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Second Life: Your World. Your Imagination…your anime eyes? Scrap that I want Anime Life!

I can fly (in my underwear)!

Your World. Your Imagination.

Doesn’t that strike anyone else as a bit of a problem? Sounds like, you do all the designing for the world so we don’t have to. I just wasted a few hours of my life playing Second Life, laughing at the novelty of having anime eyes which look, pretty freaky and un-anime-like to me. You can play around with the character design but whatever you do it looks fairly ugly. Removes Second Life from computer – I prefer my real one.
I found 3 main problems with this game:

1. When you’re introduced into the world it’s a dull little island (imagine entering the world of warcraft in the middle of a field with a random surprised sheep and not much excitement).

2. you can fly, which is the ultimate answer to anyone walking up to me to say ‘hello’ *flies away*. being able to fly stops anyone to bother socialising at the beginning of the game…

3. There’s hardly anything to do. You can walk/fly around and relax on chairs. Interact with the odd thing. Clearly I missing something here, and all the other players looked normal, like they were trying to look like themselves, how imaginative. The most exciting things I accidentally found were:


which looks great if you look like this,

and scary if you look like this!

What I really wanted to talk about was a fun online world that doesn’t exist, Anime Life.
If it existed I’d want to go into a virtual world with a headset, it’s only fun if it feels more real. I’d love a place which had rides/areas/rooms which would let users interact as an anime character in a fun way, a complimentary joke about each anime series. Using January’s new anime as an example you could have:

Master Of Epic: (easy as it’s already a game) usual going round killing monsters or teaming up with 4 other players to become Warage 5 and wreak havoc on the world (and sing badly).

Giant Robo: mecha area where you can design and customise your own mecha and fight and destroy cities (and squish Warage 5 players).

Saint October: flying game where you can fly around after bad guys and transform into kickass magical girl.

Afro Samurai: customise your anime character with a new haircut at the Afro Samurai hairdressers, and enjoy a virtual lap dance from women with very shiny bottoms. Fight against a robotic version of your personal anime character who learns and mirrors your moves…
Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora: bath house where your character becomes a naked woman who has absolute orgasms wth absolute angels. (keeps yuri fans happy)
Deltora Quest: maze with monsters round every corner, where you and 2 team players search for the 7 gems, and then have to find your way out again!
Himawari!: learn and use ninja skills to fight to protect your virtual online boyfriend Hayato who can be killed by other players.

Shuffle Memories: mass orgy harem hentai tent…and an arcade with those little machines to win your character a virtual neko plushie.

Les Miserables – Shoujo Cosette: there’s no way anyone would want to play these characters in an online world!

Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight: futuristic scooter race track where you become a chubby loli who makes silly noises/faces if you lose the race!

Venus Versus Virus: shooting demons then turning evil and attacking other players who must run awaaaaaaaay.

Nodame Cantabile: point and click adventure where the more you annoy your virtual bf Chiaki the more he secret wants you…and a Sims type area where you have to get your character to clean the house/ cook and practice piano in order to perform cute duets and fulifil needs.

Hidamari Sketch: cafe where you just…sit around really…and have a chat to other online players, watch some anime in a virtual world and get your character drunk on virtual whisky.

Koi suru Tenshi Angelique: dungeon where your player morphs into a hot bishie and gets chased by ‘evil’ bishies who want to do naughty things to you. Can you search through the dungeon to find your hot bishie lover and escape with out getting…pleasured? (gotta keep the yaoi fangirls occupied).

Getsumen To Heiki Mina: choose your…vegetable and battle alien bunnies to the death. Take a roller coaster ride with your vegetable weapon as it takes 3 hours for it to wizz round the moon before it actually reaches you…

Tokyo majin Gakeun Kenpucho: standard kill demons with your chosen speciality which you get better at so you can kill even bigger demons!

I think I should just get this whole gaming thing out of my system and play World of Warcraft again, I miss being a pretty elf warrior with my pet dragons. Or hunt down some good anime games…antoher hamtaro adventure for the game boy advance it is then…The main thing I wanted from the Second Life game was the modelling machine, to create virtual positions for anime figurines, then be able to order them custom designed, that’d be great!

Shuffle! Memories #1 Talk about flogging a dead horse!

So this is a collage of animations from the first series to retell what we already know in a most uninspiring fashion. Eh?! I watched the damn thing at x2 speed and I could still read all the subs/ recognise every frame from the original. Lame.
There were maybe two new images I saw and thought looked ok. Primula with wings and the advert break picture.

Only hardcore Shuffle! fans and people with low memory ability (people who watched it drunk the first time round?) will enjoy this. They even use the same ending animation in the first episode! I’ve read the second episode is a recap of Kaede. Yawn. So is this a bunch of character recaps with just 5% new stuff in the OP/ED?! This could have been cool if they had tweaked the character designs/personalities and plotline…basically changed the entire thing. They should have taken a leaf out of Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora‘s book and added some random yuri and mecha…I’d love to see Primula pilot some kickass mecha…but it is not to be. :,( *Sniffle*.
Overall Enjoyment Level: 0/10

Shuffle! Vol #1 Reasons to prefer the manga to the anime

1. The Loli Pedophine element is embellished upon…in a funny way. (Primula is on top of Rin in this picture)

2. Some of the girls look prettier in manga form:



3. The added chibi characters make the plot funnier and cuter.

4. 4 panel jokes. Poor mayumi!

5. More detailed, and you can read at your own pace and not get bogged down in some of the boring bits.

Reasons to prefer the anime:

1. The manga *spoiler* gives away Primula is an artificial life right near the beginning!

2. Asa doesn’t look as cute without having green hair, and the romance didn’t seem as enjoyable between her and Rin.

3. The whole ‘Primula not wearing a bra’ was funnier in the anime.

Overall Enjoyment Level: 5/10

Total Volumes: 4 ongoing. Not published in English.

Shuffle! Series Overview – favourite screenshots and hottest art (probably NSFW)

Plot depth? Ha! Shuffle laughs in the face of plot depth, and instead delivers girls, pants, bras, occasional psychotic tendencies and a mind-numbing look at shallow, naive, little girls, who seemingly have no life, and don’t understand the meaning of true love.
I didn’t like this series enough to write individual posts on each episode, not even brief episode summaries, instead here are the ‘hottest’ pictures and favourite screenshot memories, in a pretty random order, so if you are a hardcore Shuffle fan, I’m sorry if I have already/am about to offend your love – go cuddle your Shuffle! pillows and get over it. Shuffle is shallow fodder for harem fans, it has only 2 revelations/twists, and only 2 likeable/attractive girls – and one of those is underage *sigh*. Basically, if you like plot satisfaction with your ‘romance’ look elsewhere. The only love I found genuine in this series was between Primula (a girl not the cheese) and her stuffed neko toys, the only character who would have been worthy of all this harem attention would have been Itsuki, Rin is just a total loser.

Rin: an indecisive embarrassment to mankind, will do anything idiotic to keep girls happy. Tries to have all cake and not even eat any of it…

(*MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD – for anyone who plans on subjecting themselves to this!)…Rin’s character art varies so much, the art is so bad, rarely they made a stab at good emotional art. Very rarely. Rin’s face changed as often as those girls’ panties.

The only meaningful thing he does is attempt suicide to prompt Asa to release her magical powers thus saving her unstable life. How Emo, how romantic. Ruined by the naff blue light effect of Asa’s magic release. Lame.

Itsuki: compulsory perverted male character, obviously hardly appears to focus on pathetic Rin. Best remembered for calling Rin a Loli Pedophine.

Primula: actually an artificial life form, experimented on so people can try and become immortal. She loves her neko plushies, a lot. Oh, and she doesn’t wear a bra for the first half dozen episodes, hence…

Poor Rin. OH THE BLUSHIE-NESS OF IT ALL. *Dies Laughing*.

Primula is the only cute thing throughout the series.

Sexualized by fans…

(Yes. I chopped off Sia’s head on purpose.)

Sia: double personality, violent bint, one personality is a bit of a ho.

…gets really angry and usually slams Dad over the head with a chair.

Nice pants though.

Kaede: Rin’s depressive, live in slave, psychotic tendencies, only looks good when depressed, normally ugly.

Don’t you dare feel sorry for her, she gets up at 5:30am to cook a man’s breakfast everyday for fun! Grr. She suffers from angsty back-story syndrome, *rolls eyes*.

God Fathers (see what I did there?): a moment of realization at the beach, the reason we are never told what the guys do during the day while the girls are at school (apart from play board games), **the little stars say it all… how sweet. ;)

Benibari: suffers from huge boobed teacher affliction, and bad pick-up lines, she has an awesome response to bad pick-up lines though…

Mayumi: represents all flat-chested girls, compulsory snoop/press character.

Never undo a guy’s flies in a corridor girls, remember that.

Kareha: best remembered for saying “ma ma ma!!!” and going mooshy/pale and wobbly at the first sign of a nauseating girly crush.

Ama: Asa’s mother, those aren’t cat ears, and she’s rubbish at her role as a mother.

Asa: only attractive (green) eye candy, flirty and energetic. Only sane human of the lot, and it’s so OBVIOUS she is going to end up with Rin from like…episode 7, which ruins any plot build up, ugh. Secretly has great magical power.

I know I left out Nerine, that’s because her character is bloody boring, and considering she has latent magical power, that’s impressively bad. Here are some pretty girls to make you feel better.

There are lots of figurines for fans of this series but I didn’t find any of them attractive enough to post here. At a push, Primula’s figurine is the cutest, and the chibi ones are quite cute too.
Overall Enjoyment Level: 3/10

Am I looking forward to Shuffle Memories!?


KIBA Original Soundtrack (Jun Miyake)

The first two tracks on Disc 1 are fantastic!

1. zed-fate (Jun Miyake)

I love ornamented female harmonies (+orchestra), makes my chest tight and gives me goosebumps. This kind of thing reminds me of the tracks I love in GITS: Innocence ~’ The Ballade Of Puppets’. It’s just a shame all the tracks I love on this album are under 2 minutes long.
2. zed-run (Jun Miyake)

Ornamented strings, this just bounces along beautifully. One of those tracks that makes you sway (It’s so difficult to describe music ^^;)

I found the rest of the tracks mostly listenable but ultimately forgettable apart from:

24. zed-journey (Jun Miyake)

Another ornamented female harmony (+ orchestra).

You can listen to these 3 tracks here.

If you are a Jun Miyake fan there is an (official?) site under construction, and a fan site.

Overall Enjoyment Level: 6/10