Mirai Keisatsu Urashiman (Future Police Urashiman) 1983 – Hilarious Must See Sci-Fi

This totally rocks!

Ryuu and his cat are being chased by the police when they have an accident and fly through a portal into the future to 2050…and land straight onto a futuristic police car! Things just get worse for Ryuu as he can’t remember who he is, or where he’s from. As if getting arrested by a vain traffic policeman Claude wasn’t enough the Master Fuhrer (Master of Crime!) is planning his kidnapping. Will Ryuu survive in the future? Will he ever return home? I can’t wait to watch more and find out!

I love how funny this episode was, from treading on a cat’s tail accidentally which causes the accident, to the cat landing on a girl’s boobs and the ‘almost’ Claude-Ryuu kiss, and the fact that Claude loses the handcuff key, that’s convenient *wink wink/waggles eyebrows*.

The artwork was great too. I loved the 80s imagined vision of Neo Tokyo, the cars splashing through water in the rain, the trippy time travel sequence, and all the character design. In particular I liked Mylene for being evil and foxy, Aka for being the funniest cutest anime cat I’ve ever seen, and Ryuu for his mad facial expressions, I think I’d pull that many faces if all that happened to me! Even the soundtrack is good, although not sure about the dodgy lyrics …”I want to ride the midnight submarine with you“…eh?

Claude has some of the best lines to show his vain, womanizing character, and Sophia’s naivity in her belief that humans are fundamentally good, and that knocking someone over the head with a hammer (where did that appear from?!) can cure amnesia was pretty funny too! ^^;

*Wow!* All in all, I found this highly enjoyable and I would recommend you go watch this NOW! I can’t wait to see what the bad guys want with him, what other funny antics Aka will get up to and how Ryuu will end up in the police force! It’s so refreshing to see some action and retro artwork after all the January cute girl shows.
Overall Enjoyment Level: 10/10

Here are my favourite screenshots ^_^

Poor Aka!

Reminds me of a dopey Jess from Postman Pat!

Liked the dated weather art.

Yeah, you realise by now I think the cat rocks!

Oh no! A giant time portal! Nyaaaaaaaa

Aka’s poor tail!

The Claude-Ryuu almost kiss


Claude’s wonderful lines:

Cat + Boobs!

Poor Aka!

Futuristic Tokyo

Evil Mylene.


Lost the key?! Nooooo!

One of the most visually enjoyable things I’ve seen for a while, even if it is pretty silly. :D

4 thoughts on “Mirai Keisatsu Urashiman (Future Police Urashiman) 1983 – Hilarious Must See Sci-Fi

  1. Interesting O.o The first thing I thought when I saw these screenshots is that this looks like an american production.

    I guess I really should check that out.

  2. A very enjoyable review, Hazel. It’s been some months since you first posted it and I hope you enjoyed the rest of the series as much as you did the first. I’ve been a fan of Urashiman for years and going on. It was a pain to get my hands on the DVDs though. Now… they turned out to be chinese and very badly (REALLY really badly) subtitled and the picture quality is merely mediocre. Looking at you screenshots the pictures are much more clear and subtitling appears to be reliable. Would you mind telling me where you got your version?

    Kind regards,

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