School Days.

1. To think I found this boring when I first started watching it! Forgettable character design and yawn worthy romance , I thought ‘maybe it’ll perk up’. Bring back the bishies *sobs*. The artwork is ugly, horrible eyes, poor background art. That’s right, push the girl up against the fence…kinky. Why is it, whenever they eat lunch in school anime, I get this insatiable craving for those little 99p sushi packs from Tesco, the ones with the little omelette on top, mmm, *Drool*. Well the love triangle might be interesting, maybe the girls will fight to the death, but it doesn’t seem like that kind of story, shame. (I was so wrong about that!)
2. I like Sekai she’s a bit messed up and evil. The sexual noises in the cinema made the scene funnier.
3. I’ve been dating for 5 years now, so the awkwardness of kissing and ‘how’ to be someone’s gf isn’t something I’m that excited about watching. They’re just so over the top about everything it’s silly.

4. I’ve not tried this way of seduction…let’s pretend to be kissing and touching…erm…ok. Way to go Sekai stealing another girl’s boyfriend, perhaps this isn’t the best of animes for me to be watching at the moment *dies*. :(

5. The bit with the blow up breasts was funny.

I’d rather see a relationship between Sekai and Setsuna than all this heterosexual stuff. I can sympathize with girls having little breasts; I think I’d feel silly if mine were huge though. They’d get in the way. I quite like some of the background piano music. Just dump your girlfriend and go and molest Sekai…or go and sleep with her without dumping your girlfriend first. Nice. It’s really not healthy for me to watch this right now. :S
6. It’s just practice?! Sure, practice on how to cheat on your gf. ARGH. I’d so stab them to death with the knitting needles. (In retrospect I would have loved that ending a lot more, would have loved to have seen his corpse with knitting needles and red wool strewn all over mixed with blood)
7. Block her number?! I know men are mostly too scared to make confrontations, but they need to grow some balls at some point in their lives. An anime about characters without enough will power or self respect or respect for others. Lovely. Sekai and Katsura need to realize that their man is rubbish and they should become lesbians and bonk each other, preferably in a threesome with Setsuna. JUST DUMP THE WOMAN FFS.

8. They could push him in front of a train to dispose of the problem… At least this episode is more light hearted.

9. Setsuna wants him as well? This is all a little too weird for me. I want to wear a giant animal costume and wander round London now. Finally someone knees him where it hurts. EUGH, being with another girl in the room next to your gf, he takes disgusting up to a whole new level, it’s a shame some people think with their genitals and not their heart.
10. I hope Katsura goes on a homicidal murdering spree, will make it worth watching, I read something about a knife in the last episode, yaaaay. What a mess, Makoto should have gone to a boys’ school. Poor Setsuna has got the evil man bug bad. Well this is a little more exciting now, I’m glad I stuck with it. Now that it’s not just two girls in love with one guy and there’s four of them it feels less personal.
11. Another girl? The opening music is becoming too bouncy for the depressing theme! Uh Oh Katsura has lost it, talking to the phone that can’t get through as if they never broke up. Love is dangerous and cruel. I wasn’t expecting pregnancy it just gets more surprising. “I believe in you, because I’m your girlfriend”.

12. I like how the girls get a fleeting glance of him with another girl on a train. Kissing your ex gf in front of your pregnant gf…that’s not a good idea. Serves her right though! I hope she drugged the drink. It’s not worth going to jail for someone else’s mistakes…but I bet that felt good! I can see why that wasn’t aired the day after a murder, quite graphic really. Katsura’s turn to go mental. So let that be a lesson to all the cheating men out there?

I’m not sure what to make of all that madness. I was expecting a soppy romance, and usual school routine with plenty of fan service, not escalating levels of cheating and hysterical women! My major issue with this is that because I found the women so weak willed, and the character designs so unattractive I found it difficult to care about their fate. They were all willing to be his bit on the side in the end, yet the two who cared about him the most were the first to reach for the knife when things didn’t go their way, a bit, weird. At least he didn’t get away with it! I can’t find one thing to love about Makoto. An intriguing reflection of the emotional idiocy of humanity. Memorable ending yet forgettable characters. One likeable character would have been a bonus (or some disheartened girls turning to lesbianism?)!
I’m enjoying listening to a few piano songs off the soundtrack (notably 36. ‘Distance’ is beautiful). I could only recommend this anime to people who love to watch characters they hate. Me? I prefer to have a few characters to fall in love with, so I won’t be watching this ever again.