Master of Epic: The Animation Age #1

From the two characters on the website (and weird brown ball of fur creature) I was given the false impression that this would be irritating to watch. It turns out the online game it has been adapted from has been transformed into a sketchshow like comedy, and had me giggling many times even though I watched it raw.

I look forward to someone blogging about this who has a better understanding of japanese than me, and I really, reeeeally hope this gets fansubbed so the jokes get translated!

One thing I’ve wondered when searching for images is there are promo posters of new animes on Ebay – but the prices seem quite high? Nevertheless, this is a very pretty image!

The introduction was not very attention catching considering this is an action/comedy. The character design of the presenters was nothing special so I’ve not included images. I liked the reporter poking the mammoth though…never a good idea!

The moment I realised I would like this is when we are introduced to the hot dragon-slaying, male elf-bishie, and the cute, pink haired (rather than orange :S haired) female lead. I’m not sure of the official names so I’ll leave those out and give you pictures. I think the relationship between the two is cute, I love it when the elf blushes! If you like slashing monster online games such as World of Warcraft you might find the game references funny as well.

Eek, a tarantula…and she’s forgotten her SWORD, oh no!

I’ll just have to use my fists…

…and fail miserably, eek!

Hot moody elf bishie to the rescue.

I can blush therefore that makes me EVEN HOTTER.

Pretty fighting pictures:

More pretty character pictures:

The girl fights an ugly giant man in a ring, she wins by luck…but the noise she makes off camera when she gets beaten up…well, they either sound like she’s in pain or she’s having a very good time. lol.

Next we have a funny clip about the pink baubel haired girl in… Sacrifice Dinner?!

She seems quick peckish…hmm what to do…

Ooh that looks tasty! haha. The sound effects of the dying bat made me laugh.

It was the bat skeleton that make me giggle the most though, CUTE!

Then a couple of girls wander into the woods where they are frightened…

…by a hummingbird, and then a group of masked thugs appear! Never fear…the Warage (War Age?) 5 girls are here! They are the usual different-coloured-clothes-wearing girls, but the black one stands out with the paws, because she seems to get things wrong, forgetting her letter/ part of the word in a cute way.

The thugs have met their match, it seems the girls are quite evil looters too! It’s pretty funny when they put the masks on.

There is another random sketch where a lonely man gets scared a few times by random things? Bizarre!

Lastly, here are the leftover images from the OP/ED I liked best:


My main issue was the character designs of the warage girls, and that they can’t sing…although I think they’re not supposed to be able to sing. I wonder how this will continue, whether as sketching or whether the stories overlap. I certainly like the pink-girl and bishie-elf relationship and the humour so I want to see more.

Overall Enjoyment Level: 6/10

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  1. Heh, I’m also quite fond of this show. I’m probably going to blog it raw, even though my japanese isn’t really good. The Warage character designs could indeed have been a bit better, seeing as they all looked too much like each other, though.

  2. – Master of Epic: The Animation Age. TVA. Ep 1, series premiere.
    Based on the MMORPG of the same title ran by Hudson Soft, now run by Gonzo Rosso.
    Tried this TVA because its main cast include Tsuru Hiromi sama (Kiyomi chan in Sotsugyou, Madoka sama in Kimaore).



    The ep has different corners/segments, with different directors and writers.
    Eight of the main chara are female and male representatives of the four main races: Elf, Halfling, Half-Orc, Human.
    Throughout the TVA, they may have different roles. For example, the female Elf (CV Tsuru Hiromi sama) at first dresses as a school girl (blazer, mini skirt) in one segment, then as a TV news announcer in another.

    The ep has features that are common sights in the game, and immediately recognisable by MoE players:
    – After KO an animal/monster, kneel down to loot its body, which then disappears.
    – An orange bat hovering beside a PC, as a pet or summoned Vampire Bat.
    – Authentic costume and item designs.
    – Cook meat with frying pan, such as Dragon steak.
    – Emotion icons and emote poses.
    – Hungry PCs.
    – Multiple mirror images of a PC, wearing only underwear.
    – PvP combat (between PCs) in the arena in Bisque.
    – The Halflings spread their arms when they run.

    In the ED anime, the Cast list has no chara names, only the chara’s SD heads. ED background is slide show of chara illusts.

    (Even) IMO as a MoE player, based on only the first ep, the TVA seems blandly amusing and disjointed, and may lack the depth of the continuous story as in the RO (Ragnarok Online) TVA. OTOH, the above-mentioned features introduce/preview the actual experience/impression of a MoE PC’s virtual daily life (cooking, fishing).

  3. Thanks that’s really interesting, I don’t mind if it lacks depth as it’s pretty damn funny, I had no idea about the game references, so it’s good that it’s similar!

  4. No problem.
    Actually, the game doesn’t call the races as Elf, Human, &c, but I use these familiar terms, instead of, say, Cognite (or Koguni-to in katakana = Elf).
    I agree with Jap bloggers who comment the TVA is an infomercial or 4 koma manga gekiba (4 panel comic theatre) that advertises the game. MoE non-players may not realise the TVA designs and settings are loyal to as seen in the game.

  5. im a super fan of this show and i really love warage blue she is so cute more power to u guys luv ya!!!

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