Shuffle! Memories #1 Talk about flogging a dead horse!

So this is a collage of animations from the first series to retell what we already know in a most uninspiring fashion. Eh?! I watched the damn thing at x2 speed and I could still read all the subs/ recognise every frame from the original. Lame.
There were maybe two new images I saw and thought looked ok. Primula with wings and the advert break picture.

Only hardcore Shuffle! fans and people with low memory ability (people who watched it drunk the first time round?) will enjoy this. They even use the same ending animation in the first episode! I’ve read the second episode is a recap of Kaede. Yawn. So is this a bunch of character recaps with just 5% new stuff in the OP/ED?! This could have been cool if they had tweaked the character designs/personalities and plotline…basically changed the entire thing. They should have taken a leaf out of Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora‘s book and added some random yuri and mecha…I’d love to see Primula pilot some kickass mecha…but it is not to be. :,( *Sniffle*.
Overall Enjoyment Level: 0/10

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