Nodame Cantabile #1

I enjoyed watching this from beginning to end (if you discount the dull OP and ED). I liked the memory flashbacks to when Chiaka was a boy, trying to help the conductor and getting kicked out of the room, and having a bad experience belly landing in an airplane.

The art and animation quality were excellent, and Chiaki is hot for an anime male! I thought it was interesting the art director for this was also involved in Windy Tales which had attractive unusual art.

I love this little creature; I’d like the plushie version. I haven’t read the manga or seen the ‘real’ TV series so I don’t have any references. I’ve read it sticks close to the manga storyline though.

Chiaki is talented, the son of a great pianist, but he is also arrogant.

It’s funny when he’s rude to the teacher and speaks his mind!

I love the facial art in this, especially the blue lines next to Chiaki’s eyes when he is stressed. He would like to be a conductor and looks up to Sebastiano Viera above all others. Pretty dramatic pic!

I immediately softened to his unsympathetic character when we learn he has a keen ear for real talent, a musician unseen, clearly the girl, and I thought, aaaaaw this is going to be so romantic and cute!

There are a number of reasons not to go out with ex-gfs; they know you too well to put up with your whining, and they won’t fuck you to make you feel better. Again, I loved the art at the bar, and his facial reactions to her suggesting he takes a boat to Europe to learn to conduct.

It’s so adorable when he winds up drunk and asleep on the doorstep, I like the blushing, and the focus on Noda’s lips, even if she is a little pouty!

I had a girly ‘EEE’ perfect moment of happiness when he wakes up to find the person who was playing in the beautiful style he heard earlier, it’s so romantic! Just a shame her standards of hygeine aren’t higher ^^;. Eugh, but it’s great it makes her playing even more beautiful amongst the dirt and chaos! <3 His reaction made me laugh so much!

It’s so funny when she asks if he remembers last night, like he might have slept with her IN THAT DUMP, Nooooooo!

I love the way he visualizes her in his imagination, scary!

It’s not surprising he pretends not to know her, but it’s also not nice, he deserves what’s coming…

…that because of the argument he has been given an instructor for losers, and worse, Noda (the fart song making weirdo) is another one of the pupils and he has to DUET with her (yay a chance for romance)!

It’s great that she’s untidy, I wouldn’t like her so much if she was perfect, and the romance wouldn’t be so fun to watch. It’s hard to believe a guy tidying up a girl’s flat though ^^;

He’s not very polite in his criticisms of her playing!

He even points out her cute pout as a criticism!

When she says she washed her hair 4 days ago, she thinks, he goes nuts! His disciplined schedule and neat/tidy life is different to hers! I love how she feels pampered and he feels like a dog groomer, it made me laugh so much! When she wanted to know what kind of dog she was like it made me giggle even more and like her character immensely.

I used to play piano and it covers me with goosebumps and happiness to hear pianos duet. So this anime makes me really, really happy, and fills the big void of satisfaction missing from lighter musical anime such as La Corda D’oro.

It’s lovely that he will let her lead and follow the way she wants to play (I hope she turns out to be amazingly talented an surpass him in all areas of music, serve him right for being arrogant!).

Pretty music **loves**.

It’s so romantic!!!!

Poor Noda she feels like she’s in love…but he’s trying to tell her she’s wrong!

Overall Enjoyment Level: 10/10

I’m going to get excited every time C1 fansubs an episode of this, I’m glad I didn’t have to watch this raw, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it quite so much! <3 <3 I should try reading the manga at some point, I think the 4th volume is published in English this month ^_^

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