Les Miserables – Shoujo Cosette #1 (is actually quite miserable)

Hang on, this is 2007 right? This doesn’t seem like an anime made in 2007, in fact, it gave me the same experience as watching an older anime such as Trapp Ikka Monogatari (produced by the same company Nippon Animation). If I want a ‘retro’ anime, with a simple yet charming plot that’s been lost in the past, I will watch poor animation art, but poor art in this day and age is just lazy. Even the OP/ED music, art looked and sounded like something out of ye olde anime. Watching this felt weird. What’s a 1970s/80s anime doing in 2007 @[email protected] I really wanted to like this, too bad it sucked.
There were a few endearing moments between Cosette and her mother Fantine. I felt sorry for Fantine as she couldn’t find work. the bakery scene was quite cute, it has cute moments but they don’t save the anime.

Only arty cool screenshot:

The bad guys had amusing designs, but they all stand around talking for ages, it’s tedious.

That’s not human surely?!

The parting scenes and crying was cute, but Cosette’s cuteness cannot make up for how dull this anime is to sit through.

The strangest nose…

This was a cute scene:

The only way this was going to work as a slow drama was if it had really high quality artwork, or at least some compelling character design.
Overall Enjoyment Level: 2/10

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