Himawari! #4 Stealing is a Shinonbi’s Shame

Yatsugashira leaves the school for a short time. In her absence if anything goes wrong it’s Hayato’s responsibility and he’ll get a 30% pay cut. He is poor as it is, and realizes he’ll have -x money then! Hayato and Himawari find the robot with its head fallen off, so he gives up, packs his bags, throws away his card and leaves!

Himawari is unaware he has run away, finds his thrown away card, and decides to find the blueprint to fix the robot’s head. However, the blueprints are in the old school building which is forbidden for her to enter! The other girls don’t want to help…then they realize! There is a rule while the headmistress is away that anyone in their group of 5 who makes a mistake, will be accountable along with the entire group…so they secretly go to help/spy on her ^_^

The only person guarding the school building happens to be naked in the bath at the time ^^;

Using Momota as a lantern is cute.

One of the things I love about this series is Himawari’s use of TV references to help, the black and white flashes to examples from The Shinobis are cool, and look genuine!

Unfortunately, Himawari is still utterly useless at getting anywhere undetected! It’s Hayato who finds himself in a worse predicament…lured into the grasps of an evil woman who wants to make him into sake @[email protected] eeeek!

(Run awaaaaay, baka.)

Yusura sees Himawari clasping Hayato’s ID card and gets all soppy, she can understand how Himawari feels, (which confirms her feelings for Yonesawa if you were in any doubt) cute!

Himawari manages to get the blueprint, Hayato is saved, and it turns out that the robots had loads of spare parts anyway.

This was more enjoyable than the last episode, but the hunt for the blueprint was not very exciting. At least this school is still full of surprises!