Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora #1 An Eternal Sky.

I’ll start with the bad, the reasons why I could let this anime fly past and watch something better.

1. I find the character design and facial features unpleasant to look at. I wish there was a specific term for certain anime anatomy designs (other than ‘eugh’), but the blocky eyes, messy hair design, garish colours and unsexy, bulky fashion (+ terrible shoes, it’s a girl thing) is usually what puts me off initially. It’s like looking at a badly painted figurine, it HURTS to look at it too closely, and it lowers cosplay appeal by -99%.
2. The mecha design is unattractive, this is something which bugs me about many mecha, it can be so chunky, clunky and sticky-outy in the wrong places (complex words fail me). I KNOW I could find mecha fantastic if someone tried to make these SEXY, streamlined, making a more elegant shape when they fight. These are not the Ferrari of mecha…these are the shiny, clunky Honda Elements, they just don’t look right, not from any angle.

3. Lack of originality. It’s a school romance, with dream premonitions and rescue by white horse. You’d never think this had been done before.
4. Kuu. Just everything about her character annoys me. The amount of lingering shots of her face *dies*. Her annoying little blue bows. Her VOICE. Argh! Her inability to utilise more than 40% of her vocal cords so that she ultimately sounds breathy, but not in a good way, in the way when the pads aren’t fitted on the clarinet keys properly and as you try and play high register notes you get breathy undertones…erm…sorry if you have no idea what I’m on about. This is the same seiyuu that did Karin? I didn’t like her character either.

5. Overuse of little shiny stars. Ok, look, putting little shiny stars everywhere can only work if the plotline is developed enough for you to feel enough emotion for those little stars to set off tiny goosebumps when the two main characters are close to each other. When the couple in question seem to have the same charisma/bond as two dead parrots…well…it just doesn’t work!

6. The scary ‘moustache’ teacher *shudders*.

7. The failure to deliver hot females for me to perve over, I don’t want to see Kuu’s boobs and I don’t care about most of the possible yuri pairings.

8. Neko Character design, that’s not cute, I know she’s evil but she doesn’t have to been scrawny and angry.

9. The Hawt Bishies. I’m sorry, where? The glimpses of the guys in this aren’t hot like in other bishie groups, they need to be slightly older looking and more sculpted/slender, they look like a bad 80s pop group. Koshiro just looks like Lelouch’s ugly purple twin who auditioned for La Corda D’Oro only to be turned down for his disappointing musical ability. Eugh, but if guys in glasses do it for you, you might just be in Bishie heaven.

10. OP/ED themes were fairly forgettable.

THE GOOD – I don’t completely loath this, it’s just that it represents a lot of what I find distasteful in anime.

1. YURI POTENTIAL. This would be better if I thought the girls were pretty enough for them getting together to be exciting. I don’t like Kuu or Neko, so that rules them out, we’re left with Himiko, but her clothes are really ugly and she’s a bit airhead, so it’s just Kozue the friend who’s kinda cute and Koan who we see briefly, but the yellow headband? That’s so got to go. hmm, maybe Kuu could join in if she promised not to TALK. (If you’re feeling really lost at this point ~I know I am~ there is a character chart on the Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora website) Maybe in future episodes girl-girl loving will happen and we can ignore half the story? The intro OP flash of yuri bath goodness? Yes, yes? That wasn’t my imagination right?

2. Fanservice. Well it adds something funny to the mix. Kuu doesn’t manage to put her shirt back on till she gets all the way up to the school roof, what, did she fly up there, away from prying eyes? Just because she is shown too much/talks too much, doesn’t mean that some of her lingering shots aren’t quite cute in a ‘aaah poor naive little girl’ way.

3. I assume that I don’t appreciate fully as this is related to Kannazuki, well the characters are similar or something. I am a soppy romantic, I do want to see anime romance, I’d just rather it wasn’t so IN YOUR FACE, and so cheesy. At least there weren’t saxophones…

4. Kozue, I like her character and her cute face, I would prefer the anime if she was the girl in love.

5. There are only 12 episodes, this is a good thing! Right?

6. Some of the pastelly blurred figure shots are quite lovely. This will make lovely yuri doujinshi.

7. Kozue and Kuu often look cute together.

So my bad rant outweighs my – ‘it could be watchable’ list. If yuri potential, glasses bishie, unlikely boob anatomy (see picture below), or cliche school romance counts as about ’10’ on the good scale then this might be for you.

Overall Enjoyment Level: 3/10

Right, I shall now disappear for a few days and stress over a 2500 word essay due Monday. Eek! ^O.o^

4 thoughts on “Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora #1 An Eternal Sky.

  1. Heh? So u basically haven’t heard of KANNAZUKI NO MIKO ???!!! O_o It’s a bit too weird that u chose to watch this series without knowing KnM… They have the same typical characters’ style u know… To put it simply, if u knew of Mai-Hime & Mai-Otome, so Kannazuki no Miko would be like Mai-Hime, and Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora be Mai-Otome… I personally appreciate KnM more than I do Kyoshiro though =D … Anyway, have fun watching the anime!!!

  2. Interestingly enough, I actually took quite a fond liking to this series. But then again I have a tendency to ignore “annoying” things and look at it from random other perspectives as well. Also, I never watched Kannazuki no Miko, Either at the time it just didn’t interest me, or it did and I just completely forgot about it in the other stuff I was swamped in watching. Personally I like Kyoshiro-san. *shrug* he’s not as mean as he puts himself off to be in the beginning. :

  3. :( awww I wish that anime didn’t end…i wish they would have like shown them together again forever and them happy like they did but it didn’t make alot of sense like in the last part of episode 12 it showws Kuu with Kyshiro does that mean he find s her?

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