade away into the background that could have given it the adrenaline pumping feeling it lacked. I wouldn’t re-watch this first series…but here’s hoping for a second! If only to see Michiru waving a stick around in mid air and huggling DEATH again. If not I’ll just have to console myself with some Zombie Loan manga.

*Death must get his core back*, surely the balance of life and death is out of whack now? They must have more conversations about life and death.
I want a death plushie that waves a scythe around and squeaks, “I’ll cut off your tongue”. Cuuuuuute!