Saint October #1 Kotono is so cute, eee!

Kotono = everything to love about this episode, (I want the non-existant gothloli figurine already!) The problem remains that she is perhaps the only thing to love about this show. The animation quality is so poor that all the figures in even medium distance no longer look good. Fortunately, there are enough close ups of cute faces to keep me happy for the moment!

We are introduced to two of the three main girls/detectives, the super cute Kotono and Natsuki:

They are cute…

and can fly around on a little weird broomstick-copter contraption!

Kotono tries to stop the bad guy who has been kidnapping many young boys, but she fails.


I haven’t decided whether or not to like the tarot card element of this anime, but they do wear awful clothes.

I like Yuan’s character design, pretty yellow eyes. This is the lost boy Kotono finds, who gets kidnapped by the evil guy. Oh no!

Rescuing little boys – take 2:

Don’t mess with me, I’m hot and I’m angry!

The evil guy casts a spell on Kotono (but she’s so strong inside she cracks the spell)

Yuan holds a tarot card to her head, it activates her inner power, it’s so pretty to watch…

…then then a ball of mud gushes brown fluid all over her body which totally ruins the prettiness. Eugh!

I love the new look once she’s transformed. Justice XI Kotono saves the day!

Needless to say, I hope this gets fansubbed, it’s entertaining, but it’s a real shame about the animation quality and weak plot. I’m also not keen on Nike the little bird, it was rather satisfying to see him get trodden on! I want to see more to see all three gothlolis transform and work together to capture bad guys!

Overall Enjoyment Level: 7/10

2 thoughts on “Saint October #1 Kotono is so cute, eee!


    1. She is green haired

    2. She is a loli

    3. She wears neko mimi

    4. She has a cute little sword

    5. Her various expressions are hell cute

    6. She is a goth loli

    7. Lolis that order people around with their finger pointed toward the screen is moe~

    8. Using a slingshot as a weapon is cute

    9. The seiyuu….the seiyuu. Oh god.

    10. Sad backstory that she’s abandoned. So cute!


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