Himawari! #5 Kunoichi Forbidden Valentine

This is where the series starts picking up again for me. A transfer girl arrives, and uh-oh this looks like trouble, she arrives on a kite…which she can actually fly (unlike Himawari)

and lands perfectly (also unlike Himawari!).

The girls are all in a cooking class, (look at the cute food Yusura makes for Yonesawa!)

but Himawari and the transfer girl (Tsubaki) are both making chocolate, it seems they both have the same idea of giving Valentine chocolate to Hayato. Himawari has competition for her master…and it doesn’t look like she stands a chance! Poor, poor Himawari.

The 4 girls learn of the feud and instead of helping, they pair off and take sides, like it’s fun! *Rolls eyes*.

It is so cute how Himawari stays up all night to get the chocolate pieces just right! (of course Tsubaki makes hers in a machine while she’s sleeping ~ I hate her already!)

Himawari isn’t aware of the girl’s pairing against her, and dodges Himeji’s kicks and punches like it’s a joke!

It seems Hayato might be in danger as Tsubaki will go to any length to get her chocolate in his mouth! Haha!

Eventually Tsubaki resorts to kidnapping Hayato, but accidentally drops him high up in the forest, Himawari has to use her little chocolate pieces to save his life by pinning him to a tree…and when those melt, she saves him with her own body! It’s just so sweet!

Tsubaki sees she has the wrong idea about finding a master, and says she will only return when she is ready to claim Hayato (so we might see her in series 2?). The worst thing is the revelation at the end that the scroll containing the code that Himawari lived by was written by none other than the school chef ^^; Himawari’s not so impressed with this fact…

Distinctly unimpressed.

All is well in the end though, as Hayato had a bit of her chocolate in his pocket (wouldn’t it have melted? Shut up! Stupid unromantic part of brain!) and Himawari is super happy :)

Himawari’s expression says it all, I loved this episode, so romantic and cute, but with comedy and a bit of violence too, what more could I want?!