Himawari! #7 I Won’t Make Pointless Killings

Himeji wants a pet like Momota, only she wants something bigger, and goes off in search. Meanwhile Hayato falls over, hits his head on a stone which breaks, and the Earth rumbles. Himeji comes upon a passageway…

…and falls down the steps, but is saved by a huge robot thing!

In the middle of the night nature calls for Hayato.

He gets a bit of a shock.

Himeji suspiciously develops a ravenous appetite…

and when Hayato tells the faculty about the monster they don’t believe him!

Himeji makes friends with the robot, calling him Kakuno-shin. She thinks he is gentle but the others won’t think so, so he should hide, she puts a little ribbon on him, it’s so sweet!

Himawari is having a weird dream…about Hayato! This made me giggle.

When a building has been destroyed the faculty realizes the monster is real, and suit up to hunt it down. Himeji helps Kakuno-shin hide in a ravine.

There is actually another robot, that one is evil. it thinks the world is constantly at war, and Yatsugashira has to put a barrier up to protect herself and the girls.

Himeji tries to fight it, and Kakuno-shin comes to the rescue! Yay!

They fall off a cliff together and burst into millions of pieces :,(

Poor Himeji, it was great to see another side to her personality. It makes her more likeable. Where the robots land, thousands of flowers spring to life, which was really pretty, and Himeji seems happy.

Episodes 7-13 were watched with french subtitles. My french is only basic from school when I was 16 and what I find out from an online dictionary, and I’m not going to pretend I translated every single line! ^^; You can buy the first series on dvd if you want a better translation. I thought it was quite cheap at $19. There are also 2 groups fansubbing it slowly, not sure if either of them have just stopped subbing.