Himawari! #6 A Shinobi’s Training is Risky

This is another fantastic episode (not just because it is ‘swimsuit’ episode), but it has an adorable story which brings out the kind personalities of the characters!

The girls are having their ‘breathe through a straw underwater’ lesson = cute swimsuits.

A duck has Himawari’s straw (which made me laugh quite a lot!) and it looks like she’s going to drown! Oh no!

Fortunately she’s ok, but resolves to get back under the water and try again. in desperation Azami tells her she heard that a Shugenja lives in the mountain who can train her to be a great ninja! This tempts her out of the water and almost certain drowning/illness. Himawari accidentally falls on a rock that opens up a cave behind a waterfall where they find…a very very old man. He requests sake, fish and entertainment, and they oblige hoping for a reward at the end of it all.

This picture of Yusura and Momota is one of my favourite images from the series, it’s just too cute!

He seems happy, but then requests maple leaves – and since it’s winter, and they can’t leave to find them, the girls are stuck.

Himeji has a wicked plan…that expression can only mean bad things!

She sets the woods on fire, and Himawari cannot put it out.

Fortunately Yonesawa saves the day. You should be good to nature! Oh Yonesawa is so adorable I want a plushie now!

Himawari comes up with the cute idea to draw, paint and cut out thousands of maple leaves to decorate the trees…little does she know she has a helping hand from all the others. The results are spectacular, and Shugenja is delighted ^_^

When Himawari returns to see him, he is gone…it turns out he was a spirit who had died and entered Azami’s dream, his last desire was to see the Maple trees.

The result? A heartwarming episode that left me feeling happy. When the leaves all sparkled at the end it made me feel all warm and fuzzy!