Shuffle! Vol #1 Reasons to prefer the manga to the anime

1. The Loli Pedophine element is embellished upon…in a funny way. (Primula is on top of Rin in this picture)

2. Some of the girls look prettier in manga form:



3. The added chibi characters make the plot funnier and cuter.

4. 4 panel jokes. Poor mayumi!

5. More detailed, and you can read at your own pace and not get bogged down in some of the boring bits.

Reasons to prefer the anime:

1. The manga *spoiler* gives away Primula is an artificial life right near the beginning!

2. Asa doesn’t look as cute without having green hair, and the romance didn’t seem as enjoyable between her and Rin.

3. The whole ‘Primula not wearing a bra’ was funnier in the anime.

Overall Enjoyment Level: 5/10

Total Volumes: 4 ongoing. Not published in English.

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