Himawari! #8 goes loli for just one episode!

Himawari and the others must be masters of disguise, but for Himawari her disguises look more like cosplay ^^;

Hayato gets caught on a rope by the evil ‘Boss’, Himawari thinks he is the teacher giving her a lesson. Hehe. She takes notes before cutting him down.

Boss and the little ‘sukis get thrown off the edge of a cliff, yup, awesome baddies they are.

Himawari feels so pleased with herself, until she realizes…it was actually Hayato.

Determined to learn the techniques she turns to The Shinobis for help as usual, and comes across a freaked out Momota.

and who wouldn’t be if they were faced with this!

But what’s this, Himeji has turned into a little girl?! Kawaiiii! Someone is putting a youth potion into the girls one by one!

Eeeeeeeyaaaaaa! It’s just TOO CUTE! <3

They only have little metabolisms now and get quite sleepy. Cuuuuuuuute.

Not quite so scary now…

Himawari must face…herself!!

It turns out the bad guy was disguised as the nurse. Not sure why he was after the girls, I was getting all excited over the cuteness too much to care.

Little girl Kick!

Poor nurse, oh hello, bondage? lol.

The girls make the most of being able to play ^_^ ***CUTE***

…and they all lived incredibly cutely happily ever after? I hope so. Loved this episode so much, just such a surprise, and sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.

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