Venus Versus Virus #1 yuri undertones! girls with guns!

I got excited about Noir because I love seeing girls with guns, however, Venus Versus Virus isn’t about girls assassinating people but ‘Viruses’ which is a disappointment to me, as that means ugly monsters, with silly voices, and in this episode it has tentacles which increases the ‘eugh’ factor. The action scenes also felt unsatisfying. However, I love the poses of the girls with guns, the yuri potential (although I wonder if it will always be teasing rather than actual yuri), their character art, the two toned colour of Sumire’s hair, the intro music, the background music, the seiyuus, the purple ‘evil’ hues and the memery frame art. I was expecting good things from the art since the art designer worked on Blood+, Ayakashi Ayashi and Noein as well – all of which I have enjoyed watching. I also found it interesting that Ayahi Takagaki is voicing Lucia in Venus Versus Virus and Jasmine in Deltora Quest. It’s just as well I like her voice!

Pretty art and yuri undertones?

(from the manga by Atsushi Suzumi)

Sumire: can see ghosts and now demons after being cut by a broach owned by Lucia. She’s a bit clumsy, dropping her gun, and falls asleep on the job. She is cute killer girl, but when her anti-virus thing activates she becomes wild and deadly!

Yuri and tentacle sex

Lucia: has the stronger personality of the two, with her left eye she can see demons clearly – but like Sumire using the power has a bad effect on her health.

What all sensible girls keep under their skirt @[email protected]

Why doesn’t she wear this all the time?! ^^;

It’s sad a demon killed her mother! (pretty memory frame though!)

Lola: is a little blonde girl who works in the shop and loves pocky!

Nahashi: seems to be the guy in the shop with the technical know-how?

I don’t really mind what direction the plot takes, even if it’s just demon battle after demon battle I’ll watch this for the cute girls with guns!

I’m really looking forward to the first English release of the manga in June this year by Seven Seas!

Overall Enjoyment Level: 8.5/10

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  1. im glad this time i couldnt find the manga to download, since otherwise i would have ended up spoiling myself and ruining the anime…again!

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